Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2480 The Wrathful Quintessential Hyperversal Demon Emperor! III

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Chapter 2480 2480 The Wrathful Quintessential Hyperversal Demon Emperor! III

2480 The Wrathful Quintessential Hyperversal Demon Emperor! III

Vacuous Hyperversal Authority!

Something that very few beings attained as those who didn't have it had to survive purely based on their essences- with a Dynamis of Extremity being one of the few authorities that could handle the authority of nothingness and stop it from permeating into one's Soul.

Yet there was one truth that made those who had attained Vacuous Hyperversal Authority so crucial.

Even if one could survive in such a region outside the scope of time and reality...could they ever have an output of their essence?

The moment they released any of their essence outside to release an ability or skill, it would be devoured by the authority of nothingness was the essence of an Absolute Dynamis of Extremity!


Burning cherry colored light rose in the depths of darkness as to Noah's eyes, the space was as clear as day.

To others, there was only endless darkness as they couldn't feel anything.

Yet his Unrecorded Aeonic Quintessential Hyperversal Extremity Foundation could withstand Vacuous Hyperversal Authority while his Absolute Dynamis of Extremity was the one authority that could freely isolate one from Vacuous Hyperversal Authority even before Noah gained his Foundation!

It was one of the few methods of attacking here.

And with the quasi-quality of Infinite Mana for his Quintessential Hyperversal Soul...

An endless cherry colored sea bloomed behind Noah's visage.

His figure moved across the dense space of nothingness as he floated ever closer towards his target.

Euryale of the Noblesse Lineage.

A name only looked at as a Legend from the memories of the noblesse Noah had destroyed. Yet now, her dark hair buzzed as one could see a malevolent and shocked expression on her face, layers of vibrant Crimson black illusory shields conjured around her as they covered her entirely!

Not too far from her, the other Apex Aeonic Noblesse Richard could be seen doing something similar as he cast protective layers a Dynamis of Extremity to prevent the area of nothingness from entering his Aspects of Existence.

The both of them only had a singular goal while surrounded by Vacuous Hyperversal Authority that they had only heard about!

Noah drew closer to Euryale as the burning cherry flames around him cried out with rage.

He drew inches away from her as she was crouched in a battle stance ready to move at any moment, preserving all of her essence and authority as she truly felt nothing around her!

Even though Noah was right in front of her figure, she didn't feel anything about him as more layers of defenses wrapped around her, a malevolent gaze on her face as she bellowed out even in such a situation.

Sound could not be heard as Noah inferred from her lips.

"Little rat, where are you?! I know a domain like this is timed as when I get're ripped to fucking pieces!"


Her lips repeated these words over and over again as even in this situation, she was confident in her own power.

She knew her enemy was someone who hadn't even undergone Apexification- no matter how they had access to momentarily lay out a region of Vacuous Hyperversal Authority!

So long as she persevered in this state...that would be it for him.

This was what she believed anyway.

Noah stared at her battle ready visage right in front of him as a vile being like this who nearly killed his son...he would break her down until she sensed such terror herself!

He would tear her apart piece by piece until this malicious expression on her face was entirely torn away.

And so...he raised his hand and unfurled his fist as with the back of his hand that was wrapped in a scaled armament pulsing with Indefatigable Dynamis of Extremity, he swung towards the left side of her face!


A backhand filled with the authority of an Indefatigable Dynamis of Extremity.

A backhand carrying 25 Quintessential Hyperversal Damage Values!

The impact was dreadful, and yet the layers of defenses Euryale laid out at least worked as they fluctuated, her figure feeling the impact only when it arrived as thereafter, she moved quickly to strike where Noah's hands had been!


Her hands had naturally and naturally moved while trying to release beams of burning darkness, but they were devoured by the emptiness around them as nothing reached Noah.

Instead, Noah's swung right hand came down from the other side to smack her right cheek, his left hand forming into a fist that directly went towards her abdominal region!



Heavy impacts boomed out as Euryale roared out silently, none of the damage reaching her as it seemed her Apex Aeonic Defense Values were at the very minimum nearing 100!

Noah's strikes pulsing with 25 Quintessential Hyperversal Damage Values shouldn't be reaching her, yet every single one ate up at her Soul Values as she had to both survive and expend her power in this realm of Vacuous Hyperversal Authority, and also defend against an enemy she couldn't see!

And this wasn't all.

Hyperversal Damage Values. Apex Aeonic Damage Values.

These different values held a distinction that even Noah himself had yet to fully grasp as the latter Value was much greater in its standing!

Every time Noah struck, even though his Damage Values were 25, he saw the layers of defenses around Euryale fluctuating in a much greater effect as it felt like his Damage Values were much more penetrative- overpowering the Apex Aeonic Defense Values Euryale conjured by an unknown percentage.

It was the difference in quality as truthfully, it may have been 30 or 35 Damage Values being delivered instead of the 25!

Noah had to better analyze the differences between Quintessential Hyperversal Damage Values at a different time as now, his hands continued to smash down and release their cold anger on this foe before him.

She couldn't see or feel him, and she could only react after being hit.

She couldn't express any manifestation of her core as for her, no matter how much more potent she was compared to him- she was a sitting duck unless she could withstand and freely move around in this realm filled with Vacuous Hyperversal Authority!