Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again-Chapter 2906 Elder Leo, I Can Help You Find The Painting

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Chapter 2906 Elder Leo, I Can Help You Find The Painting

Ji Ziyin took a deep breath. She had already expected to be treated coldly, so she was mentally prepared.

She was smart enough not to mention what had happened at the hall today. Instead, she asked, "Elder Leo, are you looking for a painting?"

Leonard looked at her sharply. "How do you know?"

"I heard you on the phone when I entered." Ji Ziyin frankly admitted to eavesdropping. "I can help you find the painting."

Leonard gave her another sidelong glance and sneered. "What are you up to now? Do you think I'll fall in the same place twice?"

Ji Ziyin was very confident. "I've lived in the independent continent for more than 20 years and am extremely familiar with the place. My connections are all here, so it's more convenient for me to find things than you. If you want to find a painting, I can think of a way to get it for you."

Leonard was undoubtedly convinced.

The independent continent was not his territory.

He did not bring many people with him, so it was inevitable that he would be restrained when doing things and could not act as he wished.

Ji Ziyin was born and lived on the independent continent. Her efficiency in finding the painting should be much better.

Ji Ziyin could tell he was wavering and immediately added, "Take it as my apology for my rash actions this time."

She then smiled dignifiedly. "Elder Leo won't deprive me of a chance to atone for my sins, right?"

Leonard sized her up. The Empress had not given up on her, and he could not settle scores with her immediately… He put down his cup and said, "I can give you a chance. If you find this painting, I will forgive you for your little trick this time! On the contrary, if you play any tricks on me again…

"Heh." He laughed coldly. "Even if the Empress thinks highly of you, I will show you the consequences of toying with me!"

Ji Ziyin's heart turned cold, but she forced herself to calm down. She stood under the hooked-nosed elder's scrutiny with her head held high.

Annoyed, Leonard looked away and told her about the painting he was looking for.

Unexpectedly, Ji Ziyin's heart thumped, and she said without hesitation, "Don't worry, I'll definitely buy the painting for you."

Leonard was easy to negotiate with, so he revealed a little to her out of kindness. "I know why you came this time. Since you're so straightforward, I'll tell you.

"Ronko won't betray you.

"The Empress has already sent someone to warn him. He will not dare to offend the Empress."

His eyes were cold and mocking. "So you didn't have to come today. The Empress has already dealt with it for you."

He really did not understand why the Empress thought so highly of someone like Ji Ziyin.

This girl was too utilitarian, like a rat in a smelly ditch. She would try to climb up the pole as long as she was given a chance.

However, she was ruthless and did not show gratitude to her benefactors… Even if the Empress helped her, she would not be able to get the reward she deserved in the future.

Even he could see that.

Leonard did not believe that the Empress could not tell that Ji Ziyin was not worthy of their support!

However, the Empress wanted to support this Ji Ziyin…

Although Leonard did not understand, he didn't dare to interfere with that person's actions.

He said, "You just have to understand that everything you have today was given to you by the Empress. Don't disappoint the Empress, and you will be safe and sound. No one can touch you, including that Qiao Nian!"

Ji Ziyin's heart tightened and she lowered her head to hide her hatred. However, outwardly, she was very obedient. "I understand. Thank you, Elder Leo."