MTL - My Sweet and Charming Wife-Chapter 1387 The finale, the full text is over

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  Chapter 1387 Finale, the full text is over

  Gu Yuehuan's second child was really easy, she didn't have the troubles of the first child, it was so unbelievably easy, and time passed so quickly, it felt like Su Yiyou was about to give birth not long after giving birth.

  Because of her light stomach, Huo Qingyue kept saying that the child in her stomach must be a daughter, and only a little padded jacket would be so caring.

  Due to her previous pregnancy, she was afraid that she would give birth in a hurry, so she was hospitalized in advance.

   When it was time to give birth, she gave birth, and the speed was very fast, not at all like the first birth, which was painful and life-threatening.

   It took about 10 minutes for this fetus to be born, and it took about 10 minutes for it to be born.

   Li Shuyuan and Zhao Yun Huo Qingyue were waiting outside, thinking that it would be very difficult to have a baby, but they didn't realize it now, and they gave birth immediately, which is incredible.

"Are you sure you're born?" Li Shuyuan went over and asked uncertainly, "Why is it so fast? Doesn't it take a long time? It's only a short time to go in and out, and I haven't heard too many calls." Loud."

The nurse also laughed when she heard this, "It really depends on each person to give birth. Some people are really easy, and her baby is very easy, so don't worry, the mother and daughter are safe. The birth is a baby. Little padded jacket."

Hearing this, the whole family is really happy. This is a little padded jacket, the little padded jacket that Huo Qingyue has always wanted. Hearing this, Huo Qingyue couldn't help but raise the corners of his lips, and smiled very happily. .

  Gu Yuehuan's pregnancy was really easy. She couldn't believe that she had already given birth, but when she realized it, she had indeed given birth, and she was still a daughter.

  Huo Qingyue doesn't need to be envious of other people's homes now, he has one himself, which can be regarded as fulfilling his wish.


Four years later.

   It's New Year's Eve again.

  The difference between this year and the previous years is that this year is particularly lively. This year has passed, and many things have happened. The biggest joy is that the children have grown up.

  The family is too lively, especially during the Spring Festival, the two families are going to spend together, anyway, the family is big enough to spend together, and it is also lively, anyway, the family is close.

  Just live together, eat New Year’s Eve dinner together, then watch the Spring Festival Gala, give out red envelopes, and watch the New Year’s Eve.

It's more than 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I have finished bathing my daughter, bathing my daughter, and dressing my son and daughter. The two children are so beautiful. They say that they have to wear new clothes for the New Year. Shoes and a new bag.

No, it was called early in the morning. After noon, I finished bathing the two children. Now I’m going to wear new clothes and go down. I’m going to ask for red envelopes from my grandparents and grandma. Uncle, aunt, grandpa, grandma, and grandma later. I will come too, and there are red envelopes.

   Lots of red envelopes.

  Zhao Yun was busy with the New Year's Eve dinner downstairs. The two children came over immediately, hugged their thighs and started shouting: "Grandma, Gong Xi Fa Cai, here are the red envelopes."

  Zhao Yun laughed from ear to ear when she heard this, and took out two red envelopes from her pocket to give them.

  The two happily went to find someone else.

  At 6 o'clock in the evening, Li Shuyuan and the others came over, and there were two more children. There are now 4 children in the family, and they were very noisy.

  As soon as they came in, the children immediately went out and shouted: "Happy New Year."

  The taste of the new year is getting stronger and stronger, and the children's mouths are particularly sweet.

  Gu Yuehuan was downstairs, ready to come down, and seeing this happy scene, she was very pleased.

  The past few years have been really smooth and rainy, without any major turmoil. Her career is going well, and the careers of the Jiang family and the Huo family are going smoothly.

  The relationship between Zhaodi and Jiang Dahe became more and more harmonious. Just last year, Zhaodi became pregnant and gave birth to a son. She was under too much pressure, and her mother-in-law kept urging her because of the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. I still wanted to have a son, and finally gave birth to a son, which satisfied my mother-in-law.

  Jiang Dahe and Zhaodi were afraid that their daughter would think they were patriarchal in the future, so they bought another apartment in the past few years, and only wrote their daughter's name.

  Everyone had a good life these years, as did Jiang Lu and Li Hui. Li Hui found his son two years ago, and his son and Jiang Lu's two children have always gotten along well.

   What pleased everyone the most was that Gu Yuehuan reminded them that buying a house if you have money is the best investment, and don’t sell it after buying a house. If you keep it for decades, you will probably be rich.

  Everyone also believes in her, and buys a house when they have money. No, in a few years, the house price has doubled, and everyone has made a lot of money.

  Everyone is getting better and better, and life is getting smoother.

  In fact, recently, Gu Yuehuan sometimes wakes up and looks at the person next to her pillow and wonders, is all this real? Did it really happen? She was really reborn, and she lived everything so well.

  Or it’s all fake, it’s just a dream, and when you wake up, there’s nothing left.

   But so what, if it was really a dream and I haven't woken up yet, it means everything is going on.

  The good life goes on.

  Or, this is real, not a dream.

   But if it is really a dream, Gu Yuehuan hopes that she will never wake up in this life.

   As Gu Yuehuan thought so, the youngest daughter had already come over, grabbed her hand, handed her a chicken leg, and said to give her to eat the chicken leg, Mama eat the chicken leg.

  Gu Yuehuan was very pleased to see her daughter so filial, and went into the dining table with her daughter.

   It's another year, the whole family gathers together happily, and hope that every year in the future can be as happy as it is now.

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