My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots-Chapter 3693 - : [ episode ] the end

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Chapter 3693: [ episode ] the end

“Big brother Chuan, hurry up and leave! Hurry up and run!” Di ke Qian was worried.

She was also afraid of death, but it was better for her to die than for two.

“Aunty Lingtian and uncle Fengyun gathered their spirits after they died. If I were to die, my Imperial father and Imperial mother would definitely have a way to resurrect me. Big brother Chuan, hurry up and leave!”


however, as soon as she finished speaking, zhan lichuan’s hand that was holding her small shoulder tightened.

the man sneered,”it seems like you’re not willing to leave.” In that case, there’s no need for me to count anymore. I’ll fulfill your wish!”

A huge pressure hit them in the face. It was a kind of power that children of the immortal world like them could not resist.

At the very last moment, Zhan Lichuan and di shaoqian only felt a wave of darkness engulfing them. After that, they didn’t know anything.

“Young prince!”

“Little princess!”

The two guards were so frightened that their eyes almost popped out of their sockets. They tried their best to fight to the death with the other party, but the other party’s strength was obviously higher than theirs by an unfathomable level.

The guards were shocked. They could not remember when such a powerful figure appeared in the celestial and infernal realms.

“Stop shouting, stop shouting! It’s me!”

Just as the guards were prepared to die to atone for their sins, the evil-looking demonic god suddenly transformed into an extremely beautiful woman. The guards ‘eyes widened as they cried out, ” “Second Princess Qianqian!”

Who else could this person be other than Chi Yang’s mother, Yun Xiao, who had tricked people to death without paying?

After di yunmo revealed her true form, demon Emperor Chi Yan, who would never be separated from her, immediately appeared beside her.

Next to them, Feng Ming and di Caixia also appeared.

“The eldest Princess of the great Xuanji!”

The guards were completely dumbfounded.

Looking at the two primordial soul beads left in di yunzhe’s hands, no one was very clear about the operation of the two princesses.

They had always loved to trick their little princess, but the little princess would still happily help them count the money after being sold.

Had the little princess been killed by her two elder sisters this time?

you all saw it just now. In order to protect Qianqian, Xiaochuan is willing to sacrifice his life. What kind of revolutionary friendship is this? ‘

“Then, Zhenzhen, why did you kill them?” The guard was on the verge of tears.

“How am I killing them? They didn’t even feel any pain! I’ve only taken their primordial spirits and sent them to the lower realm to experience the

Tribulation.” but our little princess is only five years old! A female guard couldn’t help but remind him.

Although they knew that the four of them had gone through the heavenly Tribulation in the lower realm, di Gang Qian was only five years old!

Five years old was the time to go to kindergarten. What tribulation was there to experience?

“You don’t understand,” di yunmo waved his hand. There were also kindergartens in the human world. They could attend kindergartens in the human world. A day in heaven and a year on earth. Think about it, Xiao Qianqian was so innocent just a moment ago, but she will be able to grow up and marry Xiao Chuan in about 20 days. Isn’t that good?”

All the guards looked at di yunsan as if they were looking at a devil. He had a look of disagreement.


What was the difference between this and forcing it to mature?

“alright, stop scaring them.” Cai Xia said,”it was not our idea to go through the

Tribulation in the lower realm. It was my father and the Dragon King’s idea.” The Dragon King had been traumatized by big brother Zhan. He was afraid that the son he had raised with so much difficulty would become another man’s boyfriend. Therefore, when she saw that Xiaochuan was good to Qianqian, she wanted them to be willing to get engaged to her.

But look at that Little Prince of your family, always scolding our Qianqian. One moment, he thought she was stupid, the next moment, he thought she was troublesome, and the next moment, he was fierce to her. If they don’t end up together in the future, the Dragon King will probably cry.”

So he sent his own son and daughter down there to experience the Tribulation? He even asked his two elder sisters and brother-in-law to do it personally?

These two children, she had just given your son a red packet, and now you’re sending her downstairs?

“Alright, you’re all very loyal. This is also a test for you. You’ve passed the test, so I’ll give you three months of leave. We’re going to report to Imperial father.


After saying that, the four of them disappeared from the scene.

The guards quickly returned to towering Palace in an attempt to ask about the situation, but they just happened to run into the four big shots coming out of the palace. &Nbsp;

Walking out with the four big shots was the satisfied Dragon King.

“Uncle, you didn’t see how much Xiaochuan loved Qianqian when we threatened to kill her. You’ll definitely succeed in the kiss.” Cai Xia said while holding the Dragon King’s left hand.

Yun Xiao, who was holding the Dragon King’s right hand, also said, ” “Our Qianqian would rather die than drag brother Chuan down with her. i’m very optimistic about these two children.”

The Dragon King laughed so hard that he could not close his mouth.

“Hahahaha Yingluo is good! It’s all thanks to you guys. Let’s go to the dragon clan. I’ve collected a lot of treasures some time ago. You guys can go and see if there’s anything you like!”

The guards who were about to ask:

What kind of father is this! This is too much of a scam!

(The end of the book)

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