Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2132 An Emperor Of An Age! II

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Chapter 2132 An Emperor Of An Age! II

The two identical Mikados could barely lift their heads at the pressure that the 12 beings before them released as the most prominent one gazed at the Obsidian crystalline structure floating around her at this juncture, seemingly communicating with it while the Quantum Emperor replied.

<Yes. Under the guise of the Dimensional Conclave, CHARLEMAGNE found clues making Reality itself the Dimensional Inimicus- though it seems Reality is closely utilizing Enders of Nature and even Rulers of Anchors to achieve its aims.>

"I see. I was sent here first because even though this issue has not become pervasive currently with a minority of Anchors removed, this will change if the majority of Anchors are not suppressing the Desolate Mausoleum. It's also unbearably difficult for those powerful old fogeys to come down themselves, but my aim here is the swift eradication of whatever is removing the Anchors and achieving the simultaneous destruction of both the Desolate Mausoleum and 9 Anchors. If I fail to do so in the coming days, more will come down thereafter. Either way, the goal remains eradication…"


The figures behind True Empress Katya released a pulse of profound power as the Obsidian crystalline structures floating around them released an oppressive radiance, their cold eyes not releasing any trace of information while adorned in their bone Armaments as they truly seemed to fall under the rule of the True Empress!

The True Empress that was adapting to the feelings of restrictions that had been wrapping around all of them this whole time as CONSTANTINE nodded.

<Yes. Although this time, the enemy is Reality itself, which can make things somewhat complicated.>


The very space where they currently stood on was a part of it as Reality already knew of their arrival!

At his words, the True Empress Katya gazed at the fabric of Reality around them with a sneer as if she could feel its gaze, authoritative words emanating out that caused the surroundings to seethe.

"Not to worry. We were True Emperors and Rulers before, but outside of these Barren Lands, we are Conquerors and Defenders. This time, we came to defend the interests of all our people as even Reality itself will not be capable of standing in our way. Let's go!"


pàпdá-ňᴏνêι.сóМ Entropy surged in waves before it was erased by the crackling waves of authority these 12 beings possessed, the whole party following the lead of a True Empress even though the level of power of the 11 other existences that gazed at everything with coldness…it wasn't too far off!

Destiny and Providence moved with purpose around Noah as they told him a crucial time was nearing.

And he affirmed multiple times the correct path to take as this time, it truly was different from before!

To allow a Clone to undergo the Point of Death and Rebirth.

What possible reason could there be to allow for the path of death of a True Sanguine Clone? His enemies had an inkling that it was one of his bodies as it wouldn't serve any deceptive purpose…and there were many other reasons alongside it but, Noah still trusted in Providence as he had yet to be led wrong!

Something else that calmed his tyrannical heart in all this was the fact that his clone would not face Death to any beings within these Barren Lands who were bidding for the Seat of the True Emperor- but those from outside of this Reality and Age of Quintessence as he found his Authority as an Emperor of this Age would not decrease!

But…he still would not make it easy for them.

He would still fight with everything he had and see exactly what forces the Ancestors could send down!

And the best way to do this on his side was to begin devouring the Loot he had just obtained from this fantastical battle.

As the three Quintessential Treasure Caches opened, Noah's slumbering eyes gazed at the overall gains from the thousands of NULLITY Beasts he had taken down so far, with their Legions still being abundant even now!

<220,000 Shards of Concept Modifiers have been obtained.>

<220,000 Shards of NULLITY have been obtained.>

<220,000 Ingots of NULLINIUM have been obtained.>


<22,000 All Source Enhancer has been attained.>

Pristine numbers were shown as a requirement was more than exceeded.

A requirement of grasping NULLITY!

Along with this, a large number of All Source Enhancers that granted Noah the resources for nearly 80% of the Seventh Dimensional Layer appeared- with the only thing left being Noah's choice on whether to utilize them all on this aspect…or use them to elevate the Infinite Forge ever higher.

Then, Noah stared at the dazzling metallic blocks of NULLINIUM that would be more than enough for two NULLITY Armaments as his Will also focused on the golden flaming Blacksmith's Forge from afar that showed a massive melting NULLITY greatsword that had its deconstructed materials flowing into RUINATION and the Primordial Disk, these two forged Relics resonating with each other as they bathed in pristine materials and power- their final form seeming to be interconnected and not separate!

Noah was waiting for it eagerly as part of the reason he hadn't begun devouring all the Loot he was getting was due to RUINATION. Its feature of multiplying loot was too crucial as with its recent elevation, even the multiplication of Noah's current high-tier loot should not be an impossibility.

But its elevation was taking its time.

And time was not currently present as Providence told him terrifying existences neared!

From the description of the Shards of NULLITY, 100,000 Shards were required to theoretically understand this construct and have it move through one's Origin without it negating and destroying everything.

Due to the limitations of time where Microseconds and even nanoseconds could mean the difference between life and death, Noah's will commanded the sufficiently required Shards of NULLITY to surge towards him!

Whenever RUINATION finished its elevation, the multiplicative effects would be utilized on what remained and what was to come as for now, Noah's slumbering body began to absorb the docile crystalline Shards of NULLITY.

The concept that stemmed outside of Reality!

The concept that OPPENHEIMER utilized to help him attain the Seat of the True Emperor!