Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2121: Who are you?!

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His words ushered out crystal clear as 4 Tribunal Rulers had surrounded him, and even they could not hold him down!

So his Tyranny rose ever higher as his voice continued while he tapped the air behind him.

<For you all…it seems that I do not even need to rise from my throne.>


Space fluctuated and vibrated.

It felt like another singularity was blooming, but it emanated within Noah's own body as he called an Innate authority from his own Lineage!

Multicolored with its structural makeup seemingly forged from stellar crystalline connate metals, a massive throne inscribed with dazzling blue lemniscate ecritures bloomed.

It was the Throne of Quintessential Tyranny.

Dazzling in grandeur and magisterial in majesty, it had been moved from the Dimensional Empyral Domain of Nature as Noah's True Sanguine Clone…sat upon it fearlessly.


Against terrifying enemies, he truly sat down!

As if they were all beneath him!

As if they couldn't compare!

His figure and throne burned with blue flames as even the Reality around him was melting, the Four Tribunal Rulers gazing towards him coldly as at this juncture, The Empress made a move.

And this move began with a sonorous voice of utter majesty.

<Who are you?>


Ignited with flames of a singularity and situated on a blazing throne, Noah's gaze reacted to this voice as he turned towards the far away Empress.

The one who sat beside OPPENHEIMER.

The one behind his success from what others believed!

She had not truly made any moves in this battle as nobody fully grasped the extent of her power.

Her dazzling dark hair pulsed with grandiosity as she floated forward calmly while voicing out towards Noah!

Who was he?

Who was this new combatant that was connected to the Avalon and Dream Dimensions that seemed to

now be allied with the Will of Reality?

<Who am I?>


His voice resonated out in the form of Haki as the surrounding space trembled.

His identity.

He had hidden it for the most part in order to not draw attention to himself when he couldn't fully protect himself and his interests.

Even now, he wasn't the most powerful person out there as even on this battlefield, there lay terrifying monsters!

And this wasn't to even mention the hidden powerhouses within Dimensions…or the True Emperors and any Ancestors that would very soon choose to descend in order to fulfill their wishes.

But this name and distinction stood for something.

Unmatched in this Age.

The epitome of multiple Aspects in this Age.

The most prime example of an Emperor in this Age!

Could he truly achieve this if he remained cautious and continued hiding his title?

If he were to freely let it be known, he would be targeted by all those who seriously sought the Seat of the True Emperor!

And if he was targeted…terrifyingly powerful enemies would throw themselves at his feet.

Enemies that if he could overcome…his already insane and unrealistic pace of progression would become even more Reality breaking!

So when the right hand of OPPENHEIMER asked him who he was…

<I have been called many names in the past.>


Mana and Entropy surged as Providence began to spill around wildly.

Many eyes were focused here as even the battle Enders constricted their pupils as they did not expect what was to come!

As he sat on his throne with beautifully scorching blue flames and arcs of light raging around him, he leaned back and tapped on the Throne of Quintessential Tyranny as he spoke.

<I have been called many names. The 9th Infernal Lord, The Progenitor, the Tyrannical Emperor…and even the Ethereal Dimensional Emperor.>


As he spoke, he tapped the handrest of his throne as a dazzling solidified crown appeared above him, the words <ETHEREAL DIMENSIONAL EMPEROR> blooming with fantastical grandiosity as he wasn't done!

<But you all…can call me by another name!>


The <ETHEREAL> portion next to his distinction fluctuated and changed as the arcs and tendrils of unquenchable flames of authority around him seemingly carved it out.



Billowing streams of Providence surged out from cracks in space as they washed over his grand figure.

Shining brightly under the eyes of all, the distinction of the QUINTESSENTIAL DIMENSIONAL EMPEROR was laid bare as it swirled around a solidified crown that floated backwards to stand atop the backbone of a Throne that shone with utter brilliance!

And the Emperor seated upon the Throne of Quintessential Tyranny gazed upon the swathes of truly powerful beings in this Age as his Will emanated out.

<You all can crawl back from the caves you came out of and retire. This Age…is not for you to shine bright in.>


<Gaze upon the embers of your past grandeur and rule. Remember of the Ages past and the Eras gone…because that is the last glimmer of brilliance you all can achieve. From here on out, there will be no fight for the Seat of the True Emperor. There will be no cycles of Ages after mine. Rejoice in your past accomplishments and relish in them as for you all, there is no future. No future…unless you bend under my Will.>


Stark silence.

Utmost shock and incredulity led to utmost silence as briefly, the chaotic battlefield had no attacks being thrown out as only the sound of crackling cerulean flames surging around a singular figure could be heard!

This single unveiling changed so many things as it took more than a microsecond until the results of all beings were displayed!

From afar, Lilith's smiling and raucous expression froze as the crimson eye on her forehead turned extremely chilly.

She realized she had made a grave mistake.

The being she had chosen not to reveal in order to bring more chaos to the fight for the authority of the True Emperor…he actually had the distinction as the QUINTESSENTIAL DIMENSIONAL EMPEROR!

In this Age of Quintessence!

A seat of authority…that she had to grasp in order to attain her ideals.

She had actually helped keep such a being hidden!



A howl of rage bellowed out from her as the crimson eye on her forehead expanded evermore, her skin cracking and splitting in an obscene way as dense waves of authority swirled around her- the connections she shared with the three Undead Emperors around her only being strengthened as they turned into pillars of light.

Pillars that were so massive that they wrapped around the Undead Emperor Feng, the Glacial Zombie Emperor, and the Abyssal Halcyon Titan as all three terrifying beings became twisted in space and flowed to be absorbed into her expanding crimson eye!

Her form began to change and gigantify as with horrendous waves of power, she shot out like an unchained beast towards the cold faced QUINTESSENTIAL DIMENSIONAL EMPEROR as she wasn't the only one.

Out of the many blazing auras of power in this enclosed domain, the vast majority all surged towards Noah without so much as a word.

The reveal was done as the intended consequence bloomed at this moment, the Quintessential Kainos Emperor gazing at all of this with eyes and Will that utterly bubbled forth tremendous levels of Tyranny as seated upon his throne- his palm opened to clasp a newly appearing Xyston that he pointed towards all the surging enemies!!!