Journey To Become A True God-Chapter 2740 Applied Sunscreen To Jia Li

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Chapter 2740 Applied Sunscreen To Jia Li

"Come on" they finally got off, they got off and went to the beach.

When they went to the beach, they saw quite a lot of people in this place, they saw that there were so many people in this place.

This place is clearly more crowded than the mountain, there are so many people here and they are enjoying the sun, sea breeze and refreshing sea water.

Everyone here wore casual clothes, almost no one wore swimsuits that were too revealing, there were only a few women and men who wore clothes that were slightly revealing and showed a little of their skin.

"This place is much busier than the forest" said Jia Li, there were so many people and everyone was sunbathing here, they were having a good time

There are beautiful women and handsome men here, they are from the upper class and looking for prey.

Xuan Mei and Jia Li decided to go change clothes, she decided to change clothes and just put on something more casual.

Ye Chen himself took off his robe and changed into a more relaxed and open one, he felt comfortable with things like this.

"Hey handsome you have time" there were several mature women with nice bodies coming to Ye Chen, they tried to catch Ye Chen with their charm.

They were quite confident with their appearance, so it wasn't strange that they approached Ye Chen.

"Hello ladies, what do you want" Ye Chen asked, he wanted to know what they wanted.

Seeing Ye Chen answer, they looked happy, it seemed like they could be together with Ye Chen.

"If you have time, why not go with us" they said to Ye Chen, they wanted Ye Chen to go with them.

"I want to do it, but . ." Ye Chen didn't feel comfortable rejecting this invitation from the mature woman in front.

"Have you been waiting for a long time" when Ye Chen was in trouble, Xuan Mei and Jia Li finally came, they came and hugged Ye Chen right and left.

The women saw Jia Li and Xuan Mei, they felt inferior when they saw Jia li and Xuan Mei, obviously they would not be able to win against Xuan Mei and Jia Li in terms of beauty.

Their differences were so stark, so they wouldn't have a chance of winning against Jia Li and Xuan Mei.

"who are they ?" Xuan Mei asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know who they were.

"We're just passing by, please enjoy your time" they hurriedly left, they didn't want to deal with Xuan Mei and Jia Li.

Xuan Mei and Jia Li smiled when they saw what happened, they had chased away two mature women with their beauty.

"It's fortunate that you came" Ye Chen said to Xuan Mei and Jia Li, fortunately they came to save Ye Chen.

"That's because you are too handsome, they almost kidnapped you" Jia Li said to Ye Chen.

Jia Li felt that Ye Chen was so handsome, it wasn't strange that many women wanted to get him.

"we can't be late, if we are late, someone will steal it" said Xuan Mei.

Xuan Mei can't be late, if they are late, then Ye Chen will steal from them.

"You are absolutely right" Jia Li agreed, they shouldn't be careless because there are many women in this place who will target Ye Chen.

"You two are too panicked, no one will steal me from you" Ye Chen told them that no one would steal Ye Chen from them.

"We're still worried about that problem" Jia Li and Xuan Mei said that they were still worried about this problem, it could be that Ye Chen was kidnapped by a rich woman in this place.

that's why they better be careful and stay alert to what might happen.

Ye Chen just smiled, Xuan Mei and Jia Li were so cute.

"let's play in the sea" Ye Chen took Xuan Mei and Jia Li to go to the sea, they could play there.

They went, they went and went into the water.

There were so many people at sea, so they decided to look for a place a little further away.

Ye Chen, Xuan Mei and Jia Li arrived at a place that was a little far away, they looked for a place that was a little quieter so they could enjoy it.

By going to a quieter place, they get their own pleasure.

"Let's dive in" Jia Li was excited, she hadn't been on holiday for a long time, every day she just made medicine and pills, it was very boring for Jia Li.

Xuan Mei didn't want to be outdone, she also swam and began to show off her abilities.

"Let's compete" Jia Li said to Xuan Mei, she invited Xuan Mei to compete.

"Of course, whoever gets there first wins, it is forbidden to use profound energy," said Xuan Mei.

"Of course" Jia Li understood, they didn't use force and only relied on physical strength.

They started, they swam towards the farther part.

Ye Chen is currently preparing a place on the coast, he prepared the place and started to put out the grill for the party later.

Ye Chen looked at Xuan Mei and Jia Li, he could see what they were doing right now.

It was a beautiful sight to see Xuan Mei and Jia Li competing, Ye Chen used the abilities he had to see what Xuan Mei and Jia Li were doing.

"wow, the double peaks are swaying" Ye Chen could see the two double peaks swaying when they swam, it was clearly visible using God Eyes.

This view is truly very beautiful, anyone would like to see this view.

Jia Li and Xuan Mei almost didn't realize what Ye Chen was doing.

They focus on being the best in this competition.

Xuan Mei and Jia Li almost had the same physical strength, so the two of them were evenly matched and competed quite fiercely.

Xuan Mei used all her strength, she swam quickly like a shark.

Jia Li also did not want to lose, she became even faster than before.

The finish line was only 100 meters ahead, they would arrive in a matter of seconds.

Jia Li and Xuan Mei arrived at the same time, they reached the finish line together.

"who won ?" Xuan Mei and Jia Li didn't know who was the winner, they arrived at the same time and didn't know who was the winner.

"what if we ask the husband, he saw us earlier" Jia Li said to Xuan Mei.

"That's absolutely true" the two of them went to meet Ye Chen, they asked Ye Chen who was the winner.

"husband, you must have seen it, who reached the finish line first" Jia Li asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen of course saw the previous match, he saw clearly when Xuan Mei and Jia Li swam.

It's a shame that Ye Chen was so focused on what was swaying that he didn't know who reached the finish line.

"You two reach the finish line together" said Ye Chen.

In order to find peace, Ye Chen told that the two of them reached the finish line together.

"So it's a draw" Xuan Mei and Jia Li just believed what Ye Chen said.

They believed in what Ye Chen said.

"want to do it again ?" Jia Li and Xuan Mei had fun, they wanted to do it again.

"Sure, why not, let's do it again" they did it again, this was their second match.

Ye Chen saw the fight that was happening, they started again and Ye Chen could only watch.

Ye Chen had other tasks, he had to quickly prepare everything so they could enjoy food in the afternoon.

Ye Chen did everything alone, when Xuan Mei and Jia Li were tired, they finally came back and decided to help Ye Chen.

The three of them worked together, with that their place was ready and they set up a tent and there were also some chairs and a grill.

Once they are done, they immediately bask in the sun, this will be good for their skin.

"I want to help" Ye Chen said to Jia Li.

"what's that?" Jia Li asked Ye Chen, she didn't know what Ye Chen brought.

"This is sunscreen that I can use for sunbathing, it will protect your skin from burning" said Ye Chen.

"Of course, I want to try it" after Jia Li found out, she immediately wanted to try it and feel what sunscreen was.

Ye Chen was happy to help, he would help Jia Li use it.

Ye Chen rubbed it all over Jia Li's skin on her hands and feet.

"Ummm. . , husband . ." Jia Li said to Ye Chen, she felt a smooth feeling from Ye Chen's hand.

"how, do you like this feeling" Ye Chen asked Jia Li.

"This feels strange" Jia Li told Ye Chen, she said that this feeling was very strange.

"don't you like it ?" said Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw that Jia Li liked it, she seemed to like the feeling that Ye Chen gave her.

Ye Chen also made Jia Li comfortable, she was confident in her skills.

Jia Li felt pleasure when she was touched by Ye Chen, a very comfortable feeling when she was touched by Ye Chen.

"no, this is too comfortable" Jia Li couldn't stand it, this feeling was so comfortable, her body became hot when touched by Ye Chen.

After doing quite a lot with Ye Chen, Jia Li became more sensitive when she was touched by Ye Chen.

The touch made by Ye Chen was too strong and Jia Li wouldn't be able to resist it.

she easily fell and was helpless by the pleasure Ye Chen gave her.

Ye Chen quickly finished, he helped Jia Li quite quickly.

Jia Li was limp, she had just gotten another pleasure from Ye Chen.

"husband, you are naughty teasing me again, was last night still not enough for you ?" said Jia Li.