MTL - Reborned as an Orphan Girl With a Spatial Pocket!-Chapter 4998 The effect exceeded expectations (4)

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Chapter 4998 The effect exceeds expectations (4)

 It is now the beginning of October, and the Chinese New Year is less than two months away. I always feel that this year’s time has passed very fast, and it will not be long before the New Year is celebrated again.

After Lu Xiaoxiao stood at the door of the bureau for a while, she saw that the sky was getting darker, so she asked someone for the location of the state-owned hotel, and then she walked towards the state-owned hotel.

When she arrived at the state-owned hotel, she smelled a strong spicy smell, which made her sneeze several times in a row.

“Little girl, are you okay?” When Wang Xiuzhen walked into the state-owned hotel, she saw Lu Xiaoxiao sneezing there, so she asked Lu Xiaoxiao.

After hearing Wang Xiuzhen's words, Lu Xiaoxiao did not immediately answer Wang Xiuzhen's words. Instead, she took out a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped her mouth and hands, and then said to Wang Xiuzhen: "It's okay, I just choked on the spicy taste."

 “You are not a local.”


“That’s not surprising. If you are a local, this spiciness will never choke you.”


Wang Xiuzhen saw that she was talking to Lu Xiaoxiao and the other person only replied with the word "hmm", so she knew that Lu Xiaoxiao didn't want to talk to her.

 So she left wisely.

After Wang Xiuzhen left, Lu Xiaoxiao glanced at Wang Xiuzhen’s leaving figure and walked towards the ordering window.

 When she came to the ordering window, she saw that the dishes written on the cutting board were all spicy.

 So she said to the waiter: "I want a piece of fried pork with chili and a piece of rice."

 “One pound of meat, half a pound of food stamps, plus one yuan.”

After Lu Xiaoxiao heard the price quoted by the waiter, she took out the ticket and money from her bag and handed it to the waiter. Then she found an empty seat and sat down.

More than ten minutes later, Lu Xiaoxiao's order was ready, so she went to the ordering window to bring her order back, then picked up her chopsticks, picked up a piece of fried pork with chili pepper, and put it into her mouth.

 In an instant, her mouth was occupied by a strong spicy taste. It was so spicy that she took several bites of the rice.

"This chili is too spicy." Lu Xiaoxiao couldn't help but said after suppressing the spicy taste in her mouth.

 Then she never touched the chili pepper again and ate only the meat because the chili pepper was too hot for her to eat.

After Lu Xiaoxiao finished her dinner half an hour later, she saw that it was getting dark. She went to the grocery shopping window and asked the waiter about the location of the state-owned hotel, and then she walked towards the state-owned hotel.

More than ten minutes later, Lu Xiaoxiao arrived at the state-owned hotel. She took out a letter of introduction from the space and handed it to the front desk clerk, and successfully booked a room.

After Lu Xiaoxiao entered the open room, she saw that the room was clean and tidy. She nodded with satisfaction, and then went into the space to take a bath and sleep.

 The next morning, Lu Xiaoxiao washed up and went out, because she was going to the post office to call Liu Cheng. She had something to ask.

More than twenty minutes later, Lu Xiaoxiao arrived at the post office. When she saw that no one was calling at the post office phone, she walked up and picked up the phone to dial.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" Liu Cheng heard the phone ringing, so he picked up the phone and asked reflexively.

"it's me."

"Master Xiao? What do you want from me?" Seeing that the person looking for him was Lu Xiaoxiao, Liu Cheng immediately put down what he was doing and asked Lu Xiaoxiao.

Lu Xiaoxiao did not talk about the matter immediately after hearing Liu Cheng's words, but asked Liu Cheng: "Is it convenient for you to speak now?" The question is how to speak correctly.

 (End of this chapter)