My Vampire System (WN)-Chapter 2175 God Slayer 3 (Part 3)

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Chapter 2175 God Slayer 3 (Part 3)

An offer had been made, and one Quinn never thought would happen during this little task to defeat god slayers. The words by Raze had certainly made him think for a second. Out of all the celestials he had met, it was quite clear that Mundus was the most troublesome.

He was the one that had trapped him in the celestial space away from his family, he was the one that had fought against his family and stopped time. Although he had heard of these Ancient Ones, maybe they were only a position.

What if Mundus was the strongest celestial, wouldn't getting rid of him make a lot of his problems go away?

"That look on your face, I don't like it." Mundus said from the ball. "Don't tell me you are actually listening to this person. You know how vast the celestial space is. Doing what this person says would only make you a fool."

"Ah yes!" Raze said. "Threatening the only person that has a chance of helping you, that is an extremely smart thing to do. I can see why he is considering an offer like this."

Maybe at some point Quinn wouldn't have hesitated, but the words of what Mundus had said before had stuck in his head. The fact that if Quinn was in this situation, would Mundus help him? He said he wouldn't, and now the tables had turned where Mundus' life was in his hands.

"I'll give you time to think." Raze stated. "But please keep in mind that I have the ability to kill you both. So this is a very very generous offer."

It was true that fighting against Raze wasn't a sure win for Quinn, but he didn't doubt himself, that wasn't what was worrying him regardless of how confident the Magus was. It was the fact of whether or not he would ever have an opportunity like this fall into his hands again.

"Look, forget what I said before." Mundus said in a more panicked voice, since Quinn was taking a long time to answer, it was worrying him. Because the ball wasn't just blocking out his celestial powers it was stopping them completely.


"If you free me, then we can take this person down together. There is no chance that the two of us will lose, especially with my power."

For the first time Mundus was happy to help Quinn against the god slayer, but was this out of desperation or the fact that Mundus wasn't so cold hearted?

'Originally, teaming up with Mundus meant that the celestials would be off my back. He's right, in the celestial space there were thousands, no maybe hundreds of thousands of gods out there and those were the only ones that I had seen.

'Mundus holds a high position in the celestials and taking him down would mean they would be after him, and there was the unknown power of the Ancient Ones. Maybe he would be safe, but what about his family?

'If Mundus wanted to, he had the chance to take them all out there and then, but he decided not to. Then, there's the armour as well, if I take out Mundus, then we can't go to the other god slayers and create the armour needed to fight against Ray and the others.

'Am I strong enough, do I have all the help I need to defeat Jack and Jim without the armour? It isn't like Raze will help me in my battle just because I killed someone who was already trying to kill him. He has no debt to me, he could just kill Mundus himself.'

In Quinn's head, he was constantly flipping back and forth between the two options of which was better and which was worse.

'The armour though, Mundus said that I would have to give it back. Going through all of this to create a powerful armour, only to be in the hands of the celestials will give them a powerful weapon, and if eventually the celestials try to get rid of me, just like they have with all these other god slayers, then it would only give them more strength to do that.'

A sinister smirk appeared on Quinn's face as he thought of this dilemma, didn't it mean he could now take advantage of the situation as well.

"Mundus, you said to me that celestials stick true to their word correct?" Quinn asked.

"If you're talking about me helping you and not trying to kill you because you thought about killing me, then yes I won't try to kill you after this and help you." Mundus replied.

"That wasn't what I was talking about." Quinn said. "The armour that we are trying to create, you said that it would be lent out to me on a loan-like basis, but if I decide to help you, and fight against the god slayer, then I want to keep the armour."

There was silence for a moment from Mundus, he also never imagined he would be in this situation in the first place.

'I… can make that promise, but whether the Ancient Ones will be happy about it or not will be another thing altogether. However, they are unaware of what is happening right now.

'Quinn is a family man… he isn't someone who would try to stir up trouble unless trouble comes to him… so this should be okay.'

"Fine, you have a deal, now get me out of here, and let's take him out!" Mundus said. He hadn't fought in a while and normally didn't get angry at things that happened, at the god slayers, or troubles that would head his way.

pǎпdǎ Йᴏνê1,сòМ In a lot of ways he saw himself as a pacifist, but with his life put in danger, for the first time in more years than he could count, he was ready.

Instead of touching the orb directly, Quinn had summoned his shadow from the back, and created a large arm, he was controlling it, moving it over to where the orb was. He would try this first before trying anything else just in case it affected him.

It started to surround the floating orb, and the second it did, Quinn heard something.

'Wait!' A voice resounded in his head. It almost echoed but was heard loud and clear. The shadow stopped for a second, as he wondered where the voice was coming from.

'I've experienced something like this before… is this telepathy… is it coming from him?' Quinn thought.

'It is, and sorry for intruding but during that whole time, I was also listening in on your thoughts.' Raze said. ' I know everything you were thinking, this is not our battle to fight… and I believe I can help you.'

With the shadow frozen around the orb, Mundus was wondering just what was going through Quinn's mind right now.


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