Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System-Chapter 2457: On the Beast Tide

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Chapter 2457: On the 2457 Beast Tide


Hearing the young man's brazen words, elder Gong frowned slightly!

To be able to break through the other party's formation so recklessly, it could be said to be an attack!

If the other party were to find it difficult to speak, a battle might ensue!

However, when he looked at the old man with the folding fan beside him, his expression changed, and he remained silent!

"This old man is a little curious as well. Let's take a look!"

The old man felt the array in front of him and hesitated before reaching out!

In this region, they really had nothing to be afraid of!

Even though his strength wasn't invincible in this region, an undying level 3 was still considered top tier!

And with their actions, he was extremely shocked, maybe there was some chance!

Elder Gong sighed helplessly when he saw that the old man was about to make a move!

He didn't dare to stop him!

Crack Crack Crack

An energy palm appeared in front of the old man. It landed on the black hole disturbing the air formation and made a glass-like sound!


At this moment, Wang Xian, who was inside the formation, was taming the Vermillion Bird King. When he sensed that the black hole disturbing the air formation was being attacked, he frowned slightly!

"You're courting death!"

Sensing the group of people outside, Wang Xian's eyes turned cold!

Attacking the formation he set up was clearly a blatant provocation!

"Towering snake!"

His palm pressed down on the body of the Vermillion Bird King beneath him. With a thought, the towering snake space beast appeared at the side!

"Once it's broken, attack immediately!"

Wang Xian gave him an order. Under the suppression of the Dragon's might, the vermillion bird king trembled and began to absorb the dragon's blood!

"Eh? They actually attacked the formation. Is this a provocation?"

"Is it that group of people?"

Not far away from them, the imperial star lady also sensed that the formation was being attacked. She looked over in puzzlement!

Crack! Crack! Crack 𝒇𝐫e𝑒𝔀𝒆𝚋no𝐯𝘦𝘭. c𝑜𝗺

In the sky, the formation began to crack slowly. A hole slowly appeared!

"It's going to break!"

Outside, the old man with the folding fan said faintly!

"Hiss, hiss, hiss!"

Then, as soon as he finished speaking, an extremely terrifying aura rushed toward them!

"Oh no!"

The Old Man's face changed dramatically, and he immediately raised the folding fan in his hand!

The folding fan immediately shot out a terrifying flame!

"Not good!"

Elder Gong felt the aura inside, and his face turned pale. He flew backward in fear!


However, at this moment, an enormous head came charging at them!

The triangular head, which was hundreds of meters in size, smashed heavily in front of them!

Because they were too close to each other, everyone was covered by the head!

"Crack! Crack! Crack!"

When the head of the towering snake landed on the flame, the folding fan in the old man's hand started to collapse!

"Damn it!"

This caused him to feel a wave of shock and anger in his heart, but he could not avoid it. Once he did, the few descendants by his side would instantly be annihilated!



In the next moment, his entire body was sent flying backwards, and the folding fan in his hand completely crumbled!

This was a treasure that he had spent a great price to obtain!

The old man let out a wild roar, protecting the few youths beside him as he immediately flew backwards!

What made him feel relieved was that the gigantic monster did not continue to attack!

"This... why is there another monster in here? What is going on?"

The group of young men looked at the towering snake that had crawled out of the formation with shock and anger on their faces!


At this moment, Wang Xian's figure appeared above the towering snake's head. He stared at the group of people in front of him with a cold gaze!

"Are you looking for death?"

Wang Xian stared at them with murderous intent!

"It's a misunderstanding!"

Elder Gong's expression changed drastically when he saw this scene. He quickly said to Wang Xian!

"Isn't the formation set up by the attack looking for death?"

Wang Xian glanced at him and locked onto the old man!

"Immortal King Level 3!"

The old man looked at the desolate beast under Wang Xian and then looked at Wang Xian. A hint of fear flashed across his eyes!

Especially the terrifying gigantic beast under him. It made him feel a sense of threat!

"We are from the blazing sun immortal dynasty. How dare you attack us!"

Behind them, a young man saw Wang Xian making a move and roared with a face full of shock and anger!


When Wang Xian heard the young man's words, there was no hesitation on his face. He waved his arm and the law of annihilation attacked them directly!

At the same time, the gigantic body of the towering snake attacked them once again!


When the young man saw Wang Xian launching an attack directly, his face was filled with shock. He quickly hid behind the old man!

"Brother, it's our fault this time. Please give the Iron Blood Alliance some face!"

Elder Gong, who was at the back, had a drastic change in expression as he shouted hurriedly!

When the old man saw Wang Xian's attack, his expression changed drastically. He quickly led the group of young men to the side to hide!

"We have no ill intentions!"

At this moment, the old man also spoke with an embarrassed expression!


Wang Xian shouted at them coldly!


When the old man saw Wang Xian's murderous look, his face darkened. With a low growl, he left immediately!

The group of young men followed behind with extremely embarrassed expressions!

"This fellow's strength seems to have increased. At the beginning, he seemed to be at level two immortal king. or could it be that he has been hiding his strength all this while!"

"How Old is this bastard? Regardless of his aura or behavior, he doesn't seem to be too old!"

At the lower position, di Xing nu looked at Wang Xian's figure with curiosity and doubt in her eyes!

Very soon, she shook her head and stopped thinking about it!

"These guys really don't know what's good for them!"

Wang Xian looked at the group of people who had left and said coldly!

If that old man wasn't a level three immortal king, he would definitely have been severely injured by the attack of the towering snake!

Attacking his formation for no reason was either arrogance or courting death!

The reason why he didn't kill him was because the other party wasn't weak!

"Let's go, let's continue to the next place!"

Wang Xian said to Di Xingnu and headed to the next place!

He didn't take this small incident to heart!

"Elder Gong, who are they?"

The old man and a few young men who had left the previous location asked Elder Gong with gloomy faces!

"This junior really doesn't know that our iron blood alliance rarely goes to other planets!"

Elder Gong shook his head bitterly!

"Weng Weng Weng!"

Just as he finished speaking, the communication device on his body trembled!

Seeing the information on it, his expression changed slightly!

"Senior, our Iron Blood Alliance has discovered a powerful desolate beast movement in the depths of the Lorman Desolate Beast Park. I have to rush over!"

Elder Gong immediately said!


The old man nodded with a dark expression!

Elder Gong bowed apologetically and left immediately!

"Grandfather, what desolate beast did that huge beast belong to? When we reported the name of The Blazing Sun Undying God dynasty, he actually dared to attack!"

A youth thought about the attack and said solemnly!

"Forget it!"

The old man looked at the broken weapon in his hand and clenched his fist!

An undying level 3 warrior with an undying level 3 battle pet, with such strength, it was too hard to kill him!

Could it be that they had sent the Sun Dynasty Warriors to kill him? Was that possible?