I Just Won't Play By The Book-Chapter 617 - : Bad Luck!

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Chapter 617: Bad Luck!

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Rock Spirit!?” freewebno(v)el

“What happened? Why is his aura so strong?” “Something’s wrong! Third Junior Brother, quickly leave!” “Eldest senior brother, I… I can’t move.”

Ban Liang stood rooted to the ground, his eyes filled with shock.

The moment he saw the Rock Spirit, he felt as if his legs were filled with lead, unable to take a single step.


The Rock Spirit came in front of Ban Liang and opened its mouth, seemingly very happy.

“Third Senior Brother! Your leg!”

Hearing Fifth Junior Sister’s call, Ban Liang immediately looked at his legs and found that they had already turned into stone. He even felt that this petrification was spreading upward.

“Senior Brother, save me!” Ban Liang shouted in panic.

“Junior apprentice-brother, don’t panic! We’ve got the COnts! Eldest Senior Brother Yao Xinyuan looked at his junior brothers and sisters behind him and said, “”There’s something wrong with this Rock Spirit. Everyone, split up and go


“Yes, sir!” The junior brothers nodded.

“Let’s go!”

After Yao Xinyuan finished speaking, he took the lead and charged at the front, attacking the Rock Spirit.

Seeing Yao Xinyuan’s attack, the Rock Spirit did not defend or dodge. It just stood there and took his attack head-on.


Listening to the Rock Spirit’s extremely mocking laughter, Yao Xinyuan realized that his attack had no effect on it. He understood even more that the Rock Spirit’s realm was indeed far above theirs.

“Senior Brother!”

“Damn it…My hand… I can’t feel my hands.”

Just as Yao Xinyuan was thinking about how to stall for more time with the Rock Spirit, he suddenly heard a miserable cry behind him.

He turned around and saw that his junior brothers ‘limbs were gradually petrified.

Yao Xinyuan wanted to go to the rescue immediately, but he suddenly felt his leg…lt seemed to have disappeared.

At this moment, Yao Xinyuan completely understood the huge difference in their cultivation base compared to the Rock Spirit. It was simply not something that could be made up for with numbers…

‘Why? Why would there be a Mystic Royal Realm alien on the island??’

Yao Xinyuan shouted out the same question as the other teams when they encountered the Rock Spirit.


The Rock Spirit’s mocking laughter rang out in his ears again, but its volume was getting lower and lower. At the same time, the voices of his junior brothers calling for help also became lower and lower.

“Can’t I hear you?”

Yao Xinyuan, who knew that his hearing was disappearing, wanted to risk his life to fight Shi Ling with all his might. However, he could not even mobilize his mystic qi now. The spirit pool did not have any reaction at all.

Yao Xinyuan opened his mouth and wanted to shout something, but his throat seemed to be blocked by something and he couldn’t make a sound.

‘Heh… I didn’t expect that I would die like this in the end.’

Yao Xinyuan, who felt that his consciousness was gradually blurring, was in despair. He knew that he was doomed.

However, just as he raised his head and was about to curse the Rock Spirit with the most vicious words, a figure suddenly rushed in front of the Rock Spirit and stabbed it with a spear.


Amidst the violent explosion of spiritual energy, the Rock Spirit retreated a few steps and looked at the figure in front of it in disbelief.

As soon as he landed on the island, he had been sending out a special signal to look for Konia, who had landed on the island before him.

However, there was no response from the signal.

Kesen couldn’t help but curse in his heart. He guessed that Konia must have been enjoying killing the foreign races, or perhaps he had found some treasure, so he didn’t have time to pay attention to him.

“Ha, you only know how to eat alone.”

Casen laughed disdainfully and didn’t bother about why Konia didn’t come. He searched the island and quickly found a group of foreign races.

“So it’s Qi Ke.”

Knowing that the enemy this time was a weak race like Qi Ke, who only had some petty tricks up his sleeves, Kesen’s relaxed heart became even more unrestrained. Qi Ke was not his match even if they were in the same Spirit realm, let alone him, who was a realm higher than them.

‘This will only be a one-sided massacre.’

As for the first batch of Qike, Kesen was very playful. He didn’t want to kill them all so quickly. He wanted to torture a few of them first.

It was a good opportunity to vent his anger from finding out that there were too many stones in his body these past two days.

However, just as he was having fun, a human suddenly rushed in front of him and forced him to take a few steps back.

“What’s going on?”

Kesen found it hard to believe. Even someone of the same rank as Tschick couldn’t break through his defense, so how could this Tschick, who was clearly only in the earth spirit realm, be able to force him back? Moreover, Kesen had already discovered that his chest was already somewhat cracked.

After Cassie was repelled, the feeling of being controlled by Yao Xinyuan and the others immediately subsided, and they hurriedly panted.

In the air, Little Seven who was holding a red spear turned to Yao Xin Yuan and the others,””Leave quickly. I’ll help you block them for a while.”

Yao Xinyuan immediately cupped his hands and shouted,”Brother, you’re righteous! I don’t know…”

“Hurry up and leave!”

As soon as Seven finished speaking, she felt her fingertips go numb.

“Transform ! ”

Little Seven shouted and the Heart Endurance Talisman on her right arm that Big Brother Wang gave her emitted a purple light. Immediately, Little Seven no longer felt any numbness in her fingers.

‘As expected of the treasure given by Big Brother Wang. It’s really useful.’

Little Seven, who had seen Yao Xin Yuan and the others ‘miserable state, naturally knew why his fingertips were numb. That Rock Spirit wanted to petrify him like petrifying others.

However, Little Seven didn’t panic at all. He carried all kinds of talisman papers and jade stones given by Big Brother Wang. Once his body was invaded by an ‘ external enemy ” , it would automatically block for him.

“Attack! ”

Hearing Big Brother Wang’s voice transmission, Little Seven decisively brandished the Profound Reaper Spear and attacked the Rock Spirit.

“What’s going on?”

Seeing that the moves that he was most proud of were ineffective against Little Seven, the Rock Spirit instantly became even more confused. After all, he never thought that there would be a foreign tribe on this island that could fight with him.

‘Could it be that he also used a secret technique to enter?’ freewe(b)novel.c(o)m

However, thinking was just thinking. When he saw Little Seven brandishing her spear, the Rock Spirit’s reaction was still very fast. His body swayed and he dodged Little Seven’s attack range.

However, just as he was about to counterattack, he heard a thud!”.


The Rock Spirit felt an intense pain in its waist and couldn’t help but raise the bow. It was indeed in great pain.

He turned around and saw another Tschick standing behind him. The attack just now was obviously launched by him.

In an instant, Kesen understood that Konia wasn’t there to eat for himself, but was very likely to be killed by these two Qikes.

Damn it, are we the ones being slaughtered??’

Kesen panicked. He knew that his battle experience was lacking. If it wasn’t for his noble status, he wouldn’t even be able to reach this island. If these two Qiks in front of him were able to kill Konia, who was much stronger than him in terms of combat ability, then he would probably be doomed.

“What bad luck!”

The stone man cursed angrily in his heart..

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