Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again-Chapter 1489 - 1489 Sister Nian Is Also Here

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1489 Sister Nian Is Also Here

The most difficult place to get into the Pharmacy Association was not on the 10th floor, but in a nondescript laboratory in the farthest corner of the sixth floor.

In the lab.

An old man with white hair was showing a pile of experimental data to a girl. “Look at this.”

He stuffed a stack of A4 papers that recorded the drug’s data into the girl’s hands. He was more anxious than anyone else and spoke quickly and eloquently. “After I saw the prescription you sent me the other day, I did a few more experiments. This is the data record of those trials.”

The girl was wearing a black hoodie. The hoodie was pulled up, and her face under the hood was exquisite and eye-catching.

Who else could it be but Qiao Nian?

At this moment, she was sitting in Zhong Yiliu’s computer chair. Her eyes were casual as her slender white hand held the stack of documents that Zhong Yiliu stuffed into her hands.

She flipped through the pages quickly.

It was so fast that it was as if she wasn’t looking at them seriously.

Qiao Nian finished reading what Zhong Yiliu had given her in less than five minutes. She placed the stack of experimental data on the computer desk and sat down lazily. “I’m done.”

“Did you see the data I sent last time?”

Zhong Yiliu walked around and said, “I added jaundice according to your prescription several times before. The last time I replaced jaundice with Ganoderma, the composition of the medicine clearly improved. Do you want to…”

However, before he could finish speaking.

Qiao Nian raised her hand and flipped through the experimental data on the table. Without thinking, she interrupted him. “I want to promote this medicine so that even ordinary people can afford it. This way, the cost of Ganoderma will be too high. It’s not worth it.”

There were as many precious medicinal herbs in the Pharmacy Association as there were hairs on an ox. In the storeroom, there were even ginseng and Ganoderma that were so moldy that no one used them.

The ginseng used for Zhong Yiliu’s experiment was not an ordinary lingzhi, but the Ganoderma that she had bought for Uncle Chen at the underground auction.

This kind of meat Ganoderma that was hundreds of years old was hard to come by!

It would definitely be enough if she used it normally.

However, it was clearly unrealistic for her to promote it on a large scale.

Even if it could be realized in the end, only the upper class could afford this medicine.

Then, what was the difference between this improved little pill and the little pills she had given Wei Lou to circulate on the black market?

Qiao Nian lowered her eyes and placed her fingers on the paper. She pursed her lips and said in a slightly hoarse voice, “I promised my grandfather that I would promote this medicine to everyone. Since I’ve promised him, I have to keep my word.

“If you change the meat Ganoderma to ordinary Ganoderma, the effect will be similar to jaundice, so there’s not much difference between using ordinary jaundice and Ganoderma.”

Zhong Yiliu opened his mouth at her words. For a moment, he was speechless.

He was too intent on the potion to be interested in anything else.

More than whether he could promote a drug that would benefit the country and the people, he focused on getting the effects of a drug to the extreme, preferably to perfection.

However, he didn’t insist since Qiao Nian had said so.

Zhong Yiliu thought about the girl’s words for a moment. In his mind, he simulated the effect of replacing jaundice with ordinary Ganoderma in the market. He had to admit that Qiao Nian was right. This effect was actually not much different from the effect of the prescription Qiao Nian had given him.

He felt bad at the thought of his month-plus study of loneliness, but he let it go more than he felt bad.

He had studied that prescription for a month but had yet to come up with a better one. This meant that the prescription Qiao Nian had given him was already the best.

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