Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King-Chapter 712 Young Master Kara

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Chapter 712 712 Young Master Kara

?"You really have a plan that can solve our issues right away?" The excited Incubus asked.

"Well, it won't exactly solve your issue. However, it will allow you to solve it yourself. I can upgrade the quality of ammunition being shipped out to the Rank Three standard, that's not a problem now that the Witches here are advancing.

But what I had planned was to create your special forces team a set of rifles with Rank Five attack magic on them. They will be perfectly suited to going out and taking care of threats that way, and even if they are strong Rank Four monsters, they should go down easily under the effects of those weapons.

The only ones that don't are the ones that have exceptional resilience or healing skills, but I'm sure you know that those sorts of monsters aren't easy to deal with at any rank." Wolfe explained.

The Incubus nodded, thinking of a few of the more vicious creatures that roamed the Demon Realm. They were truly nasty to fight at the same level, and even sending a Wrath Demon one level above them didn't make for an easy fight.

He couldn't easily ask for another Rank Six Demon to come fight for him because he couldn't protect the territory that he had claimed. Not only would it be embarrassing, but they would likely usurp his claim to protection and kick him out.

That simply must not happen. His father had set the condition of being able to prove that he could at least properly run a tribal village before he was allowed to begin his integration as successor to take over the family business.

Even though he was quickly growing attached to the strange bird women of the Harpy Tribe, he couldn't let anything get in the way of his goal of ensuring that he could take over the family business in the future. The danger to the tribe wouldn't last forever, and when the time came, he could simply appoint a trusted lieutenant to take over the duties here for him.

"How long will it take for the new equipment to be developed?" The demon asked, seeing the reigns of the Kara Group in his hands within the next two, no maybe even one decade if he could sort this matter out smoothly enough.

"I will get to them in the next few days. Unfortunately, at this time, there isn't anyone else who actually can make the items that I want. Some high-ranking Demons probably could if I showed them the plans, but the creation requires high aptitude in both fire and wind elements, and that can be challenging to gather without cooperation between the Demons and the Fae." Wolfe explained.

Both the Kara heir and Rae smiled at that. Fire attack magic was the specialty of the Wrath Demons, while Wind was the specialty of the Faeries. Trying to get the tiny sarcastic creatures to work with the giant irritable ones would be a much greater feat than the actual items they made.

Even if you had one do their work first, the other likely wouldn't want to touch the item afterwards, and from Wolfe's wording it wasn't clear if the two elements were part of one larger spell or if casting them separately was even plausible.

Wolfe thought about the requirements, and decided that he would add a Gravity spell to the mix as well. If the blades didn't cut, and the fire didn't burn the target to death, then you could at least knock it over. Higher Rank Monsters often had an elemental resistance, or so he had heard, and that meant that diversifying the attack methods was the key to success.

"I will contact you in a few days when the items are ready. Please, do enjoy the festival, and congratulations again on finding such a perfect compromise between witch and succubus fashion." Wolfe informed the demon across the desk from him.

The two shook hands, and the guests left, allowing the guard to send in the next petitioner, a very large Wrath Demon with fresh battle damage to his armour.

"Has something gone wrong? You can use the radios to directly request assistance if your people are under attack." Wolfe urgently informed the Demon in front of him.

"Oh, nothing like that. It was just a territorial challenge. You see, I'm selling my summer villa back home, and another clan thought that the price was too high, so they attempted to claim a discount due to their ancestral right to the land." The demon dismissed Wolfe's concern.

"It seems that the home buying experience is very different in the Wrath Kingdom than it is here. But, you are in reasonable condition still, so I will congratulate you on protecting your asking price."

The Wrath Demon smiled, and patted Wolfe on the shoulder.

"I gave him five percent off for the good effort." freew(e)

The two chuckled, while Cassie rolled her eyes at the immaturity of the situation, then they got back to business.

"I would like an import license to bring weapons in from home. As with everyone else, we're having issues with the monsters, but I am working with the bear clan, and the Werebear species is impressive in combat compared to most. But if we give them some clawed gauntlets and axes, they will be much better.

I'm not short on weapons in my armoury at home, or I can have them made by the family armourer, I just need the permit to bring them here in large quantities."

"How large of a quantity are you suggesting?" Wolfe asked.

"At least two thousand weapons. Enough for every adult Werebear to be fully armed. There's no need to split it up, the women are just as tough and violent as the men. But they all agree that the children should stay out of the fight until they're fully grown.

Oh, and armour, I need to bring them armour. They've got some of them fancy frou frou spells that the supply drops deliver, but a nice, solid set of plates is much more satisfying."

Even Cassie was doing her best not to laugh now. Those were triple element armour charms. Even the Wrath Demon's battle plate didn't match up to them in effectiveness, it just didn't suit their aesthetic.

"Alright, I'll draw that up now. It will be limited to your bear clan, but if you come again for others in the area, we can expand it for you with their agreement." Wolfe informed him, and the Wrath demon gave a happy fist pump.

"Thank you, Patriarch Noxus."

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