I'm the King Of Technology-Chapter 1845 Sudden Mission

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Chapter 1845 Sudden Mission

Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! A fierce wave of sense echoed across several brigades. All that could be heard were the constant stomping noises from the men's heavy boots. "Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!" A few standing by the doors of the vehicles, were quick to raise their voices while winging their arms in rotation. The air was so brittle it made many begin sweating like crazy. What was going on? Newly promoted soldiers and Marines were a little panicked by the sudden mission. It was just a while ago that they were laughing about, taking classes, or and strolling around with their comrades. However, everything changed when they suddenly received the order to suit up! Dammit! Who wouldn't be panicked? [Everyone, Give me chaos! Equip and prepare for battle!] freewe(b)novel.c(o)m

The words still resounded in many people's heads when rushing into the military vehicles. But what was this sudden mission all about? (?0?)



Davey Holmes felt his entire body was caught on fire when sitting within the gloomy atmosphere inside. Davey had just been recruited into the Red Blood Eagles Brigade 4 months ago. The training was 10 times harder than what he typically went through, showing just how much work it took to become a soldier in the Special Forces. At first, he felt like dying, as every training session left him sleeping like the dead. He would have never believed his body would adjust to the tough regime in the brigade. But sure enough, his superiors were right. After 4 months, his overall strength had improved by leaps and bounds, and his fat percentage was so low you would think he was gearing up to become the next Superman. Within the Brigade, his nutrition, his workouts, and everything else was monitored like crazy, ensuring his growth was proportional to his physical capabilities. He also learnt even more skills here, techniques never taught to those not in special forces. Again, it should be noted that all Brigades have special martial arts manuals, only taught to its members.

It was true! The Palm Fist Brigade had about 20 unique martial arts techniques that could leave one unconscious in one strike. As for his brigade, The Red Blood Eagles, they too had their own set of techniques stored in the lowest underground floors of their library. You would think they would put the manuals on the topmost floor, but you would be wrong. They kept it on the 2nd basement floor. Again, the floor leading to the manuals, 1st basement floor, was just a massive open space indoor training site where they could test out their martial arts skills. The floor was so large and also tall in height, as if one was entering a secret Egyptian tomb. There were swords, spears, sabers, and all sorts of weapons on the walls for people to pick. You can even use your spear to project yourself into the air, and there will still be enough height space for you to train to your heart's content. No matter the time of day, you will always find people there, training hard. In all his life, Davey Holmes had never seen such a breathtaking training ground before. Could that be what the famous Wuxia Sect training grounds looked like? After reading some interesting Fiction novels and light novels about Cultivating to Immortality, one can't blame him for being imaginative. (0_0)


Anyway, although Davey has gone out on missions before, he has never gone out on a mission as a member of the Red Blood Eagles Brigade. Everyone knows that those in special forces are always sent out for more difficult missions, like S-class, SS-class and Triple-S missions. So this alone shows how dangerous the current sudden mission is, if he, a now-member of the special force team is taken out. "Relax, Sprouts," their team leader Mack advised. "It's nothing we can't handle."

Sprout was the nickname given to Davey and a few others who were newly accepted into the Brigade. "Now then," Mack continued, plunging the atmosphere into an even deeper bowl of quietness. Vrmmmm! The vehicle's engines roared as they now found themselves out of District B and on their way to King's Lansing for Departure. "We are all here for an Urgent Combat mission. Many other Brigadiers and their units will be joining us for a review battle and assist mission within… the Dome of the Fierce!" What?!!! Davey couldn't believe what he was hearing. The Dome of the Fierce? Isn't that… isn't that… All the cot from Davey's face trained away, leaving his appearance chalky white. It wasn't just him who felt his tummy churn, but other newbies and even veterans also found it surreal. (@_@)


The Dome Of The Fierce was definitely a place they wouldn't even wish bad for their enemies. Understand that before his majesty began building the great wall of Baymard, his majesty had first decided to build the great Dome of the Fierce. That project took nearly 2 years to complete before work on the great walls of Baymard fully commenced. And by George, it was a difficult project that used up a lot of Baymard's military power and labor power during its construction time. But what exactly was this Some of the Fierce? Davey shook his head wryly when thinking of all the records and teachings he learnt about the place. To explain its origins, one has to start at the very beginning. In the entire Arcadina and Baymard alike, the most fiercest and deadliest forest was the one where the Dome of the Fierce stood. There, giant monsters and all sorts of terrible ants and creatures lurked even till now. The terrain there was also very mysterious and consuming, with all sorts of Indiana Jones type of mysterious lying about. Quick sand, quick gravel, quick mud, trees that spit poison, flowers that suck blood, you name it! Mother nature sure was going all out in there. Gulp~

Davey Holmes swallowed hard, already feeling a shiver crawl up his spine. Mother nature thrived there, and so did her creatures.

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