Monster Integration (Web Novel)-Chapter 3434 Challenge

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Chapter 3434 Challenge

I paid and scanned the badge before entering a small room.

In the center of the room is a round pool filled with dense green solution with black and green woody cubes floating in it.

This place is generous with many things; I hope it has been more generous with the information on the treatment. Especially its ingredients.

I have to find out about everything, including how it had been crafted.

At least, they didn't use a complex recipe, some of which had already been figured out by me. Thanks to my amazing clone.

I think they are doing it intentionally. If they wanted to hide, they would have done it rather easily. It is a sort of challenge.

Figure it out, if you can.

I looked at the round pool for a few seconds before stepping inside.


The moment I lay down, the woody block buzzed and melted into the runes and started to cover me.

A few seconds later, they covered me fully and began to release energies that were making me comfortable all over my body.

It feels amazing, unlike boiling in the water, that I was feeling like that free treatment a few minutes ago.

The treatment is extremely comfortable, but also amazingly useful. I could see the changes it was bringing in my body with the meta-scan in my core.

Unfortunately, it is all going to end soon.

The treatments, the lectures, the realm everything.

This is the twenty-seventh day, the sermon palace opened and for three days, I will be out. Two and half days to be exact, seeing it is evening.

Tomorrow is the last day of lectures and treatments. The day after that will be for selection and another thing, including the actions.

Many people are excited about it.

The people from the Yggdrasil realm and a few other realms will make the selection.

A select few will be chosen.

Sometimes, I wish I didn't have a forbidden power. I wouldn't have been here without it, but it is not without a cost. If realms accepted me, including the most powerful Yggdrasil, which usually does not; I will have to reject their offer.

I could not trust the most powerful realm in the universe, which had the greatest reputation.

The realm might not have bad intentions toward my power, but some of their members might have with my current strength.

Making me disappear is not a big thing, even for an Earth Sovereign, and we are talking about a place where Prime's aren't that special.

I will not be focusing on the selection on the last day and instead will focus on the auction and my store. Where the traffic has begun to pick up again, after a month of slowdown.

In the auction, the bubbling tar cloud soul is still number one, but nothing could be said about it remaining in the top spot on the final list.

The final list will appear when the submission stops, which will be at midnight tomorrow.

I am quite happy with the current list; one thing I had wanted had appeared on the list. It is in third place; the thing in the second place is something I do not need and won't be bidding for.

There are things I have already decided to bid on, but it will be hard for me to get them unless I am willing to use the soil.

I won't; I know how precious the soil is and I won't be using it to buy anything, that is lower level than it.

An hour passed and the effect of the treatment still hadn't lessened; it would be a few minutes.

This treatment will last for half an hour more; I wish it had lasted more. It would have given my clones more chance.

I closed my eyes and went to enjoy the rest of the treatment.

Unknowingly, I fell a sleep, only to be woken up by my clone. I opened my sleepy eyes and got out of the pool.

The formation cleaned me without leaving even a single trace. The formation here is so strong that many times, I tried to take a small sample, but failed every time.

It is hard; they have made sure that no one could even take a single speck without their permission.

If it had been a dead realm, I would have tried, but there are freaking primes here. I would be an utter idiot if I tried to use the forbidden power openly.

I wore my clothes and walked out.

There is a free lecture, I have to attend in fifteen minutes and then, a paid one. I had already booked it; it is about healing and would be my last lecture.

I have less than one thousand points; a thousand points is the minimum for a lecture.

I am quite surprised that I can stretch the point for so long. I thought they would be finished in two weeks, but expert planning and control over myself have saved me.

Still, I have a few hundred points which I plan to spend on things.

Till now, I have controlled myself, but now, I can finally buy things and it is the best time.

With only one and a half days, many people are getting desperate for points. It is their last chance to take the guidance from the prime and would be selling things more cheaply than before.

I opened the tab and as I had expected; there were a large number of things with much reduced prices.

My clones looked at all of the things, before making the list of things I should buy the points I have.

I looked at the list and started buying things and in less than a minute; all eight hundred and fifty-seven points I have turned to zero.

It feels a little sad to see my points turning to zero, but I have no regrets about spending them. I have got the best deals for the points.

Not only these but thousands I had spent; all of them had been spent wisely.