Keyboard Immortal-Chapter 1919: Seamless

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Chapter 1919: Seamless

Meanwhile, in the Eastern Palace...

Bi Linglong told Zu An, “Ah Zu, you did the right thing this time and didn’t act too rashly. I'll help you and uphold justice for the Qin clan.”

She still felt some lingering fear. What happened to the Qin clan was such a huge thing that even she felt angry, let alone Zu An, who was closely connected to the Qin clan. If Zu An lashed out on the spot and killed King Dai, she really wouldn’t know how to take care of the aftermath. If King Jin and King Dai were killed by the same person one after the other, even if he was the libationer, it probably wouldn't be the sort of thing that could be overlooked. She only felt extremely grateful when she saw that he had chosen to come to the imperial palace to contact her, using ordinary methods to solve the problem. At the same time, she resolved to take care of the situation for Zu An’s sake. She couldn't let him feel bitterly disappointed. Besides, how could she let go of such a good chance to deal with King Dai and Meng Yi?

Immediately after, she led Zu An to the Palace of Peace. She initially expected the empress to come up with all kinds of excuses, preparing to fly into a terrible rage in front of her.

However, when the empress heard what happened, she immediately became furious. She actually took the initiative to gather the court to discuss the situation.

When Bi Linglong saw how enthusiastic she was in consoling Zu An, she was completely stunned.

Is Ah Zu my subordinate or yours?

Why do I feel as if you care about him more than me?

With the two most powerful women in the capital being in agreement, the bell that had remained silent for several decades finally rang to summon all of the officials throughout the capital.

Soon after, officials hurried to the throne room. They wondered just what kind of huge event had happened in private, for that bell to have actually been rung!

When she saw that pretty much everyone was present, the empress cleared her throat and said, “Marquis, you may speak. What exactly happened today in the Imperial Prison?”

“The Imperial Prison?” King Dai and Meng Yi murmured, raising their brows. They instinctively exchanged a look.

King Dai’s expression became a bit unnatural, but Meng Yi told him in secret, “Don’t worry, everything is within our grasp.”

Seemingly affected by his calm demeanor, King Dai also gradually relaxed a bit.

Right, I’m the late emperor’s son, a glorious king! I even have the Meng clan backing me, so what do I need to fear?

The gazes of those present converged on Zu An.

What did this murderous idiot do now?

Zu An stared at King Dai and Meng Yi as he recited an account of everything that had happened in the Imperial Prison in a stern voice. “The Qin clan has always remained loyal to the empire, and yet the Meng clan has also spared no effort in persecuting them. Currently, the court still has yet to condemn the Qin clan of any crimes, and yet someone used such despicable torture against them. This is an utterly atrocious act, one that I hope the court punishes severely!”

The throne room immediately erupted into a commotion. Qin Guangyuan and Qin Yongde were one thing, but the two state dukes had tremendous prestige! Their disciples were everywhere in the military. If news of this got out, it would easily trigger a huge rebellion! Furthermore, many of these important subjects had still been in their swaddling clothes when the Qin clan’s state dukes were already great ministers themselves. The prestige the two dukes had accumulated over many years really wasn’t something an ordinary person could compare to.

When he heard the criticism, Meng Yi said, “Please do not slander me, Sir Zu. Seeing as an incident happened in the Imperial Prison, why didn’t you look for Commandant of Justice Sir Jiang, or the Ministry of Justice, instead of coming for us? What does this have to do with King Dai and this old one?”

Jiang Boyang couldn't take it anymore and retorted, “Who doesn’t know how far your fingers have been stretching recently, Meng Yi? Which place doesn’t have your people in it?!”

Behind the pearl curtains, Bi Linglong’s eyes narrowed. After the battle of Violet Mountain, the Meng clan had acted immediately. Their political enemies had either been locked up or chased out of the capital. They really had developed rapidly. Many areas of authority that had belonged to the Bi clan were seized by the Meng clan. Of course, in order to achieve such a result, apart from Meng Yi’s own methods, it was also thanks to that formidable daughter of his, as well as his father, the Minister of Works Meng Jing, one of the eight dukes. Meng Jing had already been at the peak of grandmaster rank for many years, and it was rumored that he could take the final step into the earth immortal rank at any time. That was why the other powers dared to get angry, but didn’t dare to voice that anger. Compared to the Meng clan, the Bi clan’s influence was still lacking a bit.

Meng Yi chuckled, saying, “Commandant of Justice Jiang cannot speak those words carelessly. Someone in your position should know that evidence is the most important thing in any situation. How can you make empty accusations and slander one’s innocence?”

Jiang Boyang frowned. This old fox always did things in a watertight way. Finding a weakness to exploit really was troublesome.

Zu An said gravely, “I already knew you would say that, so I made sure to bring witnesses with me.”

With a wave of his hand, someone quickly brought over the Ministry of Justice’s people from the prison. Ye Ping was brought forth.

Even though King Dai was only an intermediary, he wasn’t an idiot like the crown prince. When he saw that, he immediately seized the chance to counterattack, asking, “Oh my, what is wrong, Sir Ye? Who beat you up like this?”

Ye Ping snuck Zu An a look and didn't dare to reply. When he saw that, King Dai felt even more worked up. He continued, “Sir Ye, don’t be scared! All of the court’s civil and martial officials are here, and even her highness and the crown princess are here, so no one will dare to start trouble. Just tell us the truth and we will help you get revenge.”

Ye Ping opened his mouth. He was a bit hesitant, because he had a good chance right now. If they managed to get the court to decide that it was Zu An who was responsible, no matter how high his cultivation was, would it surpass everyone in the court? Furthermore, there were so many experts in the Imperial Palace, and so many guards, that the numbers alone would be enough to smother him.

Zu An calmly asked, “Sir Ye, how were your legs broken? Speak after you’ve thought things out thoroughly.”

Ye Ping broke out into a cold shiver. He immediately recalled that Zu An was someone who had even dared to kill King Jin. What was the big deal with killing a trifling vice minister? Besides, would these officials really raise their arms for the sake of a dead Ministry of Justice vice minister? He immediately seemed to calm down and quickly said with an apologetic smile, “I accidentally fell down the stairs during my inspection today and broke them.”

The civil and martial officials were speechless.

Who are you trying to fool? Anyone could tell that your legs were broken by someone!

It was probably that Zu An. That kid really is something, actually rendering even a vice minister unable to speak the truth.

King Dai had never expected such a reply. He couldn't help but exclaim angrily, “Sir Ye, do you know what kind of crimes deceiving the ruler bears?!”

Ye Ping’s face paled. He opened his mouth to say something, yet didn’t dare to say anything.

Zu An retorted with a sneer, “What ruler is there left in this court? Could it be that King Dai’s daydreams are being voiced, and that you wish to promote yourself to that position ahead of time?”

The empress and crown princess both couldn't help but give King Dai a look when they heard that. The Eastern Palace’s officials all looked at King Dai with unpleasant expressions.

The crown prince is still here. Do you think you have a turn?

If we really let you climb up there, wouldn’t all of us be left cold and hungry?

Even though that was what they were thinking, they couldn't say it out loud, right?

When he heard that, King Dai immediately answered in a panic, “Mister Zu, cease your venomous slander!”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Ping for +311 +311 +311…

“What are you having such a huge reaction for? Could it be that I hit the nail right on the head?” Zu An retorted with a sneer.

King Dai started panicking. He was about to retort when Meng Yi stopped him, saying, “Sir Zu really has quite the impressive methods. You are able to break his legs and even prevent him from daring to speak the truth. Sir Zu said that we used selfish torture, but are your actions not considered the same?”

Zu An said indifferently, “Mister Meng, you need evidence for what you say, or else I'll report you for libel. Who used selfish torture? Just now, even Sir Ye himself said that he fell down. If you couldn't even hear him so clearly despite being so close, that only proves your senses are failing you and you’re growing old. Please retire from public life as soon as possible and stop holding up the court’s governmental affairs.”

Meng Yi was speechless. With his status, who didn’t greet him as Sir Meng whenever they met him? And yet now, a brat was pointing at his nose and cursing him! No matter how shrewd and sophisticated he was, he found it a bit hard to conceal his rage.

You have successfully trolled Meng Yi for +400 +400 +400…

Zu An didn’t pay him any more attention and said loudly, “These sirs from the Ministry of Justice are the evidence I spoke of. They can attest to what happened today in the Imperial Prison.”

“Oh? Sir Ye, please speak. What exactly happened in the Imperial Prison?” the empress asked.

The gazes of those present converged on Ye Ping and the others.

When they sensed King Dai, Meng Yi, and the others’ threatening looks, and saw Zu An’s deep and immeasurable expression, Ye Ping’s group wanted to cry, and yet no tears came out. They couldn't offend either side, so what exactly could they do?

Bi Linglong frowned, saying, “Speak if you have something to say. What misgivings could you have in this court?”

When he thought about the crown princess’ shrewdness and competence, Ye Ping gritted his teeth and said, “It was King Dai and Sir Meng who sent us to the Imperial Prison to torture the Qin and Murong clans’ people. They said we had to teach a certain person a lesson.”

A commotion erupted once again. It seemed as if the throne room had become noisier than ever before. All sorts of explosive news had appeared again and again!

King Dai’s face paled. He felt as if he had fallen into a frozen pit, body and soul.

It’s all over, everything’s over…

However, Meng Yi remained just as calm as before. He sent a ki transmission to console him, then took a step forward. He looked at Ye Ping and asked, “Sir Ye, you said that it was King Dai and I who sent you to the Imperial Prison to do that, and that it was the two of us who ordered you to do it, no?"

“That isn’t necessarily so. However, that person was an assistant butler of King Dai Manor, Gou Huo. He sent the message with King Dai Manor’s token, and he mentioned that it was the intent of King Dai and Sir Meng,” Ye Ping quickly replied.

The subjects nodded. The assistant butler of a king manor, and even King Dai’s token? That was already enough to represent both King Dai and Meng Yi.

King Dai’s face became even paler. However, Meng Yi replied in a slow and unhurried manner, “Hm? That’s strange, because according to what I know, there was a burglary case yesterday in King Dai Manor, and the investigation showed that it was none other than Gou Huo who was the thief. That is why Madam Dai, or I should say my own clan’s Chan’er, already expelled him from King Dai Manor. Could it be that he exploited his job to steal King Dai’s token and wasn’t discovered, then went there to carry out a deception?” Afterward, he bowed respectfully to the empress and said, “Your highness, this humble servant requests for an official document demanding the capture of that scoundrel right this instant!”

King Dai blinked.

You can even do something like that?

Right, why didn’t I know that Gou Huo was expelled from the clan?

Meng Yi gave him a look and harrumphed.

If I waited until you found out, it would have been way too late already.

Even so, he still felt admiration for his daughter. When she found out that he and King Dai had sent someone to deal with the Qin and Murong clan, she had immediately sent Gou Huo out of the capital to stay out of trouble. At the same time, she had declared that he was banished from the clan because he made a mistake. As such, even if an investigation was conducted, their alibi would remain seamless. At the time, he felt that she had been too careful, but now, he had to admit that his daughter was wise. She had already anticipated the current situation.

The entire court immediately fell silent; everyone present had strange expressions. They naturally knew the whole situation had been set up by Meng Yi and King Dai, but this old fox’s preparations were just too thorough. They couldn't accuse him of a crime at all!

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