Immortal of the Ages-Chapter 273: A Wine Lover’s Heart is Not in the Cup

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Chapter 273: A Wine Lover's Heart is Not in the Cup

Yun Xiao didn't mind more guards. But if he was going to have more people sticking to him all day, he'd rather they not be musky old men. Or else he might just go crazy.

"Uh..." the Sword Warden said, scratching his head in embarrassment, "To become an Overseer, one can't be a spring chicken. Dalong is already the youngest of the lot."

"Forget it then," Yun Xiao shrugged.

The Sword Warden, recalling Yun Xiao's saying how he couldn't be killed, felt a bit more at ease.

"But what did he mean by demon spawn?" Yun Xiao asked, his eyes narrowing slightly.

"Well..." the Sword Warden mumbled, head bowed, "I was just about to discuss this with you, but I didn't know how to broach the topic. I'm afraid you might be disappointed with my Sword Ruins."

"Spit it out," Yun Xiao said.

So the Sword Warden spilled the beans about the recent demon spawn rumors swirling around the Sword Ruins.

Yun Xiao, after hearing this, was more speechless than if he'd swallowed a fly.

"People have actually died from being silenced for discussing this?" Yun Xiao asked.

"Apparently so, but it wasn't my doing," the Sword Warden said earnestly.

"Amusing, really! Smearing my name with one hand, and killing people to frame me with the other. Playing both ends against the middle, they've really dragged my name through the mud." Yun Xiao usually kept his cool, but today, he felt downright nauseated.

Clearly, someone had taken advantage of Zhang Yang's naivety. He was played like a fiddle and led here like a lamb to the slaughter.

"Forget it. With brains like that, even if you'd somehow survived this, you wouldn't have lasted long. I'm just sending you off on your way to the Yellow Springs early. Try to grow a brain in your next life," Yun Xiao muttered to the Hundred Scales Dantian forming inside him.

"Exile Yun, such petty scheming is truly despicable. I was caught off guard. My apologies!" the Sword Warden said, his eyes burning with indignation.

"It's fine, Sword Warden. I know you're a straightforward and noble person. That's all that matters," Yun Xiao replied, shrugging it off with a smile. "So, you should know. A Sword Cultivator, who commands the world with his blade, needs not fear such devilish words! Truth and justice will come out in time."

Yun Xiao had encountered similarly malicious rumors in the Heavenly Realm too. In truth, he was also disgusted. But such was the human heart. Too often, a gentleman would lose in a battle of public opinion to a scoundrel. He was above squabbling over such petty matters.

"The people are misled, and devilish words disrupt the order. Aren't you worried?" the Sword Warden asked.

"Why worry? They smear my name, hoping to make my death a cause for celebration. But the question is, am I going to die?" Yun Xiao said with a cold smile.

"Then they are indeed wasting their time." The Sword Warden nodded in deep agreement. He truly admired Yun Xiao's composure. He knew Yun Xiao wasn't indifferent; he was simply too lofty to care. novelbuddy.c om

To Yun Xiao, these petty schemes were like flies buzzing around; no need for arguments, just swat them away.

"I hope Ling Chen doesn't know about this low-level trickery," Yun Xiao remarked casually.

"Right!" The Sword Warden nodded again.

Just then, Mu Dalong returned, reporting, "I've made arrangements to have Zhang Mu detained."

"These demon spawn rumors likely stem from the Ku Family. But Zhang Yang's rebellion had to have been spurred on by someone. We'll get to the bottom of it and give you a proper explanation," the Sword Warden promised earnestly.

"That's secondary," Yun Xiao suddenly said.

"What does Exile Yun find more important?" the Sword Warden asked, puzzled.

"I just faced danger, and your daughter failed to protect me. I was startled... Sword Warden, your family owes me compensation," Yun Xiao stated dryly.

"Compensation?" The Sword Warden, looking between a guilt-ridden Mu Dalong and a bewildered Mu Xiaolong, cautiously asked, "What kind of compensation do you have in mind?"

"Hmm..." Yun Xiao glanced at them, pondered for a moment, then gave the Sword Warden a meaningful look. "You know, that thing!"

"That thing? What exactly?" The Sword Warden felt the pressure, afraid of misunderstanding Yun Xiao's intent.

Seeing his cluelessness, Yun Xiao sighed. "You know. That!" He reached out into the air with his hand, as if he were holding onto something, and then put it to his mouth before smacking his lips. Afterwards, he looked at the Sword Warden with a smile. "Your daughter made a mistake. So, don't be stingy!"

The Sword Warden's gaze shifted between Mu Dalong and Mu Xiaolong, his expression growing complicated.

"Also, your Golden Springs now belong to me," Yun Xiao declared. Bluey said it'd help my cultivation!

"No problem. The Golden Springs are yours. It's always protected by a powerful formation. You'll be safe while cultivating there. But about that compensation... can we discuss it? After all..." the Sword Warden said, his eyes filled with mixed emotions.

"Discuss my foot! Can't you even show this much sincerity?" Yun Xiao glared at him, then turned and strode towards the Golden Springs, leaving one last remark: "You have fifteen minutes to present it to me."

With that, Yun Xiao stepped into the pool of golden liquid. This pool, a mix of medicinal herbs, liquor, and a hint of milk fragrance, was a paradise for him and Red Moon.

As long as Yun Xiao didn't have to bathe together with the Sword Warden, it was quite comfortable! It was like a personal hot spring resort.

Golden mist hung in the air, and steam shrouded the water.

"Hey, you two. Come out with me for a bit," the Sword Warden said, turning around and leading his daughter and granddaughter outside. Once outside, he let out a sigh and said, "After all, these two Exiled Sword Immortals may be different in character, but they have similar tastes!"

"What do you mean, Dad?" Mu Dalong asked with a puzzled expression.

"Didn't you understand what he wanted for compensation?" the Sword Warden asked.

"No." Both Mu Dalong and Mu Xiaolong shook their heads.

"Such simpletons!" the Sword Warden muttered, "When he reached out with his hand, pretending to grab onto something, and then put it to his mouth, wasn't he implying" He trailed off, too embarrassed to elaborate. Instead, he patted around his chest as if he were holding two big lanterns and gritted his teeth. "You know, he wants that, doesn't he?"

"Ah?" Mu Dalong was taken aback, "Dad, you mean Exile Yun wants you to compensate him with a woman?"

"Not just any woman," the Sword Warden, ruffling his temples, looked utterly distressed.

"Then what?" Mu Dalong pressed, biting her lip.

The Sword Warden glanced at the bewildered Mu Xiaolong in her short skirt and said, "It seems he wants Mu Xiaolong to join him for a... a lovebird's bath."

"Ah!" Both Mu Dalong and Mu Xiaolong gasped.

"Dad, that can't be! Xiaolong is only fourteen; she's too young and doesn't understand these things," Mu Dalong said anxiously, looking at her daughter.

"Exactly! That's why I'm so vexed!" the Sword Warden gently patted Mu Xiaolong's shoulder, consoling, "Child, don't worry, for your innocence, Grandpa will talk to Exile Yun..."

"Hold on!" Mu Xiaolong pushed his hand away, her eyes wide, "Why don't you ask what I think?"

"What you think?" The Sword Warden was taken aback.

"I couldn't be more willing! Grandpa, Mom, if you stop me, you're blocking my chance to ascend with Fae!" With that, Mu Xiaolong didn't wait for her mother's or grandfather's approval and dashed towards the Golden Springs!

"Uh" The Sword Warden and Mu Dalong exchanged glances, stunned.

"A chance to ascend?" Mu Dalong pondered the phrase.

"Kids these days are so clever and open minded. Maybe it's me who's been too old-fashioned," the Sword Warden mused.

"So, this is the Hundred Scales Dantian?" In a short time, Yun Xiao's Dantian was adorned with unique golden scales, layering and blending into his bloodstream, significantly fortifying its resilience. "Now, I can continue to break through!"

With a bountiful supply of Immortal Jades, the only thing limiting Yun Xiao's ascent was the speed at which the coffin soul beast refined the Heavenly Dao Sariras. As he channeled the Primordial Void Technique, a torrent of dark crystal beads entered his Dantian, transforming into sacred power. His cultivation was growing rapidly!

"This feeling of growing stronger is indeed fulfilling," Yun Xiao mused.

Sure enough, a Seed of Creation was a miraculous gift! He couldn't help but covet the million other ones in the Eternal Sword Prison. He was lost in the expansion of the Primordial Void, forgetting everything else.

Suddenly, a timid voice broke the silence.

"Fae, shall I help you bathe?"

"What?" Yun Xiao paused, his cultivation interrupted. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw before him in the golden pool, a delicate young girl.

She was dressed in a thin undergarment, her long hair cascading over her skin. Though young and only just budding, the girl's tender and bashful demeanor, hidden in the golden mist, was especially captivating.

"Xiaolong, what are you doing here?" Yun Xiao asked, his handsome face turning slightly red. He was no saint! In such an atmosphere, a shy girl on the verge of blooming could indeed stir one's blood.

"Don't worry, Fae. I understand now. Grandpa already explained it to me. I'm happy to do it. From now on, I will serve you for life!" Mu Xiaolong, clutching her garment, blushed as she spoke, her eyes filled with affection.

"Huh? It's good that you understand, because I sure don't!" Yun Xiao's eyes went wide, nearly fainting with shock. "Have you lost your mind?"

"Ah?" Mu Xiaolong's eyes clouded with confusion, she stammered, "But didn't you hint to grandpa that you wanted me as compensation?" She mimicked grabbing something from the air, putting it to her mouth and smacking her lips, then looked down at her undergarment...

"..." Yun Xiao nearly choked in disbelief. "I never said I wanted you as compensation!"

Hearing this, Mu Xiaolong was struck as if by lightning. "You! WAAAAH..." Tears streaming, she ran out of the Golden Springs, leaving Yun Xiao alone in his turmoil.

"What I wanted as compensation was the Golden Springs Wine! How could that old man be so foolish!" Yun Xiao was exasperated. Putting something to his mouth and smacking his lips... Didn't that universally mean downing a jug of wine?

"You should've just told him directly you wanted wine. Why the charades?" Blue Star said, rolling his eyes.

"I didn't want everyone to think I was an alcoholic..." Yun Xiao admitted sheepishly. He had already taken most of the Sword Warden's Golden Spring Wine and felt a bit awkward asking for more.

"Oh? Now you're worried about your image?" Blue Star said with a hint of disdain.

"A complete misunderstanding! It's over now." Yun Xiao couldn't help but laugh and cry at the same time. But for him, this was just a pleasant diversion. Without giving it much thought, he continued immersing himself in his cultivation.

In just half an hour, Yun Xiao officially stepped into the Establishment stage of the Saint Realm!

"The Hundred Scales Dantian really makes a difference!" Yun Xiao felt a surge of warmth in his eyes. "Time to continue!"

"Xiaolong, what happened?" Mu Dalong was alarmed seeing her daughter emerge disheveled and in tears.

"That Exile Yun!" the Sword Warden gritted his teeth.

"Mom! It's all your fault!" Mu Xiaolong glared at her mother.

"My fault? For what!?" Mu Dalong asked, confused.

"He didn't want me as compensation, he wanted you!" After saying this, Mu Xiaolong ran away heartbroken.


The Sword Warden and Mu Dalong exchanged an awkward glance.

"Cough, cough." The Sword Warden coughed, "You should go!"

"Dad, is that really okay?" Mu Dalong bit her lip, her eyes trembling slightly.

"What's not okay? Zhang Qian has been gone for fourteen years, you deserve to be happy. Xiaolong is right. Exile Yun, it's fate... I just want you to be happy, don't suppress yourself," the Sword Warden said gently.

"But..." Mu Dalong hesitated. It was all so sudden; her heart was in turmoil.

"I won't decide for you, you're grown up, make your own decision!" the Sword Warden said, patting his daughter's shoulder and walking away.

Mu Dalong stood there alone, looking towards the Golden Springs, her mind filled with memories of the past fourteen years...

"Time to sprint to the Awakened Emperor Realm!" After three whole days, Yun Xiao once again experienced the joy of a sudden surge in cultivation. These three days felt like thirty years!

"Whew..." Yun Xiao took a deep breath, soaking up the power of the Heavenly Dao Sariras, spurring a transformation in the sacred power of his Dantian!

Just then, in this golden hot spring resort, the water rippled gently, and a snowy figure skimmed over the surface. Red Moon, feeling the disturbance, squeezed out of Yun Xiao's embrace to look.

"Lanterns? Who's turning on such bright lights so close by?" Red Moon was dazzled.

"Hm?" Yun Xiao, disturbed, opened his eyes. Before him, a vision of a flawless figure, squirming with shyness, filled his view. So close he could almost touch it!

"Pfft!" Yun Xiao almost spat blood, for real this time. His Dantian was in turmoil as his blood boiled! He nearly succumbed to qi deviation!

"Exile Yun, it's been over a decade since I last served someone. If I'm clumsy, please forgive me," the woman said softly, her alluring voice bone-melting.

Just as he was about to be entranced, Yun Xiao staggered back several steps, exclaiming, "Dalong, what are you doing?"

"Compensation..." Mu Dalong paused slightly.

"..." Yun Xiao almost fainted again. He hadn't expected that after Mu Xiaolong left, she hadn't clarified things, even involving Mu Dalong in this mess?

"No, no..." Yun Xiao quickly said, "I meant wine! The Golden Springs Wine! I wanted your father to give me more! You know, smacking your lips after downing some good wine, like this?"

"..." Mu Dalong was taken aback. Having been around the block, she quickly recovered, hastily dressing herself before saying to Yun Xiao, I apologize, my father's lost his marbles, dragging me into this mess!

Blushing furiously, Mu Dalong dashed off, even faster than her daughter.

Damn. Yun Xiao, with his remarkable composure, finally cleared the air. Then, suppressing his thoughts, he quickly entered back into a state of cultivation within just three breaths of time.

Nothing would stop him from breaking through three stages to reach the Awakened Emperor Realm! After all, there were still plenty of folks on the Immortal Sword Rankings he had to sweep aside.

Tough guy! Blue Star exclaimed in admiration.

What a waste! Red Moon scoffed disdainfully.

And so, the Awakened Emperor Realm was achieved! That said, the journey there was filled with unexpected detours

"What, he wants more of my wine?" The Sword Warden was thunderstruck upon hearing this.

"Dad" Mu Dalong glared coldly at him.

Hes almost bled me dry, and still wants more? Is he an Exiled Sword Immortal or a relapsed alcoholic? The Sword Warden gritted his teeth.

So, your daughter and granddaughter arent as important as your wine? Mu Dalong was fuming.

Nonono, of course not! But but him snatching up all my wine hurts more than my heart being pierced through with a sword! the Sword Warden lamented.

I see it all now! Mu Dalong was furious, You knew all along he wanted wine! To save your precious wine, you deliberately set us up! I'll stab you with a sword right now and send you on your way early, you heartless old bastard!

Wait, WHAT!? Shh-shh-shh! Dont be rash! The Sword Warden coughed, Actually, I was just testing his resolve, to see if hes like Exile Ling. I had good intentions.

After saying this, he sighed deeply with a wistful look on his face, As expected, Exile Yun, unmoved by temptation, is truly a saint on the Immortal path!

"..." Mu Dalong stared at her father, speechless.

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