Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2492 Mass Producing Mutated Entities! II

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Chapter 2492 Mass Producing Mutated Entities! II

2492 Mass Producing Mutated Entities! II

Henry's transformation and transformations were stupendous, but he wasn't the only one going through them.

As he felt the grand changes and stabilized his Realm to properly understand just what intricate boons he attained due to his Aspects of Existence being made up 98% of his soul, others were also going through a similar procedure as him!

Noah's exuberant soul had gone to bathe not just Henry, but also all the residual souls floating before him as similar to the experience with Henry, different parts of Noah's will were conversing with all existences affected.

For those who held traces of their souls left bound to him as Vassals, Noah had to drench them in the authorities of the Three Absolute Dynamis of Extremity to spur greater lifeforce and sufficiently regenerate enough of their souls for their very identities to reform!

And after this occurred…


Noah's will called out as it was manifested in a space that showed mountains of bones rising and falling endlessly.

A massive throne of bones rose on the highest mountain as the devilishly small and robust figure of Barbatos opened her eyes atop it, her dark eyes blinking with understanding as she smiled and came to focus on Noah's figure floating above her endless mountains of bone.

Her smile was genuine, and yet it held within it traces of fear as she rose from the bony throne and floated towards Noah's will.

"Little Fish…do you know how scary the thought of complete darkness without ever being able to see you again was?"


She very rarely showed her emotions, much less a sense of fear- but she truly did fear never being able to wake to see this being before her again!

So her small figure jumped into his embrace and held him tightly, Noah's wide hands stroking her head shimmering with strands of dark light as she spoke while burying her head in his chest.

"Make me stronger, Little Fish. To the extent that I never have to worry if I'll ever see you again."

Her heart let itself be known freely as Noah gently pulled her head back, bending down to lock onto her dark eyes as he lovingly asked her.

"Then tell me what Realm you want. What you wish your Aspects of Existence to be…"

The mountains of bones below began to tremble as Barbatos made her choice, with variations of scenes like this occurring simultaneously with Noah's Wills as in another Manifestation, he was faced with an endless sandy gold sea where Eowyn stood waiting for him.

A world filled with darkness and swords as Kazuhiko tried to desperately hold onto them.

An expanse of purple flowers where Guinevere floated patiently!

And…an expanse of stellar blue auroras of light as another portion of Noah's will saw the scenes of his own massive visage floating in this stellar expanse with his eyes closed, and above the head of his manifested self- the figure of a bouncing Blue Slime could be seen smiling innocently.

It cheered with happiness and bounced even more at Noah's appearance, its path also being chosen!

Noah did all of this in the depths of the Prana Aletheian Haven as shocking changes were occurring all around him, and yet he configured the aspects of his heavily injured Vassals as just like Henry…

[The target's soul has inherently chosen its mutation to be Necropolis!]

[Necropolis can now be a selected Soul Mutationem for any beings that have gone through Aspect Configuration with their Soul occupying at least 60% of their Existence.]

[The target's soul has inherently chosen its mutation to be Endless Devourer!]

[The target's Origin has inherently chosen its mutation to be Essence Manipulation!]

[The target's Body has inherently chosen its mutation to be Unbreakable…]

Dozens of such prompts floated before Noah's eyes as freely and with glorious wonder- he was actually taking actions that mass produced one Mutated Entity after another.

In the Aeonic Havens of Extremity, powerful hegemonies conducted a great deal of experiments over billions of years to produce Engineered Entities.

From the Plum Sword of Extremity, Atlas had undergone Plum Soul Ablation like millions of other Disciples over the years- and he was one of the few survivors to have become a Mutated Entity!

It was dangerous, cruel, and often had a high mortality rate.

But not for Noah.

Not for the True Emperor of Quintessence!

In the junction between the Havens of Extremity.

The surrounding space was filled with coagulated authority that seemed to be a mixture of the nature of the very Havens themselves- this Authority being something that only Dynamis of Extremity or Hyperversal Extremity Authority could traverse!

One of Noah's bodies was moving with Grand Primeval Elder Silas towards the Aeonic Haven of Penumbra as he turned around with a sharp expression towards Noah- their surroundings buzzing with waves of darkness to keep the authority around them away.

"An Apex War of Annihilation against the Noblesse? Why would you seek such a thing when the Apex Aeonic Lifeforms of the Lernaean Lineage are only subpar? And you won't just be facing the Noblesse as some of the Singularity Overseer Elders will likely join in to support them!"

Silas's gaze was difficult as Noah's eyes were indifferent at such a time, his hands waving calmly.

"None of the Primeval Shadow Elders need to participate. This is something I can take on myself."


A war against Apex Aeonic Lifeforms!

Noah would have to prepare a great deal for it as it was bound to be deadly, and yet he didn't seek the aid of any other forces!

Silas saw the indifference and assurance on his face as he took out a Communication Medallion while shaking his head.

"I'll confirm with the higher ups first but…the Cult of Endless Shadows cannot simply sit idle as an Apex War goes on with a force that is now affiliated with us!"

It was a small war involving two aboriginal Lineages of the Aeonic Haven of Dissolution.

And yet it seemed that a level of influence would be enforced by Inheritances of Extremity within this war!

Far away from this location. Within the depths of the Noblesse Lineage.

A crystalline obsidian floor stretched out for miles above billowing void clouds, an air of wonder and supremacy covering a ceiling that was littered with Cosmos and other stellar bodies as if they were ornaments.

Thrones and exquisite extended tables stretched out across the crystalline obsidian floor as this was within the center of the Imperial Void Planes Cluster where the core powers of the Noblesse would meet!

Commander Vladic could be seen with crimson black eyes debating something with a stern Grand Genesis Elder Meiying when the voice of a Noblesse Apex Aeonic Lifeforms interrupted them.

"Vladic, a delegation of Singularity Overseers has arrived…"

Commander Vladic's eyes shone at such words as he beckoned to grant access.

Kismet danced wildly around his heart as it told him another beneficial reality that would further ensure his Wrath would descend upon the Lernaeans after three days had arrived!