Leveling Endlessly with the Strongest System!-Chapter 499 : Ender Of Invasions! 1

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"The devil is coming!"


"Run for your lives!"

With a collective gasp, the invaders took off, scampering away in a pitiful attempt to escape their fate. Yet, like the supreme ruler of the skies, Roy flew after them, leaving a trail of darkened clouds in his wake.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

From his hand erupted countless bolts of Black and Red Lightning, a spectacle created through the fusion of Death Force with Black Aura Lightning through the usage of Rpy's second soul-herding skill Miracle, chasing down the invaders with deadly precision.

They were fast, but how could they be faster than death and lightning?

The bolts crashed on their backs, exploding halves of their bodies. But even then, they continued flying away. They weren't humans. Even though they were missing half of their bodies, they were still alive. It was quite a disturbing sight!

The young ones of the empire were horrified. They have never seen anything like that in their entire life! Their expressions turned pale.

"You are scaring the children, you bastards!" Roy exclaimed as if a great injustice had been done!

Then, like a master conjurer, he called forth the elemental trinity of Fire, Lightning, and Thunder from his subspace.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The swords made of these elements darted through the air, relentlessly tailing the scrambling invaders in the sky. The enemies twisted and turned their bodies with a display of expert evasion, yet the swords seemed to have a life of their own.

Swerving mid-air, they homed in and stabbed the invaders in their butts! Immediately, fire and lightning burst out of the swords, engulfing the invaders.

In the strongest system's own words, it was quite an effective assault!

One by one, the mightiest among the invaders plunged from the heavens!

The sky was not showering water but a downpour of lifeless bodies. Please visit f𝒓𝑒e𝓌e𝚋𝘯૦𝘷e𝗹. c૦𝒎


Their forms slammed into the ground with an unnerving thud, contorted in grotesque postures.


The notification of the system rang in Roy's mind!

[Congratulations, Host! You have killed several high-ranking worshippers of Chaos and Death. You get 200000 EXP!]

Roy smiled in response. He seemed satisfied with the results.

"So scary."

The grisly sight proved too much for the empire's younger ones, making them avert their eyes. The bitter taste of taking a life was still unfamiliar to them; their paths had not crossed with the harsh realities that had marked Roy's journey so far.

If he was the hardened steel forged in the fires of trials and tribulations, they were merely flowers nurtured in a sheltered garden. He was the tempest that raged across the seas, and they were still the ripples on a tranquil pond. He was the roar of the thunder, a testament to his strength, while they were the soft rustling of leaves, gentle yet untouched by the harshness of the world. Their stark difference in life experiences stood like a chasm between them, each on their separate paths yet sharing the same sky.

It was precisely because of this reason that Roy, although younger than most of them, was better than them all!

Truly there was no comparison between them.

The difference was so stark that they didn't deserve to be spoken in the same breath as him!

"You are the only one left," Roy said to the commander.

With his teeth gritted, the commander spat out, "Things won't go according to your plans. I'll leave you in despair before I am killed!"

As soon as he said that, he catapulted himself off his bat, rocketing straight towards Lyria. Roy lunged after him, but the commander's bat cunningly moved to obstruct Roy's path.

It took a swift slash of Roy's sword to slice the bat in half, but the distraction cost him precious time.

By then, the commander was already looming over Lyria. Her petite figure was overwhelmed by the pressure emanating from the man standing opposite her.

"Such a beautiful flower. It's sad, but you will have to wilt."

A wicked grin spread across the commander's face as he launched a punch, swift and lethal, aiming for Lyria's neck.

Lyria's heart pounded like a wild drum in her chest, fear gripping her. She instinctively shut her eyes tight, a terrified gasp escaping her lips as she called out, "Hubby, help!"

In the commander's mind, there was no way Roy could intervene in time. Roy was high up in the sky while they were far down below, on the uneven ground of the Everlasting Hollows. Even a Realm Lord couldn't breach such a distance in the blink of an eye. How could Roy?

He smiled as the grim image of Lyria's neck snapping and Roy falling in despair seemed almost inevitable to him.

But reality unfolded an utterly different scene, so unimaginable that it left the commander utterly stunned.

"What?!" The commander's eyes bulged in shock, his gaze reflecting the image of a devilishly handsome hero.

The pain Lyria had braced for never came. Instead, she heard the astonished cry of the commander. With trepidation, she opened her eyes and saw an unbelievable sight – her husband, blocking the commander's deadly punch!

"But... how can this be?!"

The commander stood there, his body shivering violently as a cold wave of disbelief washed over him. According to him, Roy, under normal circumstances, shouldn't be able capable of crossing such an immense distance within a blink of an eye. So how did he do it?

Well, Roy had the Flash Step. It was a skill that allowed him to instantly cover a certain amount of distance. He had activated it while in mid-air.

Actually, what happened was that in a display of perfect timing and precision, Roy had employed this special technique that he had barely used before. After he activated it, it seemed as though time stood still for a moment, only to release itself with Roy having crossed that daunting distance, standing in between Lyria and the commander and grabbing the commander's punch with his hand!