Medical Master-Chapter 1900 - It’s all snakes!

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Chapter 1900 It’s all snakes!

“What kind of energy is this?”

Fang Qiu was shocked.

This kind of energy was too strong, if it was used on people, wouldn’t they be able to live forever?

“Crackle ……”

The black snakes that shot violently in all directions were like rain, crazily crashing into the golden-colored energy shield around Fang Qiu.


Because the impact force was really weak, it couldn’t cause any damage to which golden energy shield at all.

After all, although these black snakes were special, they didn’t have too powerful of an attack.


Under the protection of the golden inner qi condensed into an energy shield, Fang Qiu was in no danger.

In this case.

Fang Qiu began to observe carefully.

What exactly was this mysterious energy in Black Snake’s body, and why could it possess such a powerful recovery power?

With a heart full of doubt.

Fang Qiu immediately urged his divine sense to observe.

Choosing a black snake at random, Fang Qiu utilized his Divine Sense to carefully probe the energy covering the black snake’s body, and it turned out that it was a kind of nothingness-like, very cold and icy energy.

The scales on the black snake’s body adsorbed these energies very skillfully, but because of the adsorption of this mysterious energy, the black snake’s body was very cold, just like ice cubes, it could no longer be described as a cold-blooded animal, it was completely bone-crushing cold.

“Even cold-blooded animals are like this, this energy would be poison if it were adsorbed on a normal animal’s body!”

Fang Qiu was secretly shocked.

What can be imagined is that this kind of energy, whether it is adsorbed on the body of an ordinary animal or a human being, will inevitably cause very great damage and burden to the flesh and blood of a normal human being, and in the case of being wrapped up in this kind of energy, absolutely no human being or ordinary animal will be able to survive.

“The ability users of the Ancient Egyptian Kingdom should have discovered the energy in these black snakes a long time ago.”

Fang Qiu raised his head and glanced towards the top, murmuring in his heart, “It looks like they can’t do anything with this kind of energy either, they can’t utilize it at all.”


This underground graveyard was originally the territory of the ancient Egyptians, and they knew best what was in it.

Since they were unable to utilize this mysterious energy during their long inheritance, which meant that this energy could not be utilized.

Fang Qiu sighed lightly and shook his head.

If this kind of mysterious energy could really be used on a person’s body, the people of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization would have already made use of it, and even if it was that possible, they would definitely not easily allow themselves to enter such a hidden place and see the existence of this kind of energy.

“Unfortunately ……”

Fang Qiu shook his head.

A right hand.


Another cracking sound spread out.

A sword qi came out of his hand, instantly chopping down all of those black snakes that rushed in front of him that looked like raindrops.


Fang Qiu continued to take steps towards the bottom.


Just after taking a step, the dense black snakes below formed a second wave of attack, frantically pouncing and biting over.

Just by the impact of these black snakes, Fang Qiu’s energy shield really can’t create any great impact, but when this second wave of black snakes impacted, the first wave of black snakes that were chopped down by Fang Qiu, had completely recovered, and once again flew towards Fang Qiu fiercely to lunge at this and bite.

“Bang Bang Bang ……”

Crazy, violent crashing sounds came from all directions.

Although the impact of these black snakes on the golden energy shield was not large, because the number was simply too much, in the constant collision, Fang Qiu could also clearly feel that the golden energy shield around his body was being rapidly consumed.

“No, at this rate, ants can eat elephants!”


Fang Qiu waved his right hand, and an energy force Qi came out of his hand, clearing out an empty space in front of him, then looked down.

This look.

Hurtingly, he realized that below the originally pitch-black area, there were actually densely packed reddish-yellow points of light that looked as if they were stars.

This point of light that spread out to dozens of meters away.

That is to say, within tens of meters below, there was this dense presence of black snakes.

And if Fang Qiu wanted to go down to look for the Pharaoh’s Scepter, he had to go through this area where the black snake was located.

After only two steps, the impact of these black snakes had already caused the golden energy shield to begin to tremble slightly, and if he continued to walk like this, once he provoked the attacks of all the black snakes, the golden energy shield would most likely not be able to withstand it.


Even if he went down this time, he would have to pass through this place on his way back, and by then, if he did it again, Fang Qiu’s internal qi would inevitably be depleted a lot.

“Kill!” (f)reewe(b)novel


Fang Qiu decided to decapitate these black snakes.

However, because of the adsorption of the mysterious energy, these black snakes could hardly be chopped off, and even if they were chopped into two halves, they would reconnect under the mutual traction of that mysterious energy and heal quickly.

So, what’s it going to take to decapitate these black snakes?

Fang Qiu carefully began to think about it.

“The mystical energy keeps the black snakes from getting hurt, which means these black bodies are invincible.”


Fang Qiu inclined his head towards the dark underground below.

“The energy adsorbed on these black snakes is very yin and cold, the fiery energy should be able to restrain them, it is logical that there should be magma deep underground, if we throw all these black snakes down ……”

Just as he thought of this, Fang Qiu immediately shook his head in the negative.

Not to mention the fact that it was unknown whether there was any magma down there or not, at least not seen so far, let’s just say that these black snakes weren’t ordinary cold-blooded animals at all, and that they were able to attach themselves to such a smooth rock wall, and even if they were to be thrown down there, they would surely be able to find an opportunity to attach themselves to the rock wall below.

Wouldn’t that be a useless endeavor?

“If the body can’t kill, then kill-the spirit!”

In Fang Qiu’s mind, such a thought suddenly popped up.

Animals, like humans, had internal organs and nervous systems combined in addition to their bodies, so with the ability to quickly recover from being chopped in half, trying to use pure attacks to decapitate a black snake was nearly impossible.

The only kind of method is to directly destroy the spirit of the Black Snake.

In a nutshell.

It’s the direct destruction of Blacksnake’s nervous system.

As long as the nervous system was destroyed, then these black snakes would be unable to move even if they had invincible bodies, turning into a dry corpse that couldn’t die!


Fang Qiu directly urged his divine sense.

Then, began to carefully recall which strike had shattered the huge yellow sand cobra controlled by Aziz yesterday.



The divine sense erupted violently and blasted out in all directions.

Undoubtedly, this was purely using divine sense to smash these snakes to death, with absolutely no technicality to speak of.

The impact of divine consciousness.

It works directly on the nervous system of these black snakes.

The moment they were impacted, the nervous systems of these black snakes were all destroyed in an instant.

Next moment.

All those black snakes that were frantically impacting towards Fang Qiu, their bodies that were flying in mid-air, suddenly shook in unison, and then began to fall down powerlessly, just like rain, crackling down towards the darkness below.


Fang Qiu’s heart fluttered and he immediately took a step downward.

Every time he descended five flights of steps, a very large wave of black snakes would pounce on him.

Fang Qiu released a Divine Sense Impact every five levels.

A few minutes later.

Fang Qiu had then walked out of the area where the black snakes were dense.

Although there were still these many black snakes on the stairs that continued downward, the nervous systems of these black snakes had all been destroyed, completely turning them into plant snakes and no longer posing any threat.

“Can’t see the bottom yet?”

Passing through the dense area of black snakes, Fang Qiu once again looked downward.

Only to find that it was still pitch black down there and nothing could be seen.


This underground purpose goes deeper still.


Fang Qiu suddenly realized that there was a circular platform on the stairs in front of him.

Taking a step onto the platform, Fang Qiu turned his eyes around and was wondering about the reason for the existence of this platform when he suddenly saw two pairs of crimson eyes appear in front of him.

These two pairs of crimson eyes were close together. novelbuddy.c(o)m

“Hiss ……”

The familiar voice that he had heard before once again reached Fang Qiu’s ears.


When he saw these two pairs of crimson eyes, Fang Qiu violently stepped back.

Fix your eyes.

It was a pick of two-headed cobras the thickness of an arm.

At this moment, the two-headed cobra was staring at Fang Qiu in death.

In looking at the place where this two-headed cobra was located, it was clearly a snake’s nest, right at the place where this one circular platform was connected to the rock wall, where a hole about one meter wide and high had been hollowed out of the rock wall, in which the two-headed cobra resided.

It was not known if it was the large number of black snake corpses falling from above and smashing on the platform that made the two-headed cobra feel the crisis.

When it saw Fang Qiu, it didn’t attack directly, it just kept staring at Fang Qiu dead on, gulping its apricot without moving.

“This place, why is it full of snakes?”

Fang Qiu bristled.

Luckily he wasn’t afraid of snakes, if someone who was afraid of snakes came down, he would have been scared to death.


Fang Qiu slowly stepped away.

Continuing down the path while trying not to anger this two-headed cobra.


Just as Fang Qiu had just taken a step and was ready to go down.


With a swish sound, the two-headed cobra rushed out of the nest directly at an extremely fast speed, both snake heads opened their mouths wide at the same time, and incomparably ferociously lunged and bit up towards Fang Qiu.

Seeing the situation.

Fang Qiu immediately dodged.


Seeing Fang Qiu dodge, this two-headed cobra seemed to think that Fang Qiu was afraid of it, and immediately lunged and bit again.


A right hand.

A piquant internal qi erupted out, instantly throwing the two-headed cobra to the side.

Instantly thrown out, the two-headed cobra immediately curled up and viciously hissed at Fang Qiu, ready to pounce and bite up again.

Fang Qiu’s heart snapped.

Another bolt of energy came out of his hand, once again sending the two-headed cobra flying hard.

This one.

The two-headed cobra suddenly turned around, losing its previous ferocity. It swiftly attached itself to the smooth rock wall and slithered upwards, appearing as though it was afraid.

Fang Qiu took a look.

Since someone had specially made this nest for it, it was very likely that this two-headed cobra was the pet of a certain Egyptian ability person, so Fang Qiu was not in a good position to directly beat it to death.

After all, it had all but escaped.

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