I Transmigrated Into A Divorce And Remarried A Hunter Husband-Chapter 421 - : Busy

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Chapter 421: Busy

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Ah-Yao knew that Heng Yi would encounter danger when he entered the mountain, but he did not understand much.

He was disappointed when his father left for a while and then went to play with Shun Zi.

Han Qiao was a little worried. Heng Yi was powerful, but he was alone. He didn’t have anyone they trusted to watch his back.

However, no matter how many thoughts she had, it was not a good thing to stay idle.

However, there was nothing much to do at home.

She was not in the mood to learn from Granny Gu.

After thinking for some time, Han Qiao decided to buy a few roosters and peanuts from the villagers to make some chili chicken sauce for Heng Yi.

She was a woman of action. She carried a basket and went to the village to ask around.

“I want to buy some peanuts…”

The villagers planted peanuts in their backyard. Most of them were sold, and a few were kept. They even kept some to fry them during the holidays. They were not willing to eat them recklessly.

Not to mention the chicken, they couldn’t even bear to eat their eggs.

Han Qiao had come in the morning, but she was only there to visit. Now, she wanted to buy peanuts, beans, and corn.

Obviously, she had the intent to buy a lot.

She planned to sell all the food she could make.

Some people were afraid of Han Qiao bringing her bad luck to them, so they were reluctant to sell anything to her.

Some just joined in for the fun.

Han Qiao received ten catties of beans, ten catties of peanuts, and three roosters.

Coincidentally, someone had slaughtered a pig and brought it to the village to sell.

“I have pork! I have pork!”

She went to ask for the price and bought five catties of half-fat and half-lean pork. She also bought two ribs and planned to cook soup for Ah-Yao.

Seeing that the pig’s intestines and stomach were still there, she bought them as well.

The butcher was overjoyed, “Young lady, I’ll be slaughtering pigs in five or six days. Do you still want the pig’s offal?”

“Yes, you can bring them over when the time comes.”

No matter how good Heng Yi was at hunting, he couldn’t kill a pig and let his family eat it.

If you don’t rub salt on the meat, it will go bad. If you rub salt on it all, it will be too salty.

She had spent about one tael of silver to buy all these things, so it was a little tiring to carry them.

It was the village sisters-in-law who helped her carry some of her things.

On the way, they had asked about Han Qiao’s family.

Han Qiao didn’t hide what she should say and didn’t say anything she shouldn’t.

“Ah-Qiao, you bought so many things. Are you planning to eat just like this?”

“I’ll make some tofu, stewed pork ribs, braised intestines, and pork tripe. I’ll make some dishes for my husband to go with the wine. As for pork, I plan to make some buns. I’ll steam them when I want to eat them.”

Hearing Han Qiao’s words, the sisters-in-law who came with her were so envious that they cried.

Which daughter-in-law would dare to do all this?

“Then will Granny Gu eat with you?”

Han Qiao nodded, “Yes, Granny and Shun Zi help me take care of the children. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to free myself to buy food.”


They were even more jealous.

If they had known earlier, they would have asked them to stay with their family when they came knocking on the door.

After all, all Han Qiao asked was just a matter of a sip of tea and a room.

Now, it was really Granny Gu and her great-grandson who had benefited from Han Qiao and her family.

The more they thought about it, the more jealous they became.

When they helped to bring the things back, Granny Gu was stunned. She quickly helped to put the things in Han Qiao’s room.

“Just put them in the kitchen.”

She was afraid of mice, so she wondered if she should get a cat.

Granny Gu was stunned for a moment before she smiled and moved into the kitchen.

Zeng Qin’er also helped.

Yao and Shun Zi were playing with mudfish, and Big Yellow was lying beside them.

This dog was very attentive, especially when Ah-Yao threw food at it. It became affectionate when it saw Ah-Yao and no longer acted fierce when he was around.

When the sisters-in-law in the village saw that Han Qiao was preparing to get busy, they knew it was time for them to leave. But they were reluctant to do so. They felt embarrassed to stay.

If they could talk more, they would be able to get along.

If they want to rely on Heng Yi to make money, they have to know how powerful Han Qiao’s words to her husband were.

Moreover, Heng Yi had brought Han Qiao home in broad daylight today, and the way he talked to her clearly told everyone that he treated his wife well.

“Sisters-in-law, you all look like agile people. I don’t know if you can stay and help me with some work.”

The sisters-in-law laughed merrily when she spoke.

“Of course we can..”