Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again-Chapter 2841 After All, She’s Ji Nan’s Grandma

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Chapter 2841 After All, She's Ji Nan's Grandma

Ye Wangchuan picked up her chopsticks, rinsed them with tea, and placed them in front of her again. Then, he gently said, "Yes, so they just chatted. Let them talk. Ignore them."

Qiao Nian listened attentively. Old Master Ye even asked if she liked Chinese or Western weddings, whether the venue would be on the beach or the lawn…

She rubbed her temple as she felt a headache coming and decided not to participate in this topic.


The independent continent had been exceptionally calm for the past few days.

Ji Lingfeng had not gone out for a long time. It was rare for him to go on a long trip, so he had a lot of things to deal with and arrange.

He had always been a workaholic. A few days before he left, he had already arranged everything properly. At the same time, he temporarily handed over the family matters to a few elders to manage.

Moreover, he had also left his spies behind. If the family encountered an emergency while he was away and the elders did not tell him, someone would inform him immediately.

Therefore, even if he was not in the independent continent for the next few days, everything in the Ji family was under his control. He would not give anyone a chance to exploit any loopholes.

"Are you really going to Continent M?" Xie Yun walked forward with his suit jacket. She hesitated before saying, "You should know that person is also there. She's not easy to get along with."


Ji Lingfeng took the jacket from her and put it on. Then, he took the tie and tied it himself. Turning around, his mature and handsome face exuded a steady charm. "Don't worry, I've already arranged everything."

Xie Yun opened her mouth, then lowered her head, refusing to meet his gaze. Seeming to lose her temper, she said in a low voice, "I'm not worried about you."

They had originally married for benefits. Marriage was just a transaction, so there was not much affection between them.

She thought that was the case for everyone.

However, she would always feel lost every time she saw Nan Tianyi and Xie Tingyun's loving and harmonious relationship. She also did not understand what she had missed in this life.

However, at this age…

Xie Yun had lived a long life.

She calmed down as she handed him the tie clip and then said, "Be careful. Continent M isn't the independent continent. It's not our territory."

Ji Lingfeng allowed her to put on the clip, then lowered his eyes and replied softly, "Yes."

Xie Yun looked at his face. For a moment, it was as if she was seeing his stunning appearance when he was young. She almost lost her mind.

She quickly retracted her gaze. "Ji Nan wants to go with you?"

"I'm bringing him to meet someone from the reclusive families," Ji Lingfeng explained to her, which he rarely did, as he tugged at his tie.

Xie Yun sighed and said in a muffled voice, "I know you've never forgotten her all these years, and I respect your feelings. No matter what our marriage situation is, Xiao Nan will always be your son. I don't expect you to love your son as much as you love her. I just hope you won't sacrifice him when you're faced with a choice. Otherwise, I won't be able to tolerate it anymore!"

Ji Lingfeng looked at her in surprise.

Xie Yun's head was raised, with her slender neck unbending. She was not as arrogant as Xie Tingyun, but she had her own bottom line.

Ji Lingfeng understood what she was worried about and promised her, "I'm just bringing him to meet that person. After all… she's Ji Nan's grandmother."

Xie Yun originally wanted to say that the two of them were not related at all, but then she thought of the bad debt from the previous generation.

Her lips twitched but she did not make a sound.

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