My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Chapter 956: An Old Friend. 2

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Chapter 956: An Old Friend. 2

Fred cleared his throat lightly, feeling embarrassed by his own introspective thoughts. 'Is it weird to imagine your friend fucking you?'

He shivered once more.

'Yes, it is,' Fred nodded to himself.

He was grateful that no one could read minds because, honestly, his mind was a cesspool of filth.

In his defense, Victor's Charm affected everyone indiscriminately. It was like Aphrodite's influence, and he was basically a male version of the Goddess of Beauty. So, it was only natural to have such thoughts.

'Although, it's still pretty gay,' Fred thought, acknowledging that he had a bromance with Victor, but that was it – they were just friends.

He would fight for his friend and do anything for him, just as Victor would do the same for him, but that line should never be crossed.

Victor was already courting death by breaking the bro code when he started dating Leona, and Fred didn't want to do the same. Some rules were necessary to maintain harmony.

'Court death, huh... Speaking of which, isn't one of his Wives a Goddess of Death? He can literally say these things without sounding as cringy as those Cultivators in novels.' Fred's thoughts wandered once again.

"Look ahead while you walk," he heard a voice beside him, making his entire body tingle.

"Kyaaa!" He jumped to the side with a girlish scream, pulling out several Talismans from his pocket, when he saw a ridiculously tall man with crimson-violet Draconic Eyes and Horns of the same hue looking at him with a raised eyebrow due to his previous scream.

He felt embarrassed. "Damn it, Victor, don't appear out of nowhere like that! You want to give me a heart attack!?"

Victor chuckled. "My advice still stands: don't wander around absentmindedly. You're living among Gods and Demons, you know? Even though it's safe, and no one here dares to commit crimes, there will always be fools."

Seeing Victor's reaction, Fred thought, 'He's hot.' He shook his head as that thought passed through his mind.

He completely ignored his advice; his mind wasn't listening to any of it. Growing frustrated with his situation, he complained honestly.

"Damn it, Victor. Can you look less... Hmm... like you? I can't even focus my mind on anything other than finding you attractive. I'm seriously questioning my sexuality right now."

"... Impossible, after all, I am me," he replied with narcissism. "But if you keep staring at me like I'm a hot girl, it won't help either of us, so..."

His body was covered in red and black Energy, and in the next moment, he was back to Being just a Progenitor Vampire before he merged with Adonis while also sealing the influence of his Divinities. He was still handsome but now more bearable.

"Finally..." Fred sighed in relief, looking at Victor again and feeling no strange thoughts pass his mind.

He sighed in relief again when he realized he was back to normal.

'His existence is really dangerous,' Fred couldn't help but think.

"How's life, Fred?"

"... Great! I've also found a girlfriend!" Fred smiled widely as he said this.

"I heard. She's a Noble Vampire, right? You're lucky. Noble Vampires don't usually associate with Humans," Victor nodded, recalling what he had heard from one of his subordinates.

"Yeah, I know. They're quite arrogant. Fortunately, she is a cultured companion, so we resonate in some ways..."

The two began walking down the street.

"So, she's as perverted as you, huh?"

"I mean, kinda?" He blushed slightly, unable to deny his personality to one of his oldest friends.

"I guess I'm lucky she was born a bit earlier than us and has an open mind, not stuck in the old customs of Noble Vampires."

"That's true," Victor agreed. "But I bet it's tough for you, right?"

Although Victor's words were ambiguous, Fred understood his intention perfectly, knowing he didn't want to offend him or anything. Fred acted casually while scratching his head in embarrassment.

"... I mean... Yes."

"Every time we do it... I end up looking like a skeleton while she's ready for more and more... Vampire regeneration is bullshit, and being Human sucks," he grumbled.

There weren't enough enchantments to withstand a thirsty Noble Vampire who had fully embraced hentai culture.

"Honestly, I'm almost tempted to ask someone to change my Race. If I became a Noble Vampire, her family would stop bothering me, and I wouldn't risk being a cuckold in the future," Fred said. His main concern wasn't her family; he didn't care about their opinion. He only cared about her.

But one thing he did care about was his performance at night. Being a Human during nighttime battles with a Noble Vampire was asking to be killed during the act. Yes, thanks to his talismans, he somehow managed to satisfy her because she was a virgin. But as she learned more about her own sexuality, her endurance increased, and there would come a point where not even his best Talismans could handle her.

Victor chuckled. "Well, that's an easy problem to solve." He raised his hand, and a drop of blood floated from it.

"... What's this?"

"Sanguis Noctis Regis, also known as Blood of The Night King, the Progenitor's Blood... It's blood, well, a previous version of it, considering my blood now has Draconic Aspects."


"Of course, this isn't the real Progenitor's Blood either. I can't just go around turning Beings into Progenitors, after all," Victor lied about the last part.

With his current Power with the divinity of Beginnings, he could undoubtedly create new Races and Progenitors of that new Race, as exemplified by War himself.

"When you take this blood, you will transform into a Noble Vampire... But it will be a mutation created by me,"

"A mutation?" Fred asked, intrigued.

"Yes, using my Powers as the Progenitor of Noble Vampires, I can create a new Lineage for Noble Vampires. You will have everything that Noble Vampires have, except for their weakness to sunlight, and you won't need to feed exclusively on blood to survive. You can also consume regular food, but you will have to drink blood from time to time to sustain yourself."

"Your variation will also be stronger than regular Noble Vampires, as I will add some perks... For example, your Vampire Count Form will be more powerful, and your basic abilities will be enhanced, too."

"I call this variation Daywalkers... So, what do you say? Do you want to establish a new Clan with your Wife?"

"... I'm not sure, Victor," Fred replied with a puzzled expression. "Don't get me wrong, I would accept this easily, but it feels strange to accept something like this for free. After all, as they say, there's no such thing as a free lunch. And even though you're my friend, I know you'll want something from me if I accept."

"Well, that's true," Victor nodded. "I want you to survive."

"... Huh? What do you mean?"

"The news hasn't reached the common masses yet, but soon, the world will undergo a change." Victor looked out onto the street at the various Beings under his command. As a King, he knew it was his responsibility to ensure that they all had a good life.

The weight of his decisions were so great that it could influence billions of Beings from various different Races, with the majority being Demonic since their largest population came from the Demon Realms.

Despite thinking this, a part of him was selfish enough not to put these Beings above his Family. He wouldn't treat them poorly, and he would rule them as he saw fit, but they weren't his priority.

Fred, as his oldest childhood friend, fell into the Family category. Not only him, but also Andrew and Edward. Because of these thoughts, he didn't mind increasing his friend's potential even further. He couldn't turn him into a Dragon; that was a privilege reserved for his Wives and future children. But he could turn him into an improved version of Noble Vampires.

"This entire Sector will evolve and will encounter even more powerful Beings. That's why I'm offering this change," Victor explained.

And these words made Fred groan slightly. "Wait, Wait. Victor, you can't just say something incomprehensible and expect me to understand. First of all, explain what a Sector is."

"... Oh, I forgot that you don't know about this."

"Of course not," Fred rolled his eyes.

"A Sector is how the Primordials divide the entire Universe. Think of it as an invisible barrier that separates weaker Galaxies from stronger ones, where there are Beings capable of dominating entire Galaxies."

"I see... It's like the division between the Grand Line and the New World in One Piece, huh..." Fred nodded. He wasn't stupid, and he could grasp things quickly if explained to him.

"Basically, yes."

"So, in this new High-Level Sector, there are Beings like you?"

"Not like me. As far as I know, I am quite unique," Victor said. He personally heard from the Primordials that he was something that shouldn't exist in the cosmos.

"I mean, are they as powerful as you?"

"That's relative. After all, I am absolutely bizarre in that regard as well... But yes, you can put these Beings on the same level as Scathach with a complete Divinity and many years of training."

It was worth noting that even though Scathach didn't have Divinity yet, she was still the third strongest woman in the Faction, along with Rose.

"Ugh..." Although Fred hadn't seen Scathach in action personally to know how strong she was, she was well known for her extensive training. Her name could be seen at various points in human history; she was a super powerful relic.

'And this bastard managed to completely win over this woman.' He couldn't help but think how capable his friend was. Even though his friend's Wives were all beautiful, he really didn't want to be in Victor's place.

After all, they all had screws loose in their heads, and only Victor could deal with so many problematic women like that.

"The problem with these Beings is not their individual powers, Fred," Victor explained. If so, he was thoroughly confident in dealing with all of them; he was that abnormal.

"... Isn't that the main problem?" Fred raised his eyebrow.

"No, not really." Victor nodded. "The problem is the number of subordinates available to these Leaders. Subordinates with similar levels to their Leaders."

"To put it into perspective, imagine several fully trained Primordial Gods, fully wielding their Power with mastery."

Fred was silent when he heard these words. The level of absurdity was so great that he couldn't imagine it, and the only reference he could have was cosmic-level Beings from Marvel or DC.

Seeing that Fred still couldn't understand, Victor was more specific: "We're talking about beings called Overlords, who dominate several Galaxies. Are they strong? Yes, extremely, but the problem is the number of subordinates that can reach trillions of Beings."

"Fucking hell," Fred exclaimed. He never thought his reality would become like the comics he read.

'Luckily, I'm on the side of the most powerful guy I know.' Fred couldn't help but think. Now, he was completely sure that staying by his friend's side was the safest option. It was as if he were Darkseid's ally or something, with the only difference that Victor wouldn't lose because of some poorly done script. After all, he didn't see how a Being like Darkseid would lose to the Justice League several times. That Being was practically an entity from a Higher Dimension.

Not that this detail changed anything since he would always stay by his friend's side.