Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2469 Xiaomi! II

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Chapter 2469 Xiaomi! II

2469 Xiaomi! II

"I can cure her."


Explosive words rang out as in the distance, the figure of Xiaomi turned and gazed towards them calmly.

Booma became shocked as he voiced out hurriedly.

"Truly? How can you say that with such confidence? The only avenue we saw was to maybe have an Esteemed Extremity that had achieved Extremity in Ruin or something similar. Is that…"

"Haha, something like that. But I recognize her condition." Zeitgeist spoke freely as he floated closer towards Xiaomi.

"Her condition is a blessing in disguise of a calamity, and my Master…he will be able to entirely cure her. Young Quasarian…do you want to be rid of this ailment?"

His body emanated grand authority as a purple glint shone in his eyes, affirming his thoughts when he arrived ever closer to this being before him.

The transparent look of her body as it looked crystalline and glass-like while all her veins, arteries, capillaries, and every single vessel could be seen with glass-like clarity!

He had seen this before within one of the most prized Extremity Cultivation Furnaces that his master used!

Others may not be able to put things together, but Zeitgeist knew that what this being held was one of the extremely rare Innate Extremity Foundations- the Pellucid Hyperversal Foundation!

Glass like vessels and a unique disposition!

It held [Hyperversal] in its name as it was a shocking Foundation that took a specific essence it was innately attracted to towards Extremity at a very rapid pace, but it held a deadly drawback as if one didn't contain it when they were exposed to the Innate selected essence, they would perish before they even knew what they held.

This was the case with the being before him as Ruin had interlinked itself with all of her Aspects of Existence.

And of course it would do so when it was attracted to the Pellucid Hyperversal Foundation!

This girl knew nothing about it even with her genius as she wasn't able to properly take reigns, her blessing becoming a misfortune as now, she was dying from the very Source that would take her to Extremity in a short period of time.


Zeitgeist contained his excitement as when it came to such beings, his Master collected those similar to them as in the past billions of years, he had only obtained a single being with Pellucid Hyperversal Foundation from one of his other Disciples.

And that being was now an Elder Brother of Zeitgeist who had already attained Extremity and sat himself close to their Master!

His Master collected unique beings like this for no other purpose than to use them as Extremity Cultivation Furnaces- with the only Pellucid Hyperversal Foundation Existence he had obtained having a link to Nullity as his master had utilized her until he achieved Extremity in Nullity, adding this as another concept he attained Hyperversal Extremity Authority in!

The Pellucid Hyperversal Foundation of that existence was pretty much used up after that, but she lived as there were still opportunities for her to reach Extremity through normal means like all others after she lost her Pellucid Hyperversal Foundation.

And if he presented another being with a Pellucid Hyperversal Foundation for his Master to attain Extremity in another field…

'Mmm, I will join Elder Brother Kabul in also being granted Extremity by Master…good!'

His thoughts were hidden as he stared at the visage of the young woman who didn't even know what she had.

Seeing her beauty that even matched women who had undergone Apexification…

'Yeah, Master would truly enjoy this gift!'

His ecstasy only rose as he spoke again, since this holder of the Pellucid Hyperversal Foundation seemed shocked and unable to answer after his grand words of being able to cure her!

"Well? The ailment that has been plaguing you all these years will be cured. We just have to make a trip to the Haven of Helios."

He put on his most benevolent smile as the young woman before him gazed up.

And in the next moment…

"No thanks."


Shocking words that even caused Elder Booma beside them to blink in shock resounded out!

Booma was taken aback as he came closer to Xiaomi while speaking out.

"Little Xiaomi, this is what your father and the whole Quasarian Lineage has been looking for all this time, if there is a cure…"

The gaze of Zeitgeist didn't show a change of emotions at Xiaomi's words as his eyes only flashed sharply.

Xiaomi seemed to have a gentle nature as she turned her eyes that shone like weak singularities towards Elder Booma.

"Elder, my father had explicit rules that nobody other than you can enter into this domain. Why did you bring an outsider who wishes to usher me harm here?"


Shocking words emanated from her as Elder Booma blinked in a stupor.

Grand Singularity Elder Zeitgeist's eyes released beams of terrific light.

"Harm you? Such a thing…Little Xiaomi, this is an elder of the Aeonic Inheritance of Singularity Overseers. We are joining ourselves to them as Extremity Sanctification unfolds in our Haven."

Booma spoke slowly as he tried to salvage this unfolding situation.

Yet Xiaomi weakly rose from her current position as she gazed at the powerful existences before her calmly, her eyes locking onto the figure of Zeitgeist as she replied while shaking her head.

"As much as he hides it, the light of greed and malice is too strong in his eyes. He is not offering me any salvation, he instead wants to take whatever I have left."


One shocking word after another came out as Xiaomi spoke without fear while facing two Apex Aeonic Lifeforms!

"Haha!" Zeitgeist's laugh rang out as he shook his head with a smile.

"How could I have any intentions to hurt a youngster of a soon to be branch of Singularity Overseers? I will just take you to be cured in the Aeonic Haven of Helios as you will realize my intentions then."

He was smiling.

Yet his words now contained a sense of coercion as they seemed like they had to be followed!

At such a juncture…

"I would like to see just who dares to take my daughter away without my permission!"


A prevailing voice reverberated out as an astounding aura came in.

Radiant stellar black gold light covered the edges of the trillions of quasars that made him.

In his hands, an glorious Golden Haven Albatross could be seen as his eyes held a sense of ferocity and power.

It was none other than the Mad Apex Emperor Caesar!