Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2943 Dominium! V

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Chapter 2943 Dominium! V

2943 Dominium! V

Tendrils of branches holding up Fruits of Existence shattered.

Half formed Fruits of Existence became ground to dust!

At the very Apex of the Ninth Gradation of Extremity, Noah acted as the nexus who was swallowing all waters nearby into his Existence and Extremes as the aura he gave off was awe inspiring!

But what really mattered was within.

What really mattered was the concept he was now expanding, and what its effects would be on all of his other concepts.

[The Weaver of Extremity is expanding the very concept of Extremity.]

[Its weavings speak to you and wrap around your Existential Extremity Authorities.]

[Its weavings wake from an endless slumber and begin suffusing into your Records, Extremes, and Existence.]

From the moment that the Extremity of Extremity began to wake, Noah's Quintessence became ever brighter.

Infinity radiated an even grander blue sheen, and Tyranny and the Protagonist pulsed with excitement!

Loot remained silent as its gilded light became all that much more brilliant.


The furthest point. The utmost end of something.

So what did the extreme of an extreme even entail? It was…

[The Extremity of Paradox gazes on with anticipation.]


Such a concept was paradoxical as to put it in perspective, the Awakening Extremity of Extremity was having its authority course towards all of Noah's concepts!

Not just his Concepts- but also his Existence and Records.

And at the same time…

[The Extremity of Extremity is not a concept that is attained unless it is Existential.]


The moment it began to form, its authority was already far above others as Noah felt the breadth of his soul get squeezed once more.

The thousands of Quintessential Fruits of Existence made space, but it was still a heavy concept coming to fruition as in its conception, it radiated an existential light!

A light of profound wonder that cemented Noah who quite literally stood at the very extreme of the Gradations of Extremity.

The changes caused by the advent of such a thing were not subtle at all, Noah feeling the rapid expansion and elevation of all of his authorities as…

[The Extremity of Cheats nods with appreciation and curiosity while grasping the tendrils of authority of the Extremity of Extremity.]



Their colors were deep and ancient as they could best be described as stygian

The newly rising Existential concept was bathing everything within Noah with these stygian tendrils of authority as some of his extremes reacted very differently compared to others.

Cheats went outside the norm to grasp the stygian tendrils of the Extremity of Extremity layering itself on top of it for the purposes of elevation as…


The two authorities clashed and rebuffed!

[The rousing will of the Extremity of Extremity gazes coldly at the Extremity of Cheats.]


Its purpose was a singular one.

Its desire as a concept was a simple one.

To achieve the utmost extremes of all extremes.

All extremes…under the banner and empowerment of a single extreme!

But when another concept played with tendrils of its authority like so…

[The Extremity of Cheats gazes calmly at the burning Existential Authority of Extremity.]

[The Extremity of Cheats beckons as the authority of the Extremity of Extremity!]


Noah's will buzzed as he experienced the shocking scene of the stygian tendrils of authority of a newly forming Existential Extremity Authority…actually moving uncontrollably and sinking into the Extremity of Cheats!

What was this?

What was even happening?!

[The Extremity of Cheats absorbs the Existential Extremity Authority of Extremity and tells it not to think too much.]

[For Cheats to live up to its extreme, doing something like this is only natural.]


It was supposed to be the singular spotlight of a newly forming concept of shocking proportions, and yet such a moment occurred where even this forming Extremity of Extremity had to pause briefly!

But it could not place a rebuttal as the Extreme that had made a move…could truly only do so if it was living up to its name to an extreme extent.

And this single scene…gave a glimpse into the currently quantifiable boons of the expansion of the Extremity of Extremity that Noah had expanded.

The elevation and revolution of all of his concepts to a level that even he couldn't imagine!

The Extremity of Extremity may not bring and show the most profound changes itself right away- but it would bring the most spectacular changes to every other extreme.

[The Extremity of Extremity gazes at the Existence who has called upon it.]

[As a concept, others have called and expanded it.]

[Your worthiness for Extremity does not even need to be questioned as the Extremity of Extremity begins fully assimilating into you.]


Some stupendous prompts came forward as Noah's will buzzed, wisps of information being revealed that showed likely…entities at the Existential Dominium Realm may grasp and hold the Extremity of Extremity!

But here was Noah, still within the Gradations of Extremity grasping it.

His worthiness didn't even need to be questioned!

So the Extremity of Extremity fully assimilated into him as far from being just a concept, it sought to take what was known as Noah Osmont…to its ultimate extremes.

[Your Lineage is going towards its quintessential extremes.]

[Your Lineage rushes ever faster to become Existential.]

[Your Aspects of Existence are going towards their Quintessential extremes.]

[Your Aspects of Existence attain Quintessential stability as they head towards becoming Existential.]

[Your Records are being imposed with the light of utmost extremes.]

[The weight of your Records becomes even more unfathomable.]

[Your Fable continues to be one of unsurpassable brilliance.]

Stygian flows of brilliance coursed all around him as Noah felt the false sensation of being the nexus of everything around him.

False, and yet also true as it was a paradoxical sensation.

And yet the effects remained true as he felt his blood boiling.

As he felt his Body, Origin, and Soul boiling.

There may have been many ways for others to cross the Gradations of Extremity and climb above them to attain the Existential Dominium Realm.

But the pathway Noah was taking…it was hard to say if it was one that had ever occurred before!