MTL - After Being an Improper Control Group as an Abandoned Wealthy Wife, She Effortlessly Came Out on Top


Authors : Cold-faced

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance

Chapters: 483

Last update: 11 hours ago

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Meng Chuyuan was recognized as an abandoned wife in wealthy circles. Her husband was away from home all year round, and her brother-in-law and mother-in-law were each more bad-tempered than the last.Others laughed at her for living a disgraceful life, but only Meng Chuyuan knew how comfortable and comfortable she lived.There is endless money to spend, and there is no need to have children.Just one day, her brother-in-law, who was a black and red man, took her to a pastoral sex club.Before the variety show started airing, the Meng Chuyuan group as the control group held the first place on the black list due to their unfortunate marriage and cold relationship between uncle and sister-in-law!After the variety show started airing, Meng Chuyuan's appearance directly overshadowed the popular searches!Netizens began to focus on the painting style.Abandoned wife of a wealthy family? I want to buy this forty carat diamond ring!Uncle and sister-in-law are at odds? Help, the two of them have a perfect tacit understanding, they are almost like siblings!A dispute between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? Mother-in-law Meng Chuyuan's starry eyes on Family Day are almost becoming her old crush!Unhappily married? Her man's possessiveness is almost overflowing the screen. This is a fake CP of me eating durian skin live!Keywords of the novel: Abandoned Wife of a Rich Family After Not Being Used as a Control Group, She Wins No Pop-up, Abandoned Wife of a Rich Family, She Wins After Not Being Used as a Control Group, Download the Full Collection of Abandoned Wife of a Rich Family, Read the Latest Chapter of Abandoned Wife of a Rich Family, After Not Being Used as a Control Group, She Wins - Description from novelbuddy