Max-Level Learning Ability: Facing The Cliff And Repenting For 80 Years-Chapter 390 - : Realization Magic Treasure (4)

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Chapter 390: Realization Magic Treasure (4)

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After this, Li Qingshan fell, and the Big Clock would cease to exist as well; it was no longer an independent entity.

But the Big Clock didn’t care at all, or perhaps, what could a three-year-old understand?

If Li Qingshan didn’t assimilate it, perhaps in a few hundred thousand years, it might grow by a year. Realization magic treasures became harder to develop intelligence as time went on.

This was the limitation of the world because their essence was the Rule power. If they could easily develop sentience, wouldn’t that be revolutionary?

“Li Qingshan, what are you planning to do?” the giant sword asked.

“Merge with the Big Clock and step halfway into the realm of Emperors,” Li Qingshan said softly.

“Never mind whether the Big Clock is an independent entity or not. But with this merge, if you’re not careful, the Rule power contained within the Big Clock could tear you apart.”

“Most importantly, by merging with the Big Clock, what about the sentience that took hundreds of thousands of years to develop?” the giant sword asked seriously, making Li Qingshan think twice.

After pondering for a moment, Li Qingshan said, “The sentience within the Big Clock will still be preserved and continue to exist within my Great Path of Time. On the contrary, freed from the constraints of a realization magic treasure, it can obtain all the Rule powers I comprehend, allowing it to grow more smoothly, giving birth to true wisdom, rather than its current state, akin to that of a baby’s emotions.”

“Do you really want to merge with the Big Clock?” the giant sword still worriedly asked.

“Of course, the Big Clock has agreed, and I’m not annihilating it. Now the Big Clock exists within my core, and in the future, it will exist within my will, within my blood, within my flesh. As long as I thrive, it will too,” Li Qingshan affirmed.

The more he spoke, the firmer his conviction became.

By merging with the Big Clock, he would gain a complete set of Rule powers related to time, which would greatly aid him in breaking through Immortal King and entering Emperor. All his plans could be accelerated.

Seeing this, the giant sword stopped persuading. Since the Big Clock had agreed and there was nothing it could say anymore.

It only hoped that Li Qingshan and the Big Clock would both be fine without any problems.

The energy within Li Qingshan surged wildly, driving the Origin Energy Assimilation Grand Technique.

Bit by bit, it fell onto the Big Clock.

The Big Clock slowly melted away, disappearing from Li Qingshan’s core in front of the giant sword’s eyes and entering every inch of Li Qingshan’s body, becoming a part of him.

Li Qingshan closed his eyes, standing before the sea of clouds, his aura rising and falling like the surging clouds, awe-inspiring.

The origin of time.

The prohibition of time.

The reversal of time.

The interruption of time.

Various paths of time rushed into Li Qingshan’s mind, colliding and bursting into countless sparks, burning everything around, and igniting the fire of civilization.

A spark can start a prairie fire.

In the next instant, this flame burned fiercely, consuming all of Li Qingshan’s Great Paths of Time in his sea of consciousness.

This flame was even hotter than magma.

A brand-new Rule power slowly emerged.

An exclusive Rule power for Emperors.

The essence of the Big Clock.

Plus Li Qingshan’s Great Path power.

Combined together, they gave birth to a complete Rule power.

This Rule power was called… the origin of the world.

Li Qingshan reached out and grasped the origin of time. He could feel that as long as he wanted, in the next instant, he could break through Immortal King and become an Emperor.

The prerequisite was to withstand the full-force blow of the divine spirit of the Central Jade Emperor.

Of course, Li Qingshan had the Gate of Fate and could completely withstand it.

But he didn’t do it.

“I’ve mastered a complete Time Rule, but what about space?”

“I need to break through to Emperor by mastering both Time and Space to suppress the world.”

“Now I only have the Time Rule, I don’t want to break through yet.”

Li Qingshan’s inner thoughts were simple. He wanted to elevate the Great Path of Space to a Rule, to master a Space Rule before he was willing to break through to the Emperor.

“I originally estimated that it would take at least a year to comprehend both Rules, but now, the Time Rule has been understood, leaving only one Space. It won’t take half a year, just three months, and I can certainly comprehend the Space Rule on my own and break through to Emperor.”

“I just don’t know if the descendants of the Celestial Court’s Emperor Clan can hold out for three months?”

Li Qingshan frowned and thought.

“Father, do you want to comprehend Space?” At this moment, a crisp voice sounded in Li Qingshan’s mind.

Li Qingshan was startled and said, “You are… the Big Clock?”

“Yes, after merging with Father’s body, I quickly grew after breaking free from the constraints of the realization magic treasure, and now I’m eight years old,” The Big Clock exclaimed excitedly. It had never reached beyond four or five years in its lifetime, but after abandoning the realization magic treasure, it was like breaking free from a cage and gaining great freedom, instantly growing up.

“Good, very good, but why do you call me Father?” Li Qingshan asked with a smile. Was he considered a dad now?

“Father gave me life and saved me from the cage. Now that I have Father’s blood flowing in my veins, I naturally have to call him Father,” The big clock said matter-of-factly.

After all, the Big Clock and he were now one.

The Big Clock had gained sentience and wisdom, naturally making it his son.

“What did you mean when you asked if I wanted to comprehend Space?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“I know how to comprehend the Space Rule,” the Big Clock said with a grin.

“You were born from the Time Rule. How would you know about comprehending Space?” Li Qingshan asked, puzzled.

“Time and Space are inseparable. I know that there’s another realization magic treasure somewhere else, just like the previous me, ignorant and naive. As long as Father goes there, I can convince it to merge with Father’s body, and then we’ll have the Great Path of Space,” the Big Clock explained carefully to Li Qingshan.

“You actually know another realization magic treasure?” Li Qingshan raised an eyebrow, surprised.

“Realization magic treasures have a sense of connection even if they haven’t met. Time and Space are like twin brothers, so naturally, I pay attention to it,” the Big Clock replied.

“Where is this Space realization magic treasure then?” Li Qingshan asked, hands behind his back, curious.

“It’s over there, in the distant sky, where there are nine layers of worlds. I saw it; that Space realization magic treasure has been lonely for many years, undiscovered by anyone,” the Big Clock pointed out in Li Qingshan’s sea of consciousness.

Li Qingshan raised an eyebrow. Distant sky, nine layers of worlds?

Wasn’t that the Celestial Court?

He hadn’t expected that there would be a Space realization magic treasure in the Celestial Court.

“It seems I have a mystery with the Celestial Court,” Li Qingshan said calmly, taking a step forward. The space split silently, and he once again appeared near the Celestial Court.