MTL - General, Madam Called You To Farm-Chapter 852 Teacher almost shot

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  Chapter 852 Master almost made a move

  The sound of the piano is indescribably beautiful, just like the sound of nature.

   Even though Ghost Shadow Guard is not proficient in rhythm and doesn't have much interest, he couldn't help but listen to it a few more times.

  He remembered his mission after all, and had no intention of stopping.

  However, for some reason, his steps slowed down mysteriously.

  The little tiger who was caught in his arms said fiercely: "Big villain! You let me go quickly! Otherwise, I will make you look good!"

  Ghost Shadow Guard looked at the little guy in his arms who was as fierce as a bear cub, as if he didn't take his threat seriously.

  Little tiger is also a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers, so he uses his small teeth to bite him.

  Ghost Shadow Guard would not let him bite him again, turned him around, grabbed the clothes on his back and lifted him up.

  Little Tiger gnawed nothing, and his little arms and legs fluttered.

  The sound of the piano continues.

  From the melodious and melodious at the beginning, it gradually became high-pitched, and there was a hint of chilling.

  Ghost Shadow Guard froze in place.

  The murderous aura in the sound of the zither made his heart tremble slightly, and his heart trembled slightly. After a while, fear and retreat appeared.

   Just when a figure suddenly attacked from behind him, he suddenly came back to his senses, watching the shadow on the ground stomp his feet, and jumped up to avoid the blow.

  He spun and landed on one side of the roof.

  The sound of this piano is weird!

  He was almost bewitched just now!

  He looked at the little dumpling in his hand again.

  Xiaohu hadn't moved for a long time, and let him carry it around obediently, without saying a word.

   This little guy made such a fuss all the way, when the piano sounded, he suddenly stopped moving.

   Whenever he moves, he can be awakened in advance...

  Xiaohu closed his eyes and played dead.

  Ghost Shadow Guard didn't have time to study a child, and the person who attacked him just now didn't know where to hide.

  The sound of the piano continued, covering up the surrounding movement and disturbing the mind of Ghost Shadow Guard.

  He felt that his inner breath was running wildly, and his tendons were also reversed uncontrollably.

  What kind of piano sound is this?

  Why does it sound like it makes people want to go berserk?

  His heart was pounding, almost jumping out of his chest, and his brain was buzzing, as if a sharp knife had been inserted into it, constantly stirring his brain.

  He shook his head, trying to regain consciousness.

   Can't go on like this anymore, he wants to find out the person who plays the piano!

  He looked towards the house in the east, jumped up, and came to the damp alley next door.

  There is a carriage parked there, and the sound of the piano is coming from the carriage.

  Ghost Shadow Guard looked at the carriage coldly: "If you dare to play again, I will kill this child!"

  The sound of the piano stopped abruptly.

  But Ghost Shadow Guard did not relax his vigilance. He stared straight at the carriage, ready to strike at any time: "Who are you?"

  The other party did not respond.

   "Come out!" Ghost Shadow Guard said again, "Otherwise I will kill this child!"

   If the same thing works the first time, it won't work so well the second time.

  No one is a fool.

   You really killed a hostage, how do you go back to do business?

   "I'll count to three, if you don't come out, I'll break his arm!"

  Ghost Shadow Guard said, walking towards the carriage step by step, keeping Xiaotuanzi in front of him vigilantly as he walked.

   Seeing that the time was ripe, he knocked down the car curtain with one palm!

  However, to his surprise, the carriage was empty and there was no one there!

  Ghost Shadow Guard's heart rang out, and he drew his sword and turned around.

It's now!

  A pear blossom dart flew from the side, and the strange arc made the pear blossom dart cut towards the ghost shadow guard's neck like a sickle.

  Ghost Shadow Guards could have been avoided, after all, they were strong men who could rival the top puppets of the Holy Maiden Hall.

   However, the disturbance caused by the sound of the piano did not disappear completely, and his reaction was a step slower.

  His body shook, and his whole body was nailed in place.

   Hot blood flowed down his neck.

  A hidden guard flashed over and caught Xiaohu in time before it hit the ground.

  The dark guard carried Xiaohu and left the alley.

  Ling Yun walked slowly from an abandoned courtyard, condescendingly looking down at the Ghost Shadow Guard lying in a pool of blood.

  He couldn't believe it until he died, that he was so easily defeated by a luthier.

  He is not reconciled!

  Not reconciled...

   "The little villain let him go, if you don't listen, who is to blame?"

  After Ling Yun finished speaking, he turned around with a calm expression, took out a Pear Blossom Dart between his fingers, and shot the Pear Blossom Dart that fell to the ground with his backhand.

   Two pear blossom darts collided and shattered with a bang.

  Ling Yun met his little villain at the dim sum shop across the alley.

  The dark guard bought him a bowl of sweet osmanthus balls, and he was sinking his head into eating them, but he was heartless.

  Ling Yun saw that the little villain was not frightened much, so he hummed lightly: "I just know how to eat."


   The Cheng family.

  When everyone found out that Xiaohu had been arrested, they were all furious.

  Ghost Horror used all the strength of the King of the Dead, and killed four Ghost Shadow Guards in a row at any cost!

  Yu Chixiu alone is not the opponent of Ghost Shadow Guard, but it is not easy for Ghost Shadow Guard to kill him.

  In addition, Wei Ting had already set up Mongolian medicine and mechanism formations in the yard.

  Yu Chixiu was in charge of leading them into the organ formation, Wei Ting and Wei Liulang attacked from both sides, Mei Ji shot all the hidden weapons and also eliminated the three ghost guards.

  The last one captured Cheng Lian.

  The three brothers resolutely stopped chasing.

  Wei Liulang hurriedly said: "Go save Xiaohu!"

   Wei Ting said: "No need, I heard the sound of the piano, Ling Yun made a move."

  Wei Liulang said anxiously: "He doesn't know martial arts!"

   Wei Ting paused, and said: "His piano sound can be suppressed even by the eldest brother, a ghost guard, it is no problem."

  Wei Liulang was concerned, but he was in chaos. After hearing what his younger brother said, he suddenly remembered that his elder brother went to Ling Yun to fight, and he never won.

   It's all to blame for the two of them quit fighting recently, and I have forgotten Ling Yun's ability.

  Wei Liulang scratched his head: "Xiao Qi, what do you think is the origin of this Nalan Yun?"

   Wei Ting pondered: "It's hard to say, maybe Nalan Yun is just another identity of him."


   After eating and drinking, Xiaohu threw himself into Shihu's arms, smearing Shihu's face with osmanthus-flavored saliva.

  Ling Yun pushed the little villain's face away in disgust: "Come down, walk back by yourself."

  Little Tiger won't come down.

   "You are four years old!" Ling Yun reminded the little villain with a cold face.

   "Three years old!" Xiaohu corrected the teacher milkily, "It is not (yes) to be (four) years old before the birthday!"

  Ling Yun gritted his teeth: "It's only two months away!"

  Xiaohu lay down in Shihu's arms.

  He doesn't care, he is a baby today!

  He won't come down!

  He wants to be hugged by the teacher!

  The dark guard came over: "Xiaohu, let me hug you."

  Xiaohu refused: "I want to be hugged by Shihu!"

  Ling Yun said with a black face: "I won't hug you, I will count to three, and I won't come down and beat you! Three!"

  Xiao Hu lay on Ling Yun's chest with his legs upturned.


  Xiao Hu continued to kick his feet.


  Ling Yunteng stood up, and went back holding the small weight with no expression on his face!

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