MTL - The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife-Chapter 2273 Before the Extraordinary Life (315)

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  Chapter 2273 Extraordinary past life (315)

  Fanwai previous life (315)

   "Little Jiujiu, don't want to leave me alone!"

  The black dragon's voice was a little flustered: "From the day I met you, I was destined to follow you all my life."

  The Nine Emperors looked at the black dragon, his expression was a little helpless.

   "I just think you shouldn't waste all your time on me." She gave a wry smile.

  Heilong's heart trembled fiercely.

   slowly closed his eyes—

  In my mind, what came to mind were all these years.

  From being the nine emperors, then to the spirit of waiting for the nine emperors in the **** medicine sect, and then, the joy of seeing her—

  He has been here all these years. How can he say that he was thrown away and thrown away?

   "I will always wait for you in the Shenyao Sect. If you don't come back, I will keep waiting."

   "Even if you don't need me, I can't leave."

  Over the years, he has gotten used to it.

Seeing that he insisted on doing this, the Nine Emperors glanced at the black dragon and said, "If this is your choice, I can't force it, but if you want to be free one day, I will also give you freedom."

  Heilong's throat was a little choked, looking at the beautiful face of the Nine Emperors, his eye sockets were moist.

   "For me, following you is more important than anything else."

  If he wants to be free, he will not follow her to the **** medicine sect from the beginning, and has been restricted to the **** medicine sect for many years.

  Now, the same is true.

  The nine emperors stopped talking, she turned and walked into Yunshan.

  Nan Changfeng has already been waiting for her to eat, her eyes are full of warmth—

  From beginning to end, she couldn't move away from her face.

  Nan Changfeng doesn’t know if it’s his illusion. He always feels that he seems to be able to accompany Jiu'er not long ago—

  That’s why he used every minute and every second to engrave her appearance in his mind.

of course.

  For some time later, Yunshan was still peaceful, even though the black dragon always looked at the south Changfeng upset, there was no moth.

  As for Nan Changfeng, he turned a blind eye to the hostility of the black dragon.

  Unfortunately, they don’t even know at this moment, such a calm will break in a few days.

  See you next time, it will be a time spanning thousands of years—

  The black dragon turned into a young boy and appeared in front of the Nine Emperors.

  He is handsome and picturesque, dressed in a black gown, and his face is still green.

  "Xiao Jiujiu, I am worried about the two elixir. I have to go back and visit them first."

  The two pearls of the elixir were taken care of by the Nine Emperors. Now he has been in Yunshan for a while, and the two pearls of elixir are most worrying.

  Although he was also reluctant to bear the Nine Emperors, he had to see the two pearls of elixir in order to stay in Yunshan.

   Nine Emperors nodded: "Okay, you go."

  Heilong glanced at the Nine Emperors, then turned, his body gradually elongated and turned into a black light, galloping towards the sky not far away, and disappearing in front of the Nine Emperors.

   Looking at the gaze of Heilong leaving, the Nine Emperors closed his gaze back, frowning lightly.

   "I don't know if it is my illusion. I always think something will happen recently."

   "Forget it, as long as they stay in Yunshan, it is safe. As for Xiao Hei, with his strength, no one can catch him..."

   Nine Emperors gave a wry smile.

  It must be that she has been thinking too much.

  However, under the circumstances of the world, she has too many enemies, and she has to find a way to clean up.

  The Nine Emperors fell silent, their black eyes shining with light, and they didn’t know what they were thinking...

  (End of this chapter)