MTL - Rebirth 90s: Sweetheart Cub-Chapter 578 Spoiler: end

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  Chapter 578 Extra: Final Chapter (full text)

  March is warm and the flowers are blooming.

  The prosperous wedding of Yan and Xiao has attracted worldwide attention.

  The entire process of the wedding was broadcast live on the huge outdoor projection screen in the commercial center square of the capital.

  The people who came to the banquet included political and business circles, and many of them were faces that could only be seen on TV.

  In the corner of the square opposite the projection screen, a sloppy young man sat on the edge of the flower table, staring blankly at the live broadcast.

  The camera just turned to a couple of newlyweds taking oaths.

  Men and women in black suits and white wedding dresses stand facing each other, like a pair made in heaven.

  The sweet joy between the two people almost overflowed the screen.

  Beside the newcomer, the old man of the Xiao family smiled from ear to ear, his silver hair was radiant and his face was hale and hearty, he squeezed the camera with the big brother of the Yan family who was almost 70 years old, and he couldn't tell he was an old man in his 80s at all.

   In the corners of the camera, the best man's face is still swaying from time to time. There is Ning Zi, the younger generation of the Ning family, and Wen Jin, the golden man of the Wen family.

   "Why is it different? Why is it all different?"

   "Xiao Zhen deserved to die last year..."

   "Wen Jin is obviously my friend..."

   "It shouldn't be like this, I can't have nothing!"

  The man's eyes were red, his eyes were fixed on the live broadcast screen, and he was muttering something, like he was half crazy.

  In his previous life, he obviously got everything, Xiao Li was his defeat, the entire Xiao family fell into his hands, and Wen Jin became his backer!

   Is it possible to do it all over again, just to let him taste the taste of failure?

  Then why make him do it all over again?

   "That's not the case! Those things are mine! The Xiao family is mine! The scenery is mine! It's all mine! You took my things away!"

  The man shouted suddenly.

   Passers-by retreated when they saw this, "Where is the lunatic! Speech!"

   "Tsk, that's shameless. I recognize him. He seems to be Li Fengyao from the Li family, Prince Xiao's cousin."

   "No wonder the Xiao family draws a clear line from his family. Who dares to touch this kind of person? He said that the Xiao family belongs to him, and he wants to get something for nothing!"

   Passers-by slammed a lunatic into Li Fengyao's ear, arousing his even more frenzied glare, and frightened the pointing people to scatter.


  The phone vibrates in the pocket.

   Li Fengyao hurriedly took out her mobile phone and clicked on the message anxiously.

   Now only Qiao Qiqi will send him messages.

   As long as she develops well in the entertainment industry, she will also be a cash cow in the future!

  【Qiao Qiao: Xiao Li and Song Sining got married today, the matter is a foregone conclusion, you will never get up again in this life, but I still have a bright future. A Yao, I know you really love me, so naturally you will do my best, and you won't be my burden, will you? Let's break up, we don't have to see each other again, President Huang of Jinbao Entertainment said that the artist he signed will be single, I believe you will understand my decision, wish me well, okay? Bye-Bye! 】

   Li Fengyao staggered two steps, the phone slipped from his hand, fell to the ground and broke in half.

   "Hehehe, hehehe..." He smiled miserably.

   Nothing, nothing.

   After a long time, his eyes slowly turned to the street where cars were coming and going.

   Loud bang.

  Screams erupted.

   "Someone crashed a car!"

   "Dead, dead!"

   "Call an ambulance!"

  Amidst the chaos, a thin and rickety woman walked by the pool of blood, only glanced at the person lying in the pool of blood, then coldly withdrew her gaze.

   It will never be like before, rushing forward to call Ayao with great distress.

  A small island overseas, when the wedding is in progress.

  The master of ceremonies stood behind the presiding stage, solemnly read out the oath, and asked the couple's wishes.

  “…Are you willing to become one body with her/him before God, love her/him, respect her/him, protect her/him, and never leave her/him regardless of rich or poor, high or low, good or bad or bad times?”

  The couple stared at each other, smiled at each other, and said in unison, "I am willing."

   Sweetheart Cubs is officially over, thanks to the friends who have never left during this period, see you in the next book!



  (end of this chapter)