Martial God Asura (Web Novel)-Chapter 5832: Cooperation

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Chapter 5832: Cooperation

Chapter 5832: Cooperation1

“It really is an ordinary bamboo slip!”0

“That’s 300 million sycees going down the drain!” 0

“What a huge loss!”0

The crowd gasped in shock, but that quickly turned into gloating expressions.0

“You did it on purpose?” The young man glared at Chu Feng. The sound of his teeth grating against each other could be heard, and his killing intent poured out. 0

The beautiful elder quickly stood in front of Chu Feng, fearing that the young man would take his life. 0

However, it was not just the young man who emanated his killing intent but the experts around him too. They also realized they had been screwed over by Chu Feng to buy an ordinary bamboo slip at such an exorbitant price. It was displeasing no matter how much money they had. 0 𝒻𝘳ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝘣𝓃𝘰𝓋ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝑚

“Have you not learned your lesson yet? Do you still want to kick a fuss?” an old man’s voice echoed, as an oppressive might swept across the surroundings.0

The crowd turned their sights over and saw several experts from the Immortal Sea Fish Clan standing not too far away. An old man was leading the group, and he was the one emanating the oppressive might. 1

Most people quickly bowed and greeted the old man, “Paying respect to Lord Youwei.”0

From the crowd’s discussion, Chu Feng learned that Lord Youwei was of extremely high standing. He was one of the Immortal Sea Fish Clan’s grand elders, a pinnacle True God level cultivator. 0

He was the one who exerted his oppressive might to stop the young man’s group when they were about to make their move on Chu Feng.0

Most people in the young man’s group retracted their killing intent, but the young man continued glaring hatefully at Chu Feng, asking, “Why aren’t you answering?”0

“So what if we screwed you over? That just shows that you’re dumb,” Little Fishy snorted. She even marched up to the young man, looking as if she was going to make a move. 0

However, Chu Feng raised his hand to stop her before looking at the young man with narrowed eyes. “You can decide on that yourself. If you believe that you’re beneath me, you’re free to think that I did it intentionally to screw you over. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me.”0

He turned to the beautiful elder and said, “Elder, let’s go.”0

“Milord, please.” The beautiful elder led the way for Chu Feng and the others.0

The surrounding crowd broke out in an uproar.0

“He must have seen through it. There’s no other reason for him to hike the price so high, only to suddenly stop bidding.”0

“Indeed! The final price was 301 million, whereas he had bid 300 million. It’s just a difference of one million. There’s no reason for him to give up when he was on the verge of winning the auction. He must have done it to screw them over.” 0

“But wouldn’t that mean that he’s able to see through the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip’s fragment? Just who in the world are those people?”0

“He must be a formidable figure, given his cultivation.”0

The crowd was generous with their compliments of Chu Feng, but those stabbed into the young man’s heart like knives. The more he thought about it, the more enraged he became. 0

He turned around and shouted at the leaving Chu Feng, “Do you dare to tell me your name and sect?”0

“You aren’t worthy to know,” Chu Feng replied.0

“Are you afraid I’d come knocking, you coward?” the young man roared.0

“Why don’t you tell me what sect you’re from instead? I’ll come look for you,” Chu Feng returned the question.0

The young man wanted to reply, but the others in the group stopped him. Needless to say, they hadn’t concealed their appearance just to be revealed like this. 1

“Heh…” Chu Feng snorted in disdain. 0

That made the young man even more frustrated and infuriated.0

Chu Feng and the others followed the beautiful elder and left the scene.0

The young man didn’t want to let things slide, but the others dragged him out of the auction house. 0

Most of the spectators continued to linger in the vicinity as they relished about how Chu Feng had screwed the young man over. Rather than the auctioned items, they were more entertained by the events that transpired. It made them think that it was a worthwhile trip. 0

… 0

Chu Feng’s group was brought into the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild’s inner hall. 0

“Please wait a moment, milords,” the beautiful elder said before taking her leave.1

It didn’t take long for another elder to walk in and introduce himself, “It’s a pleasure to meet the three of you. I am the managing elder here, Gao Hao.”1

“Pleased to meet you too, Elder Gao Hao. May I know why you have invited us here?” Chu Feng asked.0

“There are two matters. One, Lord Ye Jiefeng from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion requested for me to relay a message to you. The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion would like to invite you to join them. May I know if you’re interested?” Elder Gao Hao asked.0

“I’m not interested,” Chu Feng replied right away. 3

Elder Gao Hao was stunned by the answer. He didn’t think that someone would reject the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s invitation. 0

“What about the second matter?” Chu Feng asked.0

“Ah… The second matter is concerning the Junior Blessing Formation. May I know if you have any ideas concerning deciphering it?” Elder Gao Hao asked.0

“I do have an idea in mind, but it might take some time,” Chu Feng said.0

“You see, milord, our Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild has a few more Junior Blessing Formations, but not everyone can decipher them. Thus, we would like to request for help in deciphering the other Junior Blessing Formations too. 0

“Of course, we won’t make you work for free. You’ll get 20% of whatever is in there, and you’re entitled to the first pick,” Elder Gao Hao said.1

“May I know how many Junior Blessing Formations you have?” Chu Feng asked.0

He knew there was something special about the Junior Blessing Formation, so he didn’t want to let this opportunity slip past his finger. 0

“We have thirty more,” Elder Gao Hao said.0

“Thirty? I’m willing to work with you on this,” Chu Feng said.0

“Elder, may I know where the Junior Blessing Formations are?” Little Fishy asked. 0

“They are all here,” Elder Gao Hao replied. 0

“Does it mean that we have to decipher it here?” 0

“That’s right.”0

“That’s great!” Little Fishy exclaimed in delight. She could stay with Chu Feng a bit longer if he lingered in the Immortal Sea Galaxy. 0

“Little sister, don’t get excited so fast. Our parents are waiting outside. You’ll have to make a trip back to our clan first.” Xianhai Shaoyu sent her a voice transmission.0

They had contacted the Immortal Sea Fish Clan even though they didn’t reveal their identity. In fact, the grand elder only stood up for them earlier because Xianhai Shaoyu had secretly liaised with him. 1

“I don’t want to return. I want to be with big brother,” Little Fishy protested. 0

“Let’s head back first. Brother Chu Feng will be here for a while anyway. I’ll find a chance to bring you out,” Xianhai Shaoyu persuaded her.0

“No! I want to remain here.” Little Fishy crept closer to Chu Feng as she said those words.0

Xianhai Shaoyu fell silent. A moment later, he spoke up with a different tone, “What do you intend to achieve by staying here? Brother Chu Feng is staying here to decipher the Junior Blessing Formations because the items inside are beneficial to him. He’s slowly making his way to greater heights. Even though our cultivation is higher than him, we’re already lagging behind him in terms of fighting prowess. Do you intend to cower behind him each time you encounter a difficult opponent?”2 (f)

“I…” Little Fishy was at a loss for words.

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