MTL - Lisko’s American Life-Chapter 2139 give pointers

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Various planning cases were placed in front of the two girls, and each planning case was completely opened and placed in front of them. The eyes of the two people shifted from this planning case to another planning case, and they looked at each other. After a long time, I couldn't find an effective way to screen and select. bribe

Before entering this industry, everyone always thought that choosing a suitable project for investment is a very simple matter. Just according to the description of the script, you can easily select the factors that are popular nowadays, and at the same time carry out some corresponding screening, and then Assisting these directors in the construction of the crew, the production of the model and the final release can be easily completed.

But after you really step into this industry, you find that everything is not as simple as you expected. The reason why an industry has a threshold of memory itself is that it can screen out the influx of many unprofessional people. This is true of all things and all industries. It is not difficult for those who meet, but not for those who are difficult. If you do not have the confidence to go deeper, it is still difficult to make some achievements in this industry.

However, even if I currently have no way to select suitable projects, the current situation still cannot be difficult for two smart girls. I may not have much talent in distinguishing these projects, but I can seek help from the outside world, such as Li Sko said that he was drinking tea and reading books not far away. You must know that the other party's vision is quite excellent. Whether it is domestic investment or the establishment of foreign new media groups, it depends on the other party's guidance. able to develop slowly.

Lisko himself thought that his life today is very leisurely, he can enjoy the quiet time, and at the same time, he can also do some things he likes. After returning to China, he found that there are far more books in China than he imagined. The types of books he purchased are all the categories he is more interested in. He has made up his mind that before returning to the United States, he will visit all the books in the entire study room he bought. For a person who likes to read That said, it's a rare treat and a dream.

But he didn't expect that his happy life had just begun. He didn't even finish a cup of tea for a while, and he was entangled by two girls. When he heard the content of the two girls asking for help, he felt a little helpless Looking at a table full of project planning documents, I wanted to refuse this kind of help, but my wife's slightly sharp eyes made me understand that it is not a good idea to rashly offend the other party.

When the half-threat turned half-coquettish, it was very difficult for Lisko to resist this kind of offensive, and as the wife who was most familiar with the other party, Zhang Li was very clear about his husband's weakness, so he would attack him in a few words. Next, let the other party obediently obey his guidance, sit on the sofa honestly and face more than a dozen planning proposals and start to select and tell.

"Okay, okay, I really can't do anything for you, you are not fully prepared, and you start a company right away, which is unimaginable in any industry, so simple, you don't have the ability to tell whether the script is good or not , then how can you guarantee the company's profitability? I see that your company may be unable to make ends meet by the end of the year, and I am not very optimistic about your entrepreneurial process."

It may be because he has disturbed his normal work and rest habits, so when Lisko spoke, he didn't cover up too much. Such straightforward words naturally aroused the unhappy emotions of the two girls. And Lisko also suffered several iron fists from his wife under the armpit. After being beaten, his whole attitude became submissive and honest, and he began to tell the other party the normal criteria for selecting scripts based on his own experience.

"The ability to distinguish scripts is very simple. First of all, you have to see whether the director has the experience of making a film before. A person who already has experience, compared with a person who has no similar experience, must be an experienced person. The process is more stable, although there may be some unborn geniuses, but the chances of this are very rare, and some inexperienced directors may need to be treated with caution, because the other party does not have the ability to control this kind of crew, unless Only when the other party's plan is excellent to a certain extent can they get the possibility of being lenient."

Before Lisko told the other party about these experiences and key points, he briefly browsed through the titles of the large pile of projects in his hand. Because of the memory in his mind, which films actually have the potential to be popular? Or which films can recover the cost, and have a more general understanding.

Under normal circumstances, the filming of these projects is actually completed, and the process of reaching the release may be next year, and next year will be a year full of innovation and change for the entire history of film and television development in Huaguo. More and more excellent videos have also also allows more and more laymen to see the vigorous development and hot ability of this industry for the first time, and the rewards after frequent investment are also Many investors began to envy the profits contained in it, which greatly promoted the development of the entire industry.

For example, our heavenly king Andy Lau contributed his wonderful acting skills in the orphaned film this year. At the same time, this film also made everyone pay attention to the inside story and tragedy of this lost child for the first time. It has also made more and more social attention focus on the dark side of this society full of tragic experiences, and it has really played a role in improving the protection of children's safety.

And our other Heavenly King Zhou God of Gamblers, brought his unspeakable second part of Casino Wind and Cloud back to the eyes of the public again. The experience of participating in this kind of bad film made the fans who were originally full of good feelings change from their original expectations to disappointment and word of mouth went straight down. Although the box office response was very hot, it also greatly consumed the original good feelings. .

With our One Finger Zen lady as the heroine, Fairy Tale, after going through all kinds of ups and downs before the actor changed roles and restarted, the basic production and release process will finally be completed in July next year. The super high box office record has occupied the top position of the annual box office. And the record of 2.4 billion seems to have completely opened up the production process of blockbusters. bribe

The original production cost was 100 million, and after going through various ups and downs, it was expanded to 300 million. Being able to use such a mutual achievement to repay the original production company has also made many investors a lot of money, and made many Investors began to pour into the industry.

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