MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist-Chapter 631 The Talk of All Media

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Chapter 631  The Talk of All Media         

The virtual forums erupted with a frenzy of activity as players from all corners of the gaming world shared tales of the astonishing events that had unfolded at World Conqueror's HQ.

The discussion threads grew rapidly, each post adding a new layer to the story and speculation about Ren and the guild itself.

User123: Did you guys see what happened at World Conqueror's HQ?! Those players never stood a chance against their leader!

MageMaster27: Seriously, did you see how he took down that whole group like it was child's play? Insane!

SwordSlayer: I heard he wiped them out with a single spell! Who is this guy?

RogueRider: I don't know, but I'm staying far away from that guild — no way am I messing with them. If you want to save your items, best heed the warning.

TheArchivist: I managed to capture a snippet of the battle. Check out this video . . .

TheArchivist's post was quickly flooded with comments as players eagerly clicked on the video link.

The footage showed a chaotic scene, players charging forward with weapons drawn, only to be effortlessly dispatched by Ren who seemed like a World Boss in stat.

Player A: That's got to be a high-level mage! Look at those spells!

Player B: Did you see how he controlled the wind? What kind of spell is it?

PlayerC: And what's up with that robe? It must be some rare artifact if he couldn't be damaged even by a giant axe.

DarkWitch: I heard a rumor that he's really the Ren with the cloak, the one who completed the Fey Realm World Quest.

LegendaryHero: I wonder if the other player still wanted to take the bounty on his head. Best of luck to them. LOL

As the video circulated, speculation ran rampant. Theories about Ren's origins, his motives, and his incredible power spread like wildfire.

CrimsonKnight: If he's that powerful, why doesn't he join one of the top guilds?

MysticSorcerer: Maybe he's a solo player. Some people prefer going it alone.

EpicAdventurer: Or maybe he's got something against the top guilds. A lone wolf was taking on the establishment!

TheFACTfuy: Duh! It's because he's got his own mercenary group to think about.

In the midst of the chaos, a thread emerged titled "Ren's Warning: Storming Our HQ Has Consequences."

The post contained a message purportedly from Ren himself, cautioning players against attempting to infiltrate World Conqueror's headquarters.

"I suggest you think twice before coming after us. You've seen what happens to those who challenge us. Consider this your only warning."

The post garnered immediate attention, and players debated its authenticity.

ValiantSword: Is this for real? Did Ren really post this?

ShadowRogue: If he did, it's a smart move. Nobody's going to mess with them now.

MysteriousMage: I heard that HQ couldn't be penetrated. Apparently, there's a ghost protecting their hideout. What's more, Ren is such an OP player. Do you think the guild after him would back out now?

IWantWAR!" No way! If ever, those top guilds would become desperate. If they give up now, that was like admitting defeat, and there's no way their pride would let that. They'd rather die than admit they lost to a solo player!

Amid the fervent discussion, the video continued to spread, gaining views and reactions. It was a powerful deterrent, a reminder of the consequences that awaited those who dared to challenge World Conqueror's might.

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Despite the warnings, players couldn't help but share their awe and admiration for Ren, whose actions had shaken the gaming world to its core.

Amidst the simmering frustration of those players who harbored a vendetta against Ren, the atmosphere of uncertainty was palpable.

The high bounty placed on Ren's head had drawn countless aspiring adversaries, but the widely circulated video depicting his staggering power had given even the most determined second thoughts.

The video displayed the undeniable evidence of those who had challenged Ren, only to be soundly defeated without leaving a scratch on his impervious form. Their once-exalted names now bore a mark of defeat.

As the top guilds seethed with wounded pride, a decision was made, a tacit understanding to regain their honor and assert their dominance. They must confront Ren directly.

Scar took the initiative to convene a clandestine meeting among the leaders of the elite guilds.

In a grand chamber reserved for the highest levels of strategy and decision-making, leaders of different guilds gathered around a massive table. Their faces were etched with a tinge of apprehension, fully aware of the monumental task that lay before them.

Eric and Erica, representing the White Unicorn guild, sat side by side.

Cang Lu and Angelica from Sleeping Dragon.

Dmitri, from Fate Alliance, sat with an air of calculated calmness, his mind undoubtedly churning with unspoken troubles.

Xian, the leader of Guns and Knives, together with Isolde.

Sylvia of Rising Phoenix kept her posture erect, her resolve evident in every line of her stance.

At the head of the table were Scar and Joker from Black Lion, exuding an aura of authority and power that held the room in a taut silence.

There were other representatives as well from different guilds, but they were the most popular and known.

Each leader understood the significance of this meeting –– it was a pivotal moment that could reshape the hierarchy of the virtual world.

The discussions that would unfold within these walls would set the stage for a confrontation that would test their collective strength and resilience against a force that had seemingly defied all odds.

As the room filled with whispered discussions and tense exchanges, the leaders prepared to embark on a journey that would determine the fate of their guilds, their pride, and the very fabric of the virtual realm itself.

"Why have we been summoned to this meeting?" Sylvia's tone carried a tinge of impatience. She hadn't been enthusiastic about attending this gathering, but her father's insistence had prevailed.

The shadow of major corporations meddling in the game loomed over her thoughts, a prospect that didn't sit well with Sylvia. The very idea of such interference grated against her principles.

"I assume your fathers have apprised you of the situation," Scar began, addressing the room's occupants.

Cang Lu gave a nod of acknowledgment. "Yes, it concerns Ren and World Conqueror. The major corporations from across the globe have banded together with a single aim: to crush both Ren and his group."

Though the revelation wasn't entirely unexpected, Sylvia felt a rising sense of unease. The notion that such powerful entities would collaborate to target a single individual or group was Knives will not participate in this endeavor."

A retort formed on Xian's lips, but Isolde's stern demeanor silenced alarming.

Isolde's immediate response cut through the tension. "Guns and Knives will not participate in this endeavor."

A retort formed on Xian's lips, but Isolde's stern demeanor silenced him. She continued, unwavering, "I've spoken to my father about this, and he's in agreement."

Xian's objections were effectively curtailed by Isolde's resolve.

"Rising Phoenix, too, will abstain from partaking in this unjust action," Sylvia declared firmly. "We will not endorse such a campaign without sufficient evidence linking the cloaked Ren to the leader of World Conqueror. Are we to abandon our integrity as esteemed guilds and recklessly eliminate a player and his group just because he defeated us in a fair battle?"

Eric and Erica exchanged a worried look, both grappling with their own internal dilemmas. They shared Sylvia's sentiments, but their parents' pressure weighed heavily on them.

The room seemed to hang in a palpable pause as Sylvia's words resonated. The leaders, heirs to their guilds' legacies, each felt the weight of their decisions.

While external pressures pushed them toward cooperation, the strength of their individual convictions now took center stage.

In the face of mounting adversity, their choices would shape not only the course of the game but also their guilds' very identities.