MTL - The Leisurely Countryside of the Farmer’s Daughter-in-law-Chapter 846 Extra 4

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  Chapter 846 Episode 4

  The golden rice is connected into pieces, and the maple, red and chrysanthemum are blooming to the sky.

  Autumn, with attractive autumn colors and abundant fruits, shows its charm to people.

  It does not give people hope like spring, nor does it give people anticipation like summer, but it gives us real peace of mind.

  An easy-going harvest.

  Ganzhou, the current large granary in Liangzhou Prefecture, Tan Anjun and his wife came to the northwest to plant rice in secluded fields, and finally had a big harvest.

  Thinking back then, how many people laughed at them for their whimsical idea of ​​planting rice in the northwest, such as water wading to mend the sky, idiots talking about dreams.

   Now that the harvest is in sight, how many people are gnashing their teeth behind them, envious and jealous!

  Ganzhou’s harvest is very important. Tan Anjun brought his family to sit in the town in person, and followed two followers with shamelessness.

Seeing the endless golden waves surging with the wind, Su Yongyuan rode up to Tan Anjun, cupped his hands and said in a loud voice: "My lord, make Ganzhou your grain base, look at the golden rice fields , and only your husband and wife dare to do this, I really admire you!"

   Tan Anjun helped Yang Lan'er take the credit, and said modestly: "These are all thanks to your sister-in-law."

   "Although the sister-in-law has a good idea, the prince must have the courage to do it. You husband and wife are called two swords, invincible!" After finishing speaking, Su Yongyuan laughed out loud.

Seeing that Tan Anjun didn't believe him, he didn't argue. What he said was the truth. The rice seeds were improved by Yang Lan'er through space. The grains are distinct and of good quality.

Today, the grain output of Liangzhou Prefecture is more than enough to supply the entire Liangzhou Prefecture. Except for the necessary grain reserves, the rest can be traded with foreign businessmen. In addition, the grain produced in Yang Laner's space is sold, which is definitely an astonishing huge sum. payment.

"What do you say can be turned into silver once it passes the hands of your husband and wife. Let alone the land in Liangzhou City, let's talk about the grain in Ganzhou, which has created a lot of wealth for you." Su Yongyuan shook his head blatantly envy.

   "If you don't bring money with you when you are born, if you don't take it with you when you die, can you husband and wife earn so much money and use it up? Don't just store it in the warehouse to collect dust?"

"The money earned is used to spend it. When did you see that our husband and wife have accumulated money in our hands?" Tan Anjun unexpectedly retorted: "The infrastructure construction of the entire Liangzhou Prefecture does not need money. Isn’t the concrete pavement of China piled up with silver?”

   "This cement is produced by your own factory, but it requires a little labor."

   Tan Anjun yelled at him directly: "Do you not need money for labor?"

  Su Yongyuan wanted to say that labor is not the corvee you announced. Later, thinking about Yang Lan'er's behavior, she couldn't do things without getting paid for her work. Thinking of this, he knew the current affairs and kept silent.

   "Don't you say that there is no corvee in Liangzhou Prefecture?"

Tan Anjun snorted coldly, and underestimated our husband and wife, "How could there be no corvee, but our husband and wife don't want to see people suffering from corvee in our jurisdiction. With the ability and financial resources of the palace, our subordinate officials try to recruit migrant workers. All work is considered wages, and it is all calculated according to the market price.”

   This can also be regarded as their husband and wife helping the poor people in their jurisdiction to earn more income.

  Nowadays, in Liangzhou Prefecture, which has a vast territory, as soon as the government puts up a notice to recruit workers, the people in the area under its jurisdiction will rush to sign up without hesitation. This kind of good phenomenon is rare in other places outside of Liangzhou Prefecture.

  According to Yang Laner, this is the credibility of the government.

  Su Yongyuan looked at Tan Anjun in astonishment. Forgive him for not agreeing with their husband and wife's way of doing this. If there is too much money biting your hand or something, why do you want to spread it like this?

  In order to win the alliance, he turned his head to look at Qi Xiang on the other side: "Dr. Qi, you said how good it is to use this money to arm the army. If they are like money-spreading boys, you can't even hear the sound of water when the money is scattered."

  Qi Xiang glanced at him indifferently: "I think it's good for the prince and princess to do this."

  A rich country can lead to a strong people, and a rich people can also make a country strong. The two complement each other and are indispensable.

  Although Liangzhou is not a country today, the reason is the same.

   Now that the imperial family is in power, they regard themselves as the masters of the world, and people's livelihood and economy are not their most important thing, so they don't pay attention to the lives of the people.

  Thinking of this, Qi Xiang looked sideways at the man walking in front of her left. Under the influence of Yang Lan'er, this man can pay attention to people's livelihood and know the whole leopard at a glance. He is a qualified leader.

Tan Anjun, who didn't know that Qi Xiang had tagged him, heard Qi Xiang's words, and cast an arrogant sideways glance at Su Yongyuan, "How? Your ideas may only be recognized by those old-fashioned people in the court. Although you are talented in business, boy, But it doesn’t mean you are always right, thinking must learn to keep pace with the times.”

  The earnest tone of the words made Su Yongyuan gnash his teeth, and he was still powerless to refute.

   When the group of people walked quickly to the military camp, they saw men harvesting rice in the fields on both sides of the road, standing in a row, harvesting all the way, as quickly as the autumn wind sweeps the fallen leaves.

   Seeing Su Yongyuan frowned, he always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn't remember what was wrong for a while, and just lamented their speed in his heart.

   After entering the barracks, he realized that this was not a farm, but a barracks.

Along the way, there were only men, and when he settled down, he rewarded the little soldier who helped him settle down with a piece of silver, and asked with a smile on his face, "All of you here are retired soldiers? Why didn't you go back to your hometown after you retired? ? Still farming here alone?"

  The little soldier took the broken silver and saluted him: "This is the Ganzhou garrison, and we are not retired soldiers. As for farming, we just use our free time to work."

   After finishing speaking, the little soldier saluted behind him again, turned around and left with his head held high.

Su Yongyuan turned around sharply, and saw Qi Xiang standing at the door of the house and returning a military salute to the little soldier, "Dr. Qi, what kind of salute did you give just now? It seems that when we came all the way in, every soldier in the barracks would silently salute when they met face to face. present?"

  He was so curious, even if this is the etiquette in the Liangzhou military camp, why would Governor Qi do it?

   "Didn't you already guess it? As you wish, this is their unique military salute here." Facing the eager eyes of the other party, Qi Xiang chose to ignore, her tone was indifferent, and she didn't want to deeply explain his confusion.

   Qi Xiang, who turned around and wanted to leave, now had in his mind the scene of seeing the training ground as a temporary drying ground when he first entered the barracks.

  The pedal-operated threshing machine he designed at the beginning, why didn't they carry it directly to the rice field to thresh the millet, but picked up the straw together and then used the threshing machine to knock down the millet?

  When Yang Lan'er left the capital and returned to Liangzhou, he gave her a few drawings, one of which was a threshing machine, a Quyuan plow, a manual water pump and so on.

  (end of this chapter)