My Trillion-Dollar Assets is Exposed by My Wife's Bragging!-Chapter 219 - : Gigolos Must Have the Awareness of Being a Gigolo

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Chapter 219: Chapter 219: Gigolos Must Have the Awareness of Being a Gigolo

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At first, Suri Drew really thought Yigol Novak was going to criticize her for going too far.

However, the more she listened, the more it seemed like he was actually praising her instead.

Mr. Button was also taken aback by Yigol’s words. When he finally realized what Yigol was saying, his face darkened instantly.

Yigol was helpless. His initial intention was just to tell Suri that they should maintain their image of a little fairy. However, he couldn’t help himself and ended up saying more than he intended.

“Henry Linstad, didn’t you say you were already divorced from your wife?” The woman beside Henry, upon hearing this, suddenly burst out in anger.

After cursing, she seemed to still feel unsatisfied. She slapped Henry across the face, leaving a clear handprint on his thick-skinned face before he could even register what had happened.

“You bitch, how dare you hit me?” After regaining his senses, Henry retaliated with a slap of his own.

Men are generally stronger than women, so his slap packed a much greater force. The woman couldn’t withstand it and was knocked to the ground.

“Ah… Damn it, Henry Linstad, you actually hit me. I’m going to scratch you to death.” The woman went crazy, lunging at Henry with her nails.

Yigol Novak didn’t care about the conflict between the two. He casually turned to Suri Drew and asked, “My wife, how do you want to deal with this man so you can feel satisfied?”

Suri shook her head. “I just want to vent a little. There’s no need to do anything too drastic.”

“Damn it, you slut, you dare to scratch me…”

Henry and the woman continued to fight, their anger escalating as neither was willing to back down.

After a while, Henry grabbed the woman by her hair, threw her to the ground, and proceeded to hit and kick her viciously. The woman writhed in pain on the ground, wailing in agony.

Many onlookers gathered, taking out their phones to record videos and take pictures of the scene.

Some people started to criticize Henry.

“Beating a woman like this is really too much,” Suri said with disdain.

“You slut, did I ever tell you that I was divorced? How dare you hit me? I already have a wife, and you willingly followed me. You have no sense of self-worth. Since you chose to become a plaything, you should accept the consequences,” Henry said as he continued kicking the woman on the ground and cursing her.

Yigol said coldly, “Wife, let’s go. This is pointless. Neither of them is worth our sympathy. After this incident, they’ll have plenty of trouble on their hands. We don’t need to get involved any further.”

One was a man who treated women as playthings, and the other was a woman who lacked self-respect and willingly stayed with such an old man. What was there to sympathize with?

Yigol initially wanted to teach Henry a lesson, but the situation had unexpectedly changed when Henry started fighting with the woman.

“Alright, let’s go,” Suri agreed, taking Yigol’s arm to leave.

Seeing them about to leave, Henry stopped beating the woman and shouted,

“Don’t go!”

Henry walked towards them, looking as arrogant as ever. Meanwhile, the woman he had beaten lay on the ground, curled up in pain, unable to even stand.

Henry said to Suri, “Mrs. Drew, I suppose your rich husband doesn’t know about you and this gigolo, right? What do you think will happen if I expose your little secret?”

“If you want me to keep quiet, you can give me all the client resources in your hands, and I’ll pretend not to know anything.”

Having said this, Henry arrived in front of Yigol. Suri was blocked behind Yigol, but Henry disdainfully told Yigol, “Gigolo, get out of the way. Don’t block my path.”

Yigol was speechless. He didn’t understand why people like Henry and Tianna

Riverside would make assumptions, believing their own speculation to be fact.

Henry did desire Suri, plain and simple. He just wanted to sleep with her, nothing more. If he managed to have her, she would lose her value to him.

After all, he was already married and couldn’t possibly take Suri as his wife.

Having some self-awareness, Henry knew that someone like Suri could never be interested in him. The only possibility was a temporary compromise – for her to sleep with him willingly.

With that in mind, Henry would be satisfied.

Because of this, he didn’t care whether Suri was married to someone else or not.

However, he could have never imagined that Suri’s wealthy husband was none other than the man standing in front of him—Yigol Novak. free(w)ebnov(e)l

Even though Yigol had been calling Suri his wife and Suri had been calling him her husband, this couldn’t prove anything.

Many couples nowadays used such terms of endearment.

Yigol calmly stepped aside.

Seeing this, Henry smirked with satisfaction. “That’s right, a gigolo should know his place. Don’t be so clueless.”

Once Yigol stepped aside, Suri, who had been behind him, appeared in front of Henry. Henry’s gaze fixed on her lasciviously.

However, just as he was about to reach for Suri, a sudden force struck his leg, causing him to involuntarily kneel in front of her.

Suri, already anticipating Yigol’s hidden action, swiftly stepped back.

Henry was still on the ground, wincing in pain from his knee slamming against the floor.

“You…” Henry got back on his feet, but before he could say anything, the force struck his leg again, making him kneel before Suri once more.

Once again, he stood up and was forced to kneel for a third time.

After three times, Henry’s fury reached its boiling point, and his face turned extremely dark.

However, Suri saw clearly everything Yigol had done.

She couldn’t help but feel both amused and surprised. Although she knew Yigol wouldn’t just stand by and do nothing, she never expected him to suddenly step aside and force Henry to kneel before her three times in a row..

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