I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses-Chapter 1582 The Godly Standard! Stopping the Broadcast and Reforming!!

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Chapter 1582 The Godly Standard! Stopping the Broadcast and Reforming!!

Qu Huai'en's face was as black as the bottom of a pot. He snatched the cell phone and was about to curse when he was stunned by the message in the system.

It was a clear column—

Name: General Laboratory (17)

Level: 3

Members: Chen Bin, Xu Xianing, Gao Lixin…

Teacher: Qu Huai'en

Qu Huai'en subconsciously wanted to blurt out his doubts, but he quickly swallowed them. "How…"

Moments later.

He laughed coldly. "I underestimated those kids from Yun University."

Based on the research center's usual style, it was impossible for him to be appointed to take care of ordinary laboratory members, let alone meet them.

It was unknown which audacious fellow dared to do this.

They ecen dared to invade and change the system in the experiment center privately.

"I heard that Hickson has already modified our system once, right?" Qu Huai'en suddenly asked about his student. In his heart, he was also mocking Hickson's lack of ability.

The student was stunned for a moment. His tone could not hide his admiration for Hickson. He immediately replied excitedly.

"That's right! Ever since the system of the experiment center was hacked five years ago, Mr. Hickson personally changed the system.

This time, not to mention a computing big boss, even Mr. Hickson's god-like friend can't hack into the system!"

Qu Huai'en frowned. He did not expect the difficulty of the system to have increased to this level.

Qu Huai'en continued to ask, "Then what if someone can invade and walk around without being discovered?"

The students' expressions were filled with respect for the strong. They said solemnly, "It's the godly level that us students all pray to achieve before the exam."

Qu Huai'en was speechless.

After letting the student leave, Qu Huai'en's mind was in a mess. For a moment, he suspected his guess.

Yes, Hickson was a famous genius in the computing industry. He had personally changed the system. How could an ordinary student hack in without being discovered??

Was this really not done by Yun University's teacher?!

With this thought in mind, Qu Huai'en turned around and was silent for a moment. He walked to the cupboard and flipped through his previous teaching materials.

In the private lounge.

When Hu Liaoxun heard her assistant's hurried footsteps, she was happily tending to the flowers and plants by the windowsill. "How is it? Is that person from Yun University still calm?

"After being ridiculed by the experiment center for so long, can't you recognize your ability?"

Which of the students of Yun University in the past years did not return with their faces covered in dust?

If Pei Yunge was smarter, she would know that the resources Yun University gave her were not worth mentioning compared to their experiment center.

The assistant's expression was extremely ugly. 𝘣𝘦𝑑𝑛𝘰𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝘰𝘳𝑔

"Teacher Hu… Director Qu went to be the substitute teacher for the students of Yun University today."

As soon as she finished speaking, Hu Liaoxun stopped what she was doing.

"What did you say?"

Hu Liaoxun turned her head in disbelief. At that moment, the smile on her face almost cracked. "Teacher went to teach Yun University's students!?"

"At first, I only heard about it. Later, when I went to the system to investigate, I found out that Director Qu was really teaching the class personally…"

The assistant's voice became softer and softer as he spoke. He did not even dare to raise his head. "Also, Teacher Hu, the people from the variety show called us this morning and said…

The variety show that we signed on has also been suspended and changed by the higher-ups."

This news that came one after another caught them off guard! It even made her absurdly think that the people from Yun University were warning them.

Hu Liaoxun's expression turned even uglier. She suppressed her anger and gritted her teeth as she asked, "Why? Did the director explain the reason?"

She did not think that the students of Yun University had the ability to call the shots in Continent K.