Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2273 The Abecedarian Sacrarium! II

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Chapter 2273 The Abecedarian Sacrarium! II

2273 The Abecedarian Sacrarium! II

He had to exceed his current self exponentially to the extent that he could stare down the entire Havens of Extremity with disdain!

And most of all...

'There better not be another fucking Apocalypse or Cataclysm...'

The fate that always followed him wherever he went!

By nature, Reality was always deteriorating and heading towards more and more disorder. This was one of the Fundamental Laws that governed reality- one of the more powerful ones too.




When left alone, things will always, and without fail...go towards chaos and disorder.

This was an undeniable truth in every state of Reality.

A plant will bud, grow, and die.

Existences at the level of F Rank Hunters died...and existences at the level of Boundary Expansion also died to the dredges of time.

It was an inviolable state of verisimilitude similar to NULLITY as from the many memories he had gained, Noah learned that it was also shown as RUIN across the Havens of Extremity!

There were vast regions that held stretches of NULLITY, and there were also regions holding the unique state of Existence that was RUIN.

Disorder and chaos.

Regions that held the most terrifying Esoteric Entities...and the most profound treasures out there.

It was a known truth that anything that thrived within RUIN was of the greatest quality, but which Lineage would frequently send their Legions into the locations with the greatest rates of mortality?

Only the most confident and strongest of beings that had high achievements in Boundary Layers did so!

So...Noah innately knew and understood that reality itself was constantly going towards more and more disorder, even if it would take trillions of quadrillions of years.

But he still didn't want any major Apocalyptic level events currently.

At the very least, there better not be any cataclysmic level events when he was still weak and couldn't do anything about it!

These were his thoughts as he stared at the wondrous expanse of the Abecedarian Sacrarium while those he had dominated answered the question of the Protector floating towards them with a Legion.

The question was more of a formality and confirmation as those seated in the folds of the Planar Palisades of Extremity had already sent word of the entering party!

<We are what remains of the Ancestral Descendants sent to the Barren Lands.>

The eyes of the leading Protector and those around her shone as they all knew the importance of what had unfolded with the Barren Lands, and the fact that important Ancestral Descendant Commanders sent there had perished!

None more important than the prized Son of the Sacrarium of the Sword. Due to their home Plane of Existence being involved and the death of Commanders, the party of organisms here had to report what had occurred to the highest position of power in the Abecedarian Sacrarium.

To those designated to protect it and never leave their post- the Sacrarium Emperors!

The leading Protector squinted her eyes as she thought of this and focused on the ethereal figure of the being who seemed at the center of it all, her voice echoing out.

<You are the most recent True Emperor of the Barren Lands?>

Her voice was sharp and filled with power as it carried waves of authority at the 6th Boundary Layer!

She was known as Protector Emilia!

Even lesser Ancestral Descendant Commanders would avert their gazes and show their respect due to the heights of power she had reached, but this being she had addressed...his eyes rose up with utter regality and calm.

He didn't seem fettered at being in the center of the Abecedarian Defensive Planar Fortress where countless weapons were directed towards his position.

Where thousands of Ancestral Lernaeans ranging from power at the first Boundary Layer to the Fifth were all focused towards this direction!

As if none of this mattered to him, he gazed at her without an ounce of fear as he spoke simply.

<I am.>



Not a shred of respect or reverence could be heard from his words.

The Legion around Protector Emilia buzzed with power as she raised her hand to calm them.

She had seen her share of True Emperors come through the Abecedarian Sacrarium.

They all had pride and arrogance ingrained in their blood due to being exceptional enough to lord over a Plane for an entire Age!

But they all would come to learn over time that in the grand scheme of things, their power was nothing in the face of Extremity.

Even if it was like this being before her who radiated an aura of Extremity that meant he had already expanded a concept- more than likely the concept that defined his Age!

Protector Emilia was waiting to see the calm expression on his face wiped away when he addressed her and even her Legion, his eyes would be forced to look down as he bent his very words to show respect.

She waited for such a moment as she spoke out coldly.

<A report needs to be made to the Sacrarium Emperors due to the gravity of the situation. Let's go.>

The silver disk below her feet began to float towards the center of the fortress walls that held massive floating Automaton Boundary Modulators that scanned everything, Noah releasing a light smile as he was shown multiple paths blooming before him.

The sandy gold light below his feet expanded into a disk that floated behind serenely, their direction being the interior of the Abecedarian Sacrarium!



A plump man whose skin glistened with golden grandeur adorned his robe as he arose from a bed that currently held the figures of three women with arcs of boundaries pulsing over their bodies as they looked exhausted.

His body was well built with steel like muscles even though he seemed a bit plump, but his eyes showed his majesty and grandeur as they carried a terrifying light of power that far exceeded the 6th Boundary Layer!

A halo of a faint purple light surrounded him as it released a light of suppression that only distinguished existences that had reached the 7th Boundary Layer could have, and also felt extremely overbearing as it wasn't just at this stage.

It was in a unique position of power that seemed just a single step away from the pristine 8th Boundary Layer.

A single step...and yet he had not been able to cross this step for the past million years.

Streaks of purple and black hair reached his shoulders as he floated away from the bed that shone with stellar luster and was floating in space, taking one last look at the exhausted women on it as he became annoyed at being pulled away from them!

<A mere recently risen True Emperor requires my attention? You've already informed that prude as well?>

He spoke to the Crimson Automaton Boundary Modulator beside him as he stepped out, a voice that expressed its respect and terror coming out from the circular Modulator.

<Yes, Emperor. I've also notified Empress Ophelia...she should be on her way to the Crimson Sacrarium Antechamber.>

<Mmm...> A sharp light of power flashed in the purple eyes of this being as his body moved across space, carrying terrifying gravitational waves of heat as he seemed like a moving singularity.

He was one of the two Sacrarium Emperors placed in charge of the Abecedarian Sacrarium.

He was the True Emperor of Desire, the Sacrarium Emperor Vulcan!