MTL - There is Room For a Beautiful Daughter-in-law In the Rebirth Era-Chapter 838 can no longer protect her

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   It's just that people are not as good as heaven. He Jinxuan is not an ordinary person. He sensed danger and directly let them lie in ambush.

   Before He Jinxuan returned to Beijing, Jian Minru was already under the control of the public security organs.

   This time, Mr. Jane can no longer protect her.

It's really that she played too much this time, not only eavesdropping on internal confidential information, but also using her family's identity to cooperate with others to do things that endanger the interests of the public and the country. matter.

  This characterization is much more serious than robbery.

  If He Jinxuan hadn't been cautious, as long as those people got their way, the consequences of these important machines falling into their hands would be disastrous.

   Not only her, but also the rest of the Jane family were taken to question her. The others are fine, anyway, they have always disapproved of the old man's actions. Since the separation of the family, they have seldom interacted with this younger sister and sister-in-law.

   It's just that the old man was ashamed this time, not only because Jian Minru used his name privately and did such a bold thing, but also all the things he did to protect Jian Minru before were exposed.

  He was about to go to the soil, but in the end, he ended up in danger at the end of the year. The sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren who made him complained about him and completely separated from him.

  Although they had nothing to do with this matter, they were still affected after all.

  Before, in order to keep out of sight and out of mind, and also afraid that if something happened in the future, they chose to separate, but it was not worrying, and something happened.


   When He Jinxuan came back, the car stopped, and someone asked them to go to the leader first.

   Before arriving at the leader's office, I knew what had happened in the past few days.

  Yin Jinshi was taken away by the police, and everyone who was close to Yin Jinshi was also investigated. People were panicked in those few days, but everyone didn't know what happened.

  I only know that it is related to the mission of Captain He and his group.

  As soon as their convoy came back, not to mention the convoy, even the family courtyard was eagerly looking forward to seeing He Jinxuan and the others.

   No, as soon as He Jinxuan left, the other people in the convoy were surrounded by the rushing crowd.

  Everyone was curious: "Xiao Zhao, what happened to you on the road?"

   "Yes, Yin Jinshi was taken away by the police, please tell everyone what he did?"

   "Let's make room, the leaders and the police have to worry about this matter. We can't say anything for the time being."

   This was what He Jinxuan explained to everyone in advance, so everyone kept silent, and no one revealed a word.

Seeing that they didn't ask any questions, everyone was a little bit unwilling, so they moved to the office building in twos and threes, wanting to stay there, and wait for He Jinxuan to come out of the office building, and get some information from him as soon as possible. Take a look at the gossip How powerful is it?

  He Jinxuan went to the secretary's office: "Secretary, are you looking for me?"

   It was He Jinxuan who quickly waved and said: "Come in, you boy, you are really good. It is absolutely correct to hand over the new convoy to you. It is amazing to be able to safely send the supplies over such a big event."

  He Jinxuan heard the secretary praise him so much: "Stop boasting."

  The secretary patted He Jinxuan on the shoulder: "Thank you for this trip."

  He Jinxuan half-jokingly said: "Isn't it just verbal praise?"

  After hearing what he said, the secretary smiled heartily: "That's not possible. There must be material praise to motivate you and mobilize everyone's enthusiasm for love and dedication. This time your team performed very well."