My Children Are Fierce And Adorable!-Chapter 448 Lantern And Fireworks Festival, An Extremely Lively Night!

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Chapter 448 Lantern And Fireworks Festival, An Extremely Lively Night!

The officials would also hang lanterns along the streets and alleys. These were all uniform.

As for the commoners, they were not allowed to bring lanterns out on their own as it could lead to a fire and things might go out of control.

Therefore, this night was purely for relaxation and fun!

Ye Lulu planned to close the restaurant early that night and not open for business.

They could take the babies and the family out to have some fun.

Doing business was tough, to begin with.

They should have fun times too.

Ye Lulu was looking forward to it. She even specially bought new clothes for the occasion for herself, the babies, and Guan Chibei as well.

They went to a shop to buy ready-made clothes.

As for Mother Rong and the rest, they were not willing to spend money like Ye Lulu, so they did not buy new clothes.

Finally, it was the night of the Lantern and Fireworks Festival.

Ye Lulu prematurely closed for the day. The guests who had thought of visiting the restaurant at night and admiring the lanterns over the river, after hearing that they weren't open for business that night, instantly started complaining!

However, Ye Lulu couldn't be persuaded otherwise. She carried a baby and had Guan Chibei carry the other two. The whole family then went out together!

Oh right, Mother Rong and the rest were also going out to have fun. However, the Guan family members said that they wanted to give the small family some alone time together.

Therefore, they went out separately.

As the lights and shadows intertwined, figures moved around.

Guan Chibei and Ye Lulu carried the three children and walked on the street.

This was the first time Ye Lulu had seen such a grand occasion on the ancient streets. She was very excited the entire way, and her eyes were shining. She was unable to avert her gaze.

The streets were filled with lights.

Ye Lulu carried her youngest son in her arms and raised him up happily.

"Is the youngest son happy?"

Beside them, the eldest and the second sons in Guan Chibei's arms were affected by the atmosphere. They opened their mouths and smiled happily.

Their strong little arms and legs were flinging around hard!

If not for Guan Chibei's tall and strong physique, it'd be hard to hold onto them.

Ye Lulu checked on her youngest son.

The youngest child's exquisite little face was still calm. He did not seem to be excited, as if he had to wear a world-weary expression at all times.

Alright, the youngest child was aloof.

This was his nature, so Ye Lulu was not worried.

They did not feel that their youngest son should be excited and shout along with them to be considered docile.

All children had different personalities.

If the youngest child did not like to smile or have emotional fluctuations, they would not force him.

As their mother, Ye Lulu herself was smiling like a flower. The smile never left her face.

In front of them, an entertainer raised his head and spat out fire!

Although she had seen many of such classic street performances in dramas with ancient settings, it was only after experiencing it in person did she know that things were very different!

At the scene, there was an agitated "wow, this is too amazing" feeling!

This was especially true when all the commoners were cheering.

She could not help but cheer loudly as well!

In short, it was all because of the local customs in ancient times that everything became very interesting.

Fire and lanterns shone on the streets, making it as bright as day. The tourists on the street became happy. It was a grand festival today, and many people from other places or people passing by would specially gather here.

Therefore, there were many people of all backgrounds.

However, no matter how bright the lanterns were, they would not be able to illuminate the small alleys outside the main streets. It was pitch-black.


At this moment, in a dark alley, a few hooligans with fierce expressions were looking at Guan Chibei and Ye Lulu's family.

These hooligans looked a little familiar.

They were the hooligans who had gone to Linhe Zhai Xing Lou to make trouble the other day!