Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2790 Decimating the Scales of Power! V

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Chapter 2790 Decimating the Scales of Power! V

2790 Decimating the Scales of Power! V

It was a blinding light of brilliance that disdained the first Major Gradation of Extremity!

This Demarcation actually sought to test Noah's concepts as Quintessence and Infinity didn't even have to reveal their brilliance as Cultivation came forth.

[The Extremity of Cultivation denounces any bottlenecks in front of you.]

[So long as your Existence has achieved a sufficient level of refinement under the Gradations of Extremity, it will naturally bypass any bottlenecks under the authority of the Extremity of Cultivation!] There was a flash of brilliance.

The pressure descending unto Noah as if to test him of his worthiness was shattered as 9 Colorless Hyperversal Existential Extremity Rune Scriptures of CULTIVATION blared grandly, Noah's very Existence experiencing a continuous round of Refinement and elevation as his body began to rise!

And as he crossed the Zenith Third Gradation of Extremity, every inch seemed to grant his existence bursts of an influx of power as his illusory figure hungrily devoured the murky seas of the Gradations of Extremity- his Rune Scriptures exploding in number as they instantly doubled to over two thousand in the next moment.

The blinding light around his figure only became more brilliant as by the time he came to touch the line of demarcation of the Third and Fourth Gradation of Extremity...the number of Rune Scriptures around him buzzed and tipped over 3,000. fr(e)ewebnov(e)

His fair fingers wrapped in this brilliance touched the Major Gradation ahead as in the next moment, as if it weren't even a barrier... POP!

Like a bubble popping, he slid through to instantly arrive into the Fourth Gradation of Extremity.


Tier 4.

The stage of true powerhouses and even Extremity Overlords that spearheaded Clans and Major Inheritances.

On the 46th Millisecond after he stretched Infinity towards Extremity, Noah arrived at such a stage.

Within a mere fraction of a second- in its 46th Millisecond to be exact, he jumped from Tier 1 to Tier 4!

He didn't wait for hundreds, thousands, or millions of years- he truly only took milliseconds.

Which Extremity could compare?

Which other being could claim such honorariums?!

[A Quintessential Achievement!]

[You set the Records of the Quintessential Annals of Extremity as every action you take will be considered a baseline for others to look up to and be compared against.] [The more that others cannot come close to your accomplishments, the grander their Honorariums become.] [The Colorless Hyperversal Existential Extremity Rune Scripture of QUINTESSENCE is gaining more glory and standing.] [The more breadth and identity it gains as an Existential Authority, the more its standing will rise in comparison to other Existential Authorities!] Prompts came.

Noah's will breezed over them as the moment he arrived into the Fourth Gradation of Extremity, he saw the waters around him being much less murky.

There was now some clarity.

Around him, he could still see shackled figures, but their expressions were no longer struggling as they all held contemplative faces.

As if they had arrived at a grand stage and were much more advanced than others below them.

And yet...even they were still chained.

But Noah didn't even have the luxury to pay attention to them as the moment he arrived in this Fourth Gradation of Extremity, he was met with an influx of these less murky waters along with a terrifying pressure that caused hundreds of Rune Scriptures to emerge from his existence.

His total number quickly doubled to 6,000 before continuing their ascent upwards!






When he achieved 9,999 Colorless and Cerulean Hyperversal Existential and Quintessential Extremity Rune Scriptures, they stopped multiplying in abundance as their light became concentrated and compressed into him.

It was the sign of yet another elevation.

[You live and breathe Quintessence and Infinity as they course through you.]

[You control Quintessence and Infinity as you are the one at the forefront of elevating their authority as for you, Quintessential and Infinity Awakening is not a true concept as it is merely your milestones.] [You have arrived at a milestone that after it is crossed, it will allow you to obtain the Quintessential Infinite Entity I Form!] WAA!

A milestone and a challenge appeared.

While it did so, Noah felt like he had also arrived at a crucial enough place to be capable of reacting and replying against the attacks thrown his way in the battle with multiple Entities at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity that he bore witness to Yes!

He, at the cusp of 9,999 Existential and Quintessential Extremity Rune Scriptures and at only the Fourth Gradation of Extremity...felt like he could actually respond against the attack of an Entity at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity!

It was an intuition.

It was a challenge for the Extremity of Quintessence as he sought to utterly abolish the established norms and Scales of Power.

It was a known and established Reality that Entities of lower Gradations could never compete against those of higher Gradations.

After all, being higher in Gradation meant many more Extremity Rune Scriptures as the concepts one took to Extremity...were that much more powerful!

An Entity in the Fifth Gradation of Extremity utilizing the concept of Heat and an Entity in the First Gradation of Extremity utilizing this very same concept would produce dramatically different results.

This was the norm.

But then, there was Noah.

He held Extremity Rune Scriptures of different Colors entirely.

He held concepts that were distinguished as Existential and Quintessential!

Would they not allow him to violate some of these established norms?


With a glimmer of light, his vision moved once more as the scene before the horrific attacks of the Prime Devourer played out.

To massive illusory Infernal Worms with a hundred pairs of obsidian flaming wings and heads that had countless swirling jagged teeth thundered from his left and right as each one carried a collection of Crimson Hyperversal Infernal Extremity Rune Scriptures that added up to approximately 100,000.


They weren't attacks meant for Entities at the Fourth Gradation.

They were attacks meant to heavily injure Tier 5 Hyperversal Extremities!

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