Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2263 The Sacrifice Of Boundaries! IV

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Chapter 2263 The Sacrifice Of Boundaries! IV

2263 The Sacrifice of Boundaries! IV

Some of these potential candidates were extremely hard to raise and would require the sacrifice of many more Boundary Layers just to rise up a single level, while others like Fate and Karma would be relatively easy to raise due to their Planar level.

The hardest Boundary for Noah to expand currently was Quintessence and Manadynamics fighting for first place, with Dimensions and Blood following as close seconds!

He also had to take a closer look at NULLITY and decide which path to take with it- where some beings in the Havens of Extremity had to go through the Primitivus, Proficere, and Terminus stages of NULLITY before they could truly begin to expand it towards EXTREMITY!

Though NULLITY was a state of verisimilitude- a state of being as its expansion towards Extremity adhered to a specific criterion, with its Boundary Layers being the same for all those expanding it.

It held great power as its ranking among Boundaries wasn't fixed, and it was one of the states of the unique states of Verisimilitude that could be found across the vast regions of the Havens of Extremity.

But...when it truly came to which Boundary Noah would try forging towards the 6th Boundary Layer after Loot... it of course had to be the Boundary that even made it possible for him to somehow sacrifice the Boundary Layers of separate boundaries into others.

It was Blood.

And on the subject of which of the Boundaries he attained from his enemies that he would erase and sacrifice...

<Burn the three Boundary Layers of Light. Let them all be applied towards the Boundary of Blood.>


His voice emanated out commandingly after going over the details of all Boundaries he had gained so far.

Light ranked at the very last spot as it was more on the speed and offensive side, but it didn't truly have anything that stuck out!

Noah didn't know how much the Crimson Innate Boundary of Blood would be raised by the Layers of the Crimson Planar Boundary of Light that was a whole level lower, so he studied the changes in his soul closely as he saw a blinding white segment of it be pulled by his blood to be devoured and broken down.

Whatever was being broken down didn't even need to be sent to other portions of his Aeonic Soul that contained other Boundaries- all of it staying within the viscous crimson gold Blood as this Boundary began to edge upwards again!


Blood had achieved 2 Boundary Layers due to the effect of the First Layer of Quintessence as at this moment, it scaled towards the 3rd Boundary Layer.

<The Boundary of Blood has taken the Boundary Layers set forth for the sacrifice.>

<The Third and Second Boundary Layers of Light have been devoured.>

<The Third Boundary Layer of Blood has been achieved.>


Crimson gold radiance flashed as Noah nodded, seeing that two layers were eaten up from a Planar Boundary just to raise an Innate Boundary by one level!

<The First Boundary Layer of Light has been devoured.>

<Slight progression has been made towards the Fourth Boundary Layer of Blood.>

And that was it!

The three layers of the Boundary of Light Noah gained from Theseus were only able to increase the Boundary of Blood by approximately 1.25 Layers!

To exceed the 4th Layer and above, Noah didn't continue burning Boundaries as he beckoned towards the decuplicated Crimson Boundary Modulators that RUINATION had finished with.

To obtain any Fourth Layer with Crimson Boundary Modulators, he would have to devour 8,000 of them- or merely 2,000 after his increased rate of Progression and reduction of required resources boosts were accounted for.

He only held 2,500 Crimson Boundary Modulators after they were multiplied by RUINATION as 1,500 of these Crimson points of Singularities spun gloriously before surging into his mouth- his Aeonic Soul swallowing everything as it surged a single concept closer towards Extremity!

It was only 1,500 because the Fourth Layer of Blood was already 25% of the way there!

And after the bursts of radiance...

<The Fourth Boundary Layer of Blood has been achieved.>

Noah methodically rose two Boundary Layers in a matter of seconds as if any Ancestral Descendants saw this, their souls would not be able to bear the shock of unfairness!

Noah monitored the continued changes to his Aeonic Soul as he got the hang of sacrificing and using resources to elevate Boundaries, beginning to move faster as he very quickly decided on the next path forward.

<The Third, Second, and First Boundary Layers of Destruction have been devoured.>

<The Fifth Boundary Layer of Blood has been achieved!>

The Boundary of Destruction from Cukalax was entirely swallowed up to achieve a single jump from the Fourth to the Fifth Boundary Layer- where it was harder and required more resources the further up one went.

His Aeonic Soul pulsed with power as it continued to be refined, his Will stopping the rapid elevation of the Boundary of Blood as to finally achieve the 6th Boundary Layer, he might need to sacrifice Four or even Five Layers of lesser Boundaries as he stopped.

He stopped because there was another way to jump from the 5th and into the 6th Boundary Layer that he had utilized before- and that was through the boons of Quintessence!

So Noah's next Boundary to be focused on next for him to achieve his means...was naturally the Boundary of Quintessence that was stuck on the First Boundary Layer.

<Start with the Obsidian and then Crimson Boundary Modulators...then sacrifice the three layers of Chronos and the 1 Layer of Death.>

His Will erupted out with directions as singularities of black and red were devoured by him first, with what he found to be weak Boundaries of Chronos and Death burned thereafter as he sought for even greater Quintessence.

He sat on his Throne as his stellar hair whipped around madily as if countless rivers of Realities flowed on his head, his pupils releasing ever increasing radiance as he sought what was a minor accomplishment to him...of having three Boundaries at the 6th Boundary Layer before he even stepped on the Havens of Extremity!


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