Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss-Chapter 737 We Welcome You

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Chapter 737: 737 We Welcome You

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After Zhang Guo went out, the more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He spent half a day to invite Tan Roue over, but in the end, she was angered by these little brats in a few minutes. He didn’t know how to face Tan Rou in the future.

The elevator didn’t come down. Zhang Guo, who was annoyed, was about to take the stairs, but he heard a familiar voice at the stairwell.

“Tan Rou, why are you here?” Zhang Guo walked in and asked.

Jiang Min quickly stood in front of Tan Rou and used her short body to protect her. “Sir, Junior Tan Rou has already joined our research team. You can’t make her leave.”

Zhang Guo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He said, “Jiang Min, I know you cherish talents, but have you asked for her consent?”

Tan Rou replied, “Sir, I really like the atmosphere here, so I’ve decided to join this research team. As for Senior Hu Cheng, please help me tell him that they’re all too amazing. A freshman like me is not worthy of working with them.”

Zhang Guo could hear the hidden meaning in her words. “They are blind. They will regret it in the future but do you want to reconsider?” he asked Tan Rou.

“If you stay here, perhaps…”

Zhang Guo hesitated.

Jiang Min said, “Principal, you don’t have to be prejudiced against us. Although our results are relatively small, our results are very useful. Moreover, look at the resources that the school has given us. They’re all the worst. How are we supposed to do scientific research?”

Zhang Guo felt a little guilty. There were too many research groups in the university. There were more than ten research groups in the Physics Department alone, and each group was doing something different. The school’s funds were limited, so they could only focus on projects that could bring big profits.

“Let’s do it here. I think this place suits me quite well. Moreover, I have a lot of fate with my seniors. I believe we will get along very well.” Tan Rou said.

In fact, Zhang Guo really didn’t want Tan Rou to join Jiang Min’s team because the people in Jiang Min’s team were very independent and didn’t obey the school’s discipline. Under normal circumstances, the team members only listened to Jiang Min’s arrangements and sometimes even went against the school. For example, the school didn’t allow the recruitment of members below graduate students, but Jiang Min insisted on making an exception and recruiting undergraduate students.

Tan Rou observed Principal Zhang’s expression. She could tell that Principal Zhang didn’t want her to stay here, but she had already decided to stay here, so she wouldn’t change her mind.

“Are you really not going to consider it anymore?” Zhang Guo still wanted to fight for it.

“I’ve already promised Senior Jiang to stay in their team. I won’t go back on my word.” Tan Rou shook her head.

Zhang Guo had no choice but to agree. “Alright, I hope you can do your experiment well.”

After the principal left, Shang Jin, who had been silent all this while, asked, “Junior Tan Rou, were you with Hu Cheng’s team before?”

Tan Rou didn’t understand what Shang Jin meant. She thought that Shang Jin didn’t like it when his companions had been in other teams. “I just came here this afternoon. I stayed with Senior Hu’s team for about ten minutes. They took out a bunch of data for me to calculate and asked me to finish it within 20 minutes. However, when I was calculating, there was a senior that came and stop me.”

“Her name is Xue Lin, right?” Shang Jin said contemptuously, “She has always been like that. I was in that team for a few days too. As soon as I joined the team, she gave me a bunch of data to calculate. Before I finished calculating, she started to pick on me. If you stay there for a few days, you’ll have endless chores to do every day, and they’ll be the kind that won’t get you anything.”

“Is that their assessment for the new students?” Tan Rou asked.

“Silly, what kind of test is that?” Shang Jin sneered.

“It’s just that they don’t want rookies to share their research results. You know, the things they make are valuable. As long as someone buys them, they will make a lot of money. Originally, ten people would get a few million. One more person means less money. They’re not willing.”

Tan Rou finally understood why that team was so hostile towards her. It was because of money. However, kicking a rookie out of the team for a mere few million yuan was the best they could do.

Shang Jin added, “1 left the team and found a new path. Otherwise, I don’t know how long 1 would have been ordered around by them..”