Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System-Chapter 2427: for sale

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Chapter 2427: 2427 for sale

"F * CK, F * ck, boss Wang, you are too awesome. You have reached the immortal godly king level. Oh My God, Boss Wang, please accept my knees!"

"I heard from my father and ancestor that you led your men to calm the underground sea and killed everyone. You are invincible in the world. You Are Too Awesome!"

"Boss Wang, I just came out of seclusion when I heard the news from the Tianze continent. I heard how Awesome Your Dragon Palace is. Please accept my bow!"

"Boss Wang, you didn't forget about me, did you?"

As soon as he opened the message, Wang Xian saw the messages sent by invincible battle technique. When he saw the contents of more than 20 messages, his face turned black!

All the messages were of the same type!

Clearly, he had just received messages about Wang Xian and the Tianze continent!

"You came out of seclusion?"

Wang Xian asked when he saw how active this fellow was!

"Wow, boss Wang actually replied to my message. I'm so excited!"

He replied in a second!

Wang Xian:"...".

"Buzz Buzz!"

Following that, the communication stone in Wang Xian's hand trembled. He immediately opened it!

"Boss Wang, you're simply too handsome. Oh My God, I really didn't expect you to be so powerful. I knew it. My invincible boss with invincible battle techniques..."

The image of invincible in battle appeared in front of Wang Xian. He kept spouting out excited words!

Wang Xian turned his head to look at the AI beside him and ignored him!

"Boss Wang, I have come out of seclusion. I am going to the Dragon Palace to visit you!"

Finally, invincible in battle said to Wang Xian!

"No need. I have been busy recently!"

Wang Xian said to him indifferently!

"Busy? What are you busy with, boss Wang? Is there anything I can help you with?"

Invincible battle technique asked eagerly!

"I need the immortal King Battle Pet. Oh right, you can ask overlord if you want it. If you want it, sell it at a good price!"

Wang Xian suddenly said!

Overlord was not weak. If they wanted to buy an immortal king battle pet, they could afford it!

"Immortal King Level Warpet!"

Invincible battle technique was moved. Even though he knew that Wang Xian was extremely powerful, he was still shocked when he heard that he was selling an immortal king level warpet!

"Let me ask boss Wang. He might buy it!"

Invincible battle technique said immediately!

"Alright, let me know if there's any news!"

Wang Xian nodded and hung up the call!

"Sigh, today is different from the past. Back then, when boss Wang sent me a message, I didn't reply. Now... No, I want to cling onto boss Wang's thigh!"

At the position of Star Origin Planet Overlord Sect, invincible battle technique muttered bitterly when he saw that the call was cut off. However, his face was soon filled with fighting spirit!

"Master, Master!"

His body moved and immediately flew towards a mountain peak as he shouted loudly!

"Brat, don't make a fuss. If you have something to say, say it quickly!"

On the mountain peak, Overlord sect's sect master Murong Kui looked at his disciple with a smile on his face!

He felt that he was already very satisfied to be able to take in such a monstrous disciple in his lifetime!

After the bloodline awakening, he had only been in seclusion for two months and reached eternal God Lord Level 5. Looking at the entire resplendent world, his age and strength were already considered top tier!

He could totally be compared to the geniuses from the large sects!

"Master, do you want to buy the Undying God King Battle Pet?"

Invincible flew over and looked at his master, smiling as he said!

"HM? Undying God King Battle Pet? Why Kid, you want to show off your battle pet again?"

Murong Kui glanced at invincible and stared at him as he said!

This guy had been arrogant ever since he got an undying God king cub!

"No, if you buy it, I can get it for you!"

Invincible immediately shook his head!

"Kid, do you really think you're the chosen one, getting used to your own strength!"

Murong Kui patted his head and lectured him!

"Master, you are looking down on me. I was boss Wang's best friend back then. You can even give me a young undying god King. If Overlord doesn't want to buy it, then forget it!"

Invincible said with a black face and lowered his head!

"HM? You mean the Dragon King Immortal? He wants to sell the undying god King Battle Pet!"

Murong Kui was stunned for a moment, he retracted his smile and asked seriously!

The other powers on the other planets might not know about what happened in the Tian Ze continent, but the heavenly technique sect and FA clan still received the news immediately!

They were shocked at the Dragon King and the Dragon Palace. With the Dragon Palace's strength, the heavenly technique sect was not even comparable!

"Of course I'll sell it. It's a pity that I'm too weak, otherwise boss Wang would have given me a mature undying god King Battle Pet!"

Invincible battle technique pretended to shake his head regretfully!

Murong Kui stared at him, not sure if this kid was bragging!

"A true Zongshi Level Beast Tamer, tell the Dragon King that our overlord sect can not afford to buy an undying god King battle pet if there are too many of them!"

"If you have a good relationship with him, see if you can give one to your teacher!"

Murong Kui said to him!

"Cough cough, boss Wang will agree to give it to me, but if I give it to you, I might not be able to!"

Invincible fighter quickly said!

Murong Kui waved at him, telling him to get lost!

"Dragon King, not simple!"

Watching invincible battle technique leave, Murong Kui muttered!

"HM? Overlord really wants an undying god King Battle Pet?"

In the Dragon Palace, Wang Xian was pleasantly surprised when he received the news of invincible battle technique!

He only needed to devour about 15 Level 1 undying god King Sea Monsters or these resources to level up!

Selling one battle pet was enough!

However, to level up again, he needed about 15 level 2 immortal king level corpses!

It was obviously not enough to sell the remaining nine war pets to obtain resources!

He was still short of more than half!

"Let me level up first. I'll make a trip to the star source planet. The star source planet is not too far from the nearest commercial planet!"

Wang Xian thought to himself!

Commercial planets were relatively prosperous planets. There was no threat of dire beasts there and it was extremely prosperous!

Wang Xian was preparing to open the first Dragon Palace Pet Shop on that commercial planet!

"Prime Minister Gui, I'll leave the Dragon Palace's matters to you. I'm going out for a while!"

Wang Xian spoke to Prime Minister Gui and immediately flew toward the center of the Federation!

"Greetings, Dragon King!"

When they arrived at the teleportation formation, the Federation soldiers immediately bowed respectfully!

"Bring me to the teleportation formation that leads to the star Origin Planet!"

Wang Xian said to them immediately!

"It's the Dragon King!"

A soldier immediately brought Wang Xian to the front!

With Wang Xian's current status in the Tianze continent, everyone would obey him unconditionally!


When they arrived at the formation, Wang Xian stepped into it and activated the long-distance teleportation!