Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2636 All in! II

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Chapter 2636 All in! II

2636 All in! II

An Apex Aeonic Lifeform truly caught the eye of their Sire!

Of the Avernus Extremity Overlord!

The being shrouded with royal purple light continued calmly.

[Amestris, tell them of your findings.]

His words were directed to the veiled woman beside him who radiated power almost in line with his, but it felt more mysterious- more obscure!

Many eyes turned towards her as this veiled existence let out a beautiful voice.

[There are very few existences that I cannot see in the Aeonic Annals of Extremity. Even those that have achieved Extremity and enacted an Absolute Dynamis of Extremity veiling then within the Aeonic Annals of Extremity…I can still find and obtain information. And yet this Noah Osmont…I can find nothing.]


Beside Chamber Master Gayacus, Extremity Ariana was entirely solemn as she and the others listened.

[This leaves very few possibilities for this being as an Entity. It means that in addition to an Absolute Dynamis of Extremity, he is either being actively masked by at the very minimum a Tier 4 Hyperversal Extremity, or he has a type of authority very few of us understand in his grasp in addition to Vacuous Hyperversal Authority.]


When she arrived here, many gazes changed.

Chamber Master Gayacus turned ashen as he voiced out slowly…

[You don't mean…]



Vitalis Hyperversal Authority!

Something they barely understood, and yet beings of their level knew to be an intricate part of the Seven Havens!

[All of these are theories and conjectures, but with any of them- the outcome is not ideal. The Unrecorded Histories I can view are becoming murky and cloudy. With the advent of the Supernal Havens of Extremity ahead of us, eliminating any uncertainties coming for us is crucial. So yes, this enemy…do not treat them as an Apex Aeonic Lifeform. Use all means at your disposal to find him. Your mission for these Supernal Havens of Extremity…half of it will be locating and containing this threat.]


[As for the one whose actions sparked all this…]

Her veiled gaze turned to go towards a corner behind the Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremities standing side by side with Chamber Master Gayacus and Ariana.

Behind them…towards the row of Tier 2 Hyperversal Extremities!

Her gaze was singularly on a being whose face had turned entirely ashen as if blood was no longer flowing!

[Destruction…the only reason you are still alive is because of the Hyperversal Extremity of Chaos. She has brought you one week. If the threat of Osmont isn't reigned in at that time, your soul will be used as the basis of an Extremity Soul Compass- unless you bring another Extremity to stand on your behalf as the material for it.]

Dreadful words emanated from her as a heavy silence descended!

Extremity Ariana stared back at Destruction whose face convulsed with countless emotions.

How did he arrive here from such a high stature?

For him to even be standing alongside Tier 2 Hyperversal Extremities!

All of it boiled down to choices.

And at this moment, even more choices were made as a burning purple light erupted around the Avernus Extremity Overlord that enveloped him and a select number of Extremities behind him.

When this light disappeared, they were all gone.

And an instant later, they appeared before the transparent veil of a certain Vein Rift that held a Havenly Saber Smilodon Lord Commander, Titanoboas, and Dragonflies!

The same gateway that Noah took.


The Havenly Saber Smilodon gazed at them calmly as when he saw the two beings wrapped by a veil of purple light ahead of the cluster of Extremities, his voice was a calm one.

[Your standing grants you free entry.]


Without a word, the Avernus Extremity Overlord and the most terrifying Seer of the Avernus Clan known as Seer Amestris floated forward!

Behind them, 200 Hyperversal Extremities followed in order as they delved into the Supernal Haven of Dissolution.

Past the obsidian mist, they very quickly appeared as they gazed at the wondrous scene of floating Havenly Archipelagos.

Seer Amestris gazed at the surroundings quickly as her gaze came to land on the Golden Havenly Smilodon Archipelago, her veiled figure pulsing with power as a shocking voice emanated soon after.

[He was there.]


He couldn't be tracked in the Aeonic Annals of Extremity, yes.

But there were other methods apart from this.

One of the more straightforward ones…was to have a terrifying Tier 4 Hyperversal Extremity trace his steps!

[Amestris, lead them to track down this Osmont. The rest of you…with me. The Hyperversal Extremity Treasures within these lands must be made use of. The goal is to produce as many Zenith Tier 3 Hyperversal Avernus Extremities as possible…otherwise we will not even be able to carve out any domains within these lands to occupy.]

The Avernus Extremity Overlord spoke in a regal tone as the forces behind them split in half, the means and goals of the leaders of Clans being unfathomable to grasp as one moved to achieve his own ideals!

The surroundings were becoming filled with even greater concentrations of Dissolution.

Enclosed within a circular domain of Hyperversal Extremity Authority, Noah's Reified Wealdian Source of Indefatigable was standing beside Extremity Laeta in her Smilodon form as they had already begun their venture towards an Obsidian Havenly Archipelago!

Noah continued talking with Extremity Laeta and expanded his breadth of knowledge regarding the Supernal Havens of Extremity he had just stepped into, as well as the Four Hyperversal Havenly Extremity Lineages and their distinctions.

But even though his Reified Source was carrying this calm demeanor, his Soul that was stretched out across many domains was churning and moving rapidly to elevate his power and pace of progression!

This was because on the Havenly Smilodon Archipelago that he had just left, he had taken a small part of his will and left it behind- simply to observe who else apart from Extremity Blue would be making their way over here.

And he was just faced with a scene of hundreds of Hyperversal Extremities- including Gayacus and Ariana that he came across in the Cult of Endless Shadows and later learned of their positions through Erikson and the Sima Clan!

He saw the Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremities, as well as the veiled beings ahead of them as one held a penetrative gaze that gave him unprecedented danger- causing him to instantly release the portion of will be left behind as he calmly analyzed everything.

His enemies this time were truly not small. They moved with power and precision as they stood like a blade above his head waiting to cleave down!

He could feel his Reified Source of Oraculum urging him on.

At this very moment, within the Aeonic Annals of Extremity.

His Reified Wealdian Source of Oraculum was gazing at Unrecorded Histories of what was to come as it had always been.

While gazing at a particular Unrecorded History at this juncture, the light of Lotra began to shine within the eyes of Oraculum as he found yet another target of Plundering!