Legend of Swordsman-Chapter 5296 - : Time Origin Source

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Chapter 5296: Time Origin Source

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Breaking through a millionfold was as difficult as reaching the sky, perhaps requiring the consumption of several universe secret realms.

However, those secret realms had long been seized by Special Life Forms; what could Jian Wushuang use to exchange for them?

Only strength mattered!

The Trial Tower.

The ninth level.

It was vastly different from what Jian Wushuang had imagined. Instead of a grand hall, he found a thatched cottage with a battered incense burner.

Wisps of faint white smoke rose from it, carrying a refreshing scent that made him feel comfortable all over.

After the Eighth Refinement, Jian Wushuangs outer appearance had reverted to human form, and his scales had faded. It was a phenomenon known as atavism, as explained by Shan Jun.

As for what he would look like after the Ninth Refinement, even Shan Jun couldn’t provide a clear answer.

It was said to be unique, possibly modeled after the birth of a Special Life Form in the universe.

Jian Wushuang took careful steps, approaching the thatched cottage cautiously. His footsteps were light, not disturbing even a blade of grass. As he entered the courtyard, his identity token displayed an upgrade.

“Sit in meditation for a lifetime!”

This prompt left him baffled. Sit in meditation for a lifetime?

Was this the Ninth Refinement?

Did it mean sitting in meditation for a lifetime in this world, or was it referring to his entire existence?

Jian Wushuang couldn’t believe it. How could a Grand Yan Immortal like him sit in meditation for an entire lifetime?

But when he stepped inside the thatched cottage, everything changed.

His visible aging process was apparent, though ordinary people wouldn’t perceive it.

The structure within him was depleting every moment; within a hundred years, he would surely die!

This lifetime was meant to be a mortal one, he thought. The strange sensation made Jian Wushuang extremely anxious.

He hadn’t experienced anything like this before—just sitting here, waiting for death!

Time passed much faster here, enabling his powerful physique to deteriorate so rapidly.

He could sense the vitality within him diminishing, but his divine body and origin source were growing.

The rate of growth was astonishingly swift; a hundred years here equated to a million years of cultivation elsewhere, all without the need for active practice.

Moreover, his divine body was becoming stronger. According to his calculations, it could grow a 100-fold in a year!

Although the growth would undoubtedly slow down in the later stages, it would still increase at least 1,000-fold over 100 years. How miraculous this was! With such a marvelous treasure, even a pig could become a Grand Yan Immortal, and perhaps achieve success in the Dao, reaching the pinnacle of the Emperor realm.

“This straw hut is undoubtedly the most top-tier treasure in the universe!” Jian Wushuang was certain.

It surpassed the Eternal Treasures, even surpassing the Universe Bronze Furnace. Within this straw hut, the contained origin source was incomprehensible to Jian Wushuang. All he could see was a world of dazzling colors.

It contained the origin source of space, he knew, but what were the countless interweaving lines?

This, he truly could not understand.

Touching with his hand, there was no sensation; when he withdrew his hand, it disappeared.

Invisible, intangible, and imperceptible.

But when compared to his own physical body, he could clearly see it.

“Could this be?”

Jian Wushuang’s eyes narrowed.

“This is time!”

The legendary origin source of time!

Space corresponds to the Emperor; once space is perfected, one can reach the pinnacle of the universe.

But what about the strongest beings at the pinnacle of the universe? What origin do they cultivate?

The answer is the origin source of time.

The highest truth of the universe, the flow of the River of Time represents time.

This signifies the ultimate peak.

Mastering space means having the entire universe underfoot, while mastering time allows one to transcend space, existing not in the present, not in the past, and not in the future.

Those who have transcended exist above time.

Jian Wushuang never expected that he would encounter the origin source of time.

The thought of devouring instantly arose within him, but he had no way to start; this origin source was simply beyond his reach.

In the entire Demon Sound Mountain, this origin source was probably the most precious.

What Jian Wushuang didn’t know was that the nine major spaces inside the Trial Tower were not in Demon Sound Mountain.

The most precious thing on Demon Sound Mountain was the Universe Bronze Furnace.

Such a precious treasure could not possibly be located here.

He sat in meditation for a lifetime, 100 years passed like the blink of an eye.

After 100 years, Jian Wushuangs body became like the skeleton he saw in the mysterious space, devoid of vitality, turned into a mere frame.

The shadow of the divine body sighed; this life passed quickly, but it was very real because he felt time up close.

Although it was only 100 years, his progress was comprehensive, not inferior to devouring that strand of universe origin source.

The divine body broke through to 5,000 times its strength; although he still couldn’t break through 10,000 times in the Beast God Domain, compared to before, he now maintained the Beast God Domain with even greater ease.

Even when he unleashed the Beast God Domain, there was no burden; instead, it brought him a sense of joy.

The remnants of skeletons, along with Jian Wushuangs divine shadow, left the thatched hut behind. His body moved seemingly on its own, drifting for an unknown duration until he arrived at a valley filled with piles of bones.

His task was to find a new skeleton within the valley. According to the hints on his identity token, acquiring the best skeleton came at a steep price.

In this valley, there were skeletons of four different colors: gold, silver, copper, and iron.

Jian Wushuang entered the valley at a leisurely pace, finding the bones scattered as if discarded carelessly, reminiscent of an ancient battlefield in the Great Desolate Wilderness.

These skeletons likely belonged to individuals with Emperor-level strength, specializing in refining their physical bodies.

some bones bore taint traces of color, suggesting they might be from unique creatures or descendants of Beast Gods.

After a day of exploration, Jian Wushuang found over a hundred golden skeletons, among which seventeen bore colored markings. The intensity of these markings represented the strength of the original owner.

Jian Wushuang understood the significance; although they were lifeless, the aura of the original owners wouldn’t fade away entirely. He could still sense it.

On his way back, after rigorous selection, he chose a skeleton with lines of colored markings running across its body. He believed his choice was the most suitable; it wasn’t about being the best, but being the right fit.

As for the cost he had to pay!

He squinted his eyes.

Very primitive!

Fierce battles!

Without absolute strength, aspiring to obtain a skeleton was pure folly.

Although these skeletons’ previous owners were likely plundered by powerful figures from the Qishen Temple, out of respect for strength, the temple had established rules: battles were held among peers, and the victor could plunder the loser’s spoils.

The losers!

They didn’t stand a chance to obtain the skeletons.

From the moment Jian Wushuang made his choice, a divine shadow appeared on the selected skeleton. Its appearance was enchanting, impossible to discern its gender. The entire body was smooth, resembling white jade.

It had no ears, or perhaps its ears were incredibly large, forming a rhombus shape, yet there were no gaps inside, as if it were just an ornament..