Kidnapped Dragons (KR Web Novel)

Kidnapped Dragons (KR Web Novel)

Authors : Yuzu

Status : Completed

Genres : Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Mature , Romance , Seinen

Chapters: 434

Last update: a year ago

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Tags: Antihero Protagonist Apathetic Protagonist Battle Academy Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Character Growth Clones Cold Protagonist Cute Children Demons Determined Protagonist Distrustful Protagonist Dragons Male Protagonist Modern Day Overpowered Protagonist Past Plays a Big Role Protagonist Strong from the Start Ruthless Protagonist Schemes And Conspiracies Second Chance Secret Organizations Slow Romance Stoic Characters Time Travel Tragic Past Ability Steal Appearance Different from Actual Age Beast Companions Beasts Cheats Cohabitation Complex Family Relationships Contracts Criminals Death Demon Lord Depictions of Cruelty Evil Organizations Familial Love Familiars Family Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Guardian Relationship Guilds Harsh Training Hidden Abilities Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Human-Nonhuman Relationship Human Weapon Interdimensional Travel Love Interest Falls in Love First Magic Magic Beasts Magical Space Military Mind Break Mind Control Multiple Timelines Murders Mythical Beasts Obsessive Love Past Trauma Post-apocalyptic Returning from Another World Romantic Subplot Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Servants Spirit Users Spirits Strong to Stronger Suicides Survival Sword And Magic Sword Wielder Time Loop Time Manipulation Time Skip Trap Unique Weapon User Weak to Strong Academy Age Progression Age Regression Childcare Dense Protagonist Depression Firearms Hunters Manipulative Characters Multiple Realms Psychopaths Spatial Manipulation Stockholm Syndrome Torture Tsundere Yandere

The planet [Earth] has entered the abnormal state [Apocalypse]. You have failed in saving the Earth. The Authority, [Vintage Clock (EX)] rewinds the world's time.For Yu Jitae, it was a message he had seen many times.It was tiresome.It would have been great had he died with everyone else.But he couldn't, for his authorities that made him the strongest existence, brought him back in time whenever he did.And even with his strength, he couldn't protect the broad earth against the maddened dragons. The world's time will soon begin.As the clock resumed ticking in the direction it should, his 7th iteration came to a start.Fortunately, he finally had a gist.