Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine-Chapter 970 - : It’s Time for a Raise

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Chapter 970: It’s Time for a Raise

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“Young Miss’ staple food is coarse grains. Master Qin can make millet porridge for Young Miss and add some vegetables. It looks light and simple, and Young Miss will definitely be satisfied, but in reality? Millet is no less nutritious than rice. Moreover, although rice porridge tastes bland, it’s actually the easiest to absorb. I guarantee that shethe young miss won’t lose weight, and the baby won’t go hungry either…”

Chef Qin nodded repeatedly. “Then what if she won’t eat meat?”

Aunt Wu laughed again. “Does Young Miss really not eat meat just because she says so? Master Qin, why don’t you chop the meat and mix it with the tofu balls so that our Miss won’t be able to see it?”

Chef Qin:

He was enlightened!

“We didn’t mean to lie to Miss.” Aunt Wu emptied the fruit platter and put it in the freezer. “She is weak to begin with. Now that she’s pregnant and her leg hasn’t recovered, how can she lose weight? If we don’t do this, how are we going to explain to Master when he comes back?”

Chef Qin nodded calmly.

“You’re right!”

Under Aunt Wu’s guidance, Chef Qin was bursting with inspiration.

When it was time for lunch, there were a few extra dishes on the table that were made “according to Su Ji’s request”. They looked healthy.

Su Ji only ate those few dishes during entire meal. (f)reenovelkiss

Behind her, Chef Qin placed his hand below and gave Aunt Wu a thumbs up.

Aunt Wu smiled.

Uncle He heard the laughter and turned around to look at Aunt Wu. His eyes were filled with doting gentleness, but he suddenly saw the interaction between them.


Uncle He narrowed his eyes.

What was going on?

After Su Ji had lunch, Pei Huai’s room service delivered breakfast at 6 0’clock in the morning. He was video chatting with Su Ji in the dining room.

At that time, Su Ji was seriously peeling the shell of an egg, which was her “dessert” after dinner that day.

Pei Qingshen studied the cane for a while as he passed by.

Du Meilan and Xu Mingzhi were having a wine tasting session on the sofa.

The atmosphere in the living room was lively.

Pei Huai was wearing light-colored home clothes made of good material. The sleeves were rolled up to his arms, and his short hair had just been blown dry. It looked more fluffy than usual, and he had a gentleness that was different from usual. The morning light fell on him as if it had its own filter effect.

The phone was placed at the side. Shen Mu had found the angle, and his CEO’s side profile was especially stunning.

When he adjusted the angle, he suddenly exclaimed, “boss, you’re so handsome from this angle. Ms. Su will definitely love you!”

However, he regretted it the moment he finished speaking. He felt that it didn’t sound right. Why would his CEO care about these things?

However, just as he was about to take it away, Pei Huai said calmly, “use this angle. ”

Shen Mu: ‘

He was a little confused!

This was not the CEO he knew!

Su Ji looked at Pei Huai’s handsome face in the video and ate the white and tender hard-boiled egg in her hand.

Even the tasteless diet meal became delicious.

She had watched the boy group dance in the video six times, but in fact, she imagined Pei Huai’s face the entire time.

So she didn’t want to watch the boy band dance, but rather…Pei Huai dance!

From time to time, Shen Mu’s voice could be heard from the side.

Pei Huai was quite ruthless. He could video call Su Ji while receiving important information from Shen Mu without being affected at all.

He would immediately notice any mistake he made, so Shen Mu could forget about fishing in troubled waters.

Su Ji asked him, ‘how was your business trip?”

Pei Huai had always reported only the good news to his fiancée. No matter how heavy the social gatherings and roundtable meetings were, he just said casually, “everything is going well.”

He glanced at the leftovers on the table in front of her and quietly asked her when she was going to the hospital.

Su Ji went to the hospital to remove her cast today. Pei Huai was not around, so Xu Mingzhi accompanied her.

She replied that it would be an hour later. Then, she asked about the cane. “Did you make this?”

Pei Huai nodded.

Su Ji was not stingy with her praise. “It’s very beautiful and it’s very handy.”

“By the way, your grandfather said that he should change his cane.” She swallowed the remaining half of the egg.

“Ignore him. Send me a message when you reach the hospital.”

Su Ji obediently agreed.

Pei Huai looked calm in the video call, but his schedule was actually very full today. Shen Mu reminded his CEO twice about the time carefully, but Pei Huai did not end the video call.

It was not until the departure time was approaching and his phone just so happened to pop up with a call notification. When he saw the string of numbers, he ended the video call with Su Ji and picked up the call. He pressed the speaker button and put his phone aside when he changed into his travel clothes.

On the other end, the man’s stern voice was heard. “Is everything going well?” Shen Mu was waiting outside.

Pei Shizhan’s phone call involved a lot of confidential information, so Shen Mu tactfully avoided it.

The call went through for more than ten minutes.

Pei Shizhan said, “that’s all I can say. Don’t make it public. The red-headed document from O Alliance hasn’t been released yet.”

An astonishing talent flowed in the blood of the Pei family for several generations, but it was especially outstanding for Pei Huai.

Pei Huai led the Pei family into a new era. With the support of the government for more than ten years, they monopolized the high-end technology in the overseas market.

If Pei Huai wanted to do something, he needed the right time, the right place, and the right people. All three were indispensable.

And Pei Shizhan happened to be one of them. With this, Pei Huai had been talking to him more recently.

However, the father and son only talked about official matters and never talked about anything else. Pei Shizhan did not mention it, and Pei Huai would not ask about it either. It was as if their relationship was the purest of the group’s superiors and subordinates.

After hanging up Pei Shizhan’s call, Pei Huai also changed his clothes and walked out of the room.

Shen Mu had already prepared the car. After Pei Huai got into the car, the two assistants followed suit and handed over a few thick documents in foreign languages.

Pei Huai took it and dialed another number.

When the call connected, Chef Qin’s slightly puzzled but respectful voice came from the other end.

“Third…Third Master? Do you have any orders?”

Pei Huai talked to him about his fiancée’s lunch today.

He had seen Su Ji’s photo on the Internet. For Su Ji’s skinny figure, gaining weight did not make her fat. Instead, it only made her look more girly.

He even saved that photo as his screensaver and loved it very much. However, in the video just now, he saw that his fiancée only ate an egg for dessert?

Chef Qin’s voice trembled. He had expected Third Master to call him, but he didn’t expect it to be so soon.

He quickly explained the methods that Aunt Wu had taught him to Third Master.

Pei Huai was reviewing the documents in his hands, listening to his words.

When he heard this, his expression softened a little.

His tone had been cold when he first called, but now it sounded like a holy voice.

“It’s time for a raise.”

Happiness came a little too suddenly!

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