MTL - I’m Working As a Renter In An Unfinished Building


Authors : blue sky blue

Status : Completed

Genres : Romance

Chapters: 652

Last update: 4 days ago

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What is 'MTL' at the prefix of novel?

-> MTL Novel is a RAW Novel that is translated by using automatic Machine Translation (MTL), so we can translate the novels faster than human translation.

Xiao Yijing returned to the real world from a narrow escape from the infinite world, and got the reward from the system a group of unfinished buildings!Although the unfinished building is in dilapidated condition and a lot of waste is waiting to be done, Xiao Yijing resolutely chooses to put it in ruins. Whoever likes to get a job will get a job, anyway, I won't get a job!When I have time to grow vegetables, raise chickens, herd cattle, and feed pigs, my small life is very nourishing.Eh? Let me expand the scale of farming? No, it's too troublesome!What? Want to live here? Yes, you can settle the house by yourself.ha? Do you want to help with work? Okay, you can handle it yourself!By the time Xiao Yijing came back to her senses, the people who worked at their own expense had already gone to the sky, and the unfinished building was unknowingly revived!(There is a male protagonist, but there are very few emotional scenes) - Description from novelbuddy