Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2800 A Quintessential Demon! I

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Chapter 2800 A Quintessential Demon! I

2800 A Quintessential Demon! I

He came from the Vacuous Hyperversal Legions.

Within the midst of the Domain Fields of the Hyperversal Savior's Arks, he floated freely as his change was noticed by all perceptive eyes!

They watched as he transformed from an Apex Vacuous Lifeform and into the visage of a young and glorious Emperor whose body was draped with a deeply blue robe.

He didn't emanate any aura.

He didn't blaze with any majesty!

But as he appeared amidst the Vacuous Hyperversal Legions, his presence very quickly became the center of all in this nearby region as from the Ark behind him, the aura of a Tier 3 Vacuous Extremity blazed as he bellowed out.

[What are you?! Daring to hide in the ranks of our forces!]

A Vacuous Entity in the form of a humanoid Bull appeared, his obsidian horns rising high as a flaming obsidian crown rotated above his head.

He flashed to instantly appear in front of the visage of Noah that was now under the scrutiny of many, his nostrils flaring with obsidian flames as he was bringing his gaze onto Noah's eyes while seeking to speak when... [Who ar-]


His words couldn't finish.

He found that even his eyes could not lock onto the eyes of this being.

As of he was far too honored for beings like him to even hold his gaze!

So this Tier 3 Vacuous Entity actually froze without being able to utter another word.

Noah didn't even turn his gaze towards this appeared Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremity as he simply continued forward, but the moment that he passed to the right of this being and proceeded ahead... POOOF!

The massive visage of the frozen bull-like Tier 3 Vacuous Extremity exploded into nothing but ash.


A heavy silence descended in the surroundings.

In the distance, the Vitalis Hyperversal Legions that had located Noah's figure in this region began to buzz as voices rose amongst them.

[Isn't that...Noah Osmont?]

[A supposed Demon if the recent news are to be believed...]

[The one whose adulations were just sung by the Aeonic Annals of Extremity...!]

[The one calling himself the True Emperor of Quintessence! The one in conflict with...!]

The words buzzed and spread as they soon stopped when the topic of the Avernus Clan came up.

Because they could see that the direction and gaze that the True Emperor of Quintessence was floating towards was directly before the Avernus Legions participating in this War!

Currently, two Tier 4 Avernus Extremities were leading the myriad Legions spread out across certain regions of the battlefield- one being an Entity granted the moniker of Purple Flame of the Extreme, the other being an Entity known as the Extremity of Ignition.

They both had roiling purple flames surrounding them as Noah's line of sight was directly locked onto the Legions following behind the Extremity of Ignition. freewebnove(l).com

Noah's figure crossed the demarcations of the battlefield from Vacuous and into the grayish region at the center as anywhere he passed, ongoing battles stopped as Entities made way.


A sense of profound tension rose as after a few milliseconds, Noah floated closer towards the Avernus Legions as his voice echoed out.

[You have 3 milliseconds.]

[If you have not sworn a vow of Extremity and renounced any associations with the Avernus Clan, you will perish.] ...!

A Colorless light flashed.

The Extremity of Plot shone as all of sudden, the vast array of Extremities and Apex Aeonic Lifeforms of the Avernus Clan felt their very existence tingle as if a tremendous and unimaginable danger was about to fall on them.

3 milliseconds.

To those with power, it was a long and also an extremely short period of time as the millions of Entities within the Avernus Legions received such a command!

At this moment, Noah's appearance was noticed by more and more entities prominently moving across the battlefield as even Emperor Shao battling in the distance turned his head over.

He saw the Avernus Clan members.

He heard Noah's words.

And he then sighed as he remembered his promise.

With a determined look, he pulled back from the Vacuous Entities he was embroiled with as he made his way towards the distance!

As for the Avernus Clan members, after the first millisecond...

"I renounce everything to do with the Avernus Clan!"

"I renounce...!"

[I renounce!]

Their souls felt an unprecedented pressure that warned them if they didn't do this one thing, their future might very well end right then and there!

Some listened to this intuition right away.

Apex Aeonic Lifeforms and Tier 1 and 2 Hyperversal Extremity renounced in the vast majority.

Less than half of the Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremities with their deep associations with the Avernus Clan and confidence in their own power renounced.

And the two Tier 4 Avernus Extremities became immeasurably somber as they gritted their teeth, the Purple Flame of Extremity raising her flaming purple spear towards Noah with defiance as she bellowed out.

[Demon! We are in the midst of a holy war and you turn your blade against your own people? Do you think the Investiture of Extremity will stand for this? Do you think the other Clans and Senatus of Extremity will let you be?!] Her words were scathing as the sense of danger she felt was ignored.

She was an Entity in the Fifth Gradation of Extremity.

They had just heard adulations about this being as based on their prior information, he should have just stepped into the ranks of Extremity within the span of this current second.

What could happen within the span of this current second that could threaten the lives of Entities at the Fourth Gradation of Extremity?

Based on such assumptions, these beings remained defiant.

And as soon as her words finished, three milliseconds had passed.

Noah's gaze was cold as he didn't even make a move.

His eyes only shimmered with brightness as his figure radiated unbound majesty.

A moment later, the few Apex Aeonic Lifeforms who had not renounced instantly exploded into a glimmer of ash and dust!

Not just within the Avernus Legions in his line of sight, but also those in the far distance!

After the Apex Aeonic Lifeforms, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Extremities also exploded into apocalyptic Ash as they died just as easily as the Apex Aeonic Lifeforms!


The scene was horrific as this wasn't just a few beings.

It was the remaining strong force of the Avernus Clan- their very Legions cultivated for eons that were being dismantled!

The scene caused the souls of others to tingle as soon after...

[Hold on.]

A voice filled with tiredness and age echoed out towards the visage of Noah.

And yet it was paid no heed as after the Tier 1 and 2 Avernus Extremities, the remnant Tier 3s that had not renounced began to express looks of horror as their very existence also turned into a glimmer of ash and dust!

This...was what Noah was doing within the field of battle of Vacuous and Vitalis Hyperversal Legions without fear or worrying of consequences.

And as this was occurring here, even grander changes were taking place within his Infinite Hyperversal Haven as while he battled with entities at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity and wiped out thousands of Extremity with his mere gaze alone, the Infinite Hyperversal Haven also carried out its grand designs.

Quintessence and Infinity also enacted their grand designs as the Quintessential Annals of Extremity went towards completion!

The prompts appearing before his main body due to this...were simply astounding.

[The Banner of Quintessence has been born within the forging Quintessential Annals of Extremity.] [Depending on feats and acts of Quintessence, Entities belonging to the Infinite Hyperversal Haven may have their names honored, ranked, and glorified on the Banner of Quintessence!]

[All others will fall below the Extremity of Quintessence, with those standing at the highest spots within this Quintessential Ranking gaining access to the Armaments of Extremity and Planalith Krystallos about to be produced from the Infinite Hyperversal Haven, and gaining the capability to accumulate Honorariums of Quintessence that can be exchanged for aid in speedily traversing across the Gradations of Extremity...]


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