My Vampire System (WN)-Chapter 2177 Blades Vs The God Slayer (Part 1)

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Chapter 2177 Blades Vs The God Slayer (Part 1)

The battle with the Chained was originally when Quinn and Peter's return had been broadcasted. At the time no one was quite aware that it was them that had appeared and they just assumed that it was a new group. They had assumed it perhaps was a guardian that worked for the Red Vampire's Laxmus.

Originally, the battle had ended and it had done so with the presumed death of Russ. There were many that thought he might have just gone missing, but according to Quinn himself, he stated that Russ was indeed dead.

However, it was only later that Quinn himself would find out that Russ was alive, which was why seeing Russ now in front of them, had come to a complete surprise to Shiro.

Geo could feel the tension between the two in the room, they were trying to kill each other with their stares, which is why he decided to step in the middle of the two.

"I assume you two aren't good friends then, are these humans enemies of yours?" Geo asked.

It was at that point that Layla had remembered as well, the fact that Russ had a deep hatred for the Blades, and it was the same the other way round. When the Chained were a large group, there were members of the Blades that had lost their lives due to the countless struggles.

'What… are the Blades doing here, in the first place, how are they so far out on this planet?' Layla thought, and then it hit her. She remembered in the simulation they had watched, the one that Logan had shown them.

Sil had transported the Blades far away, to a distant planet where Jack and the Dalki wouldn't be able to do them harm. It was the only explanation to why the Blades were currently here.

"Shiro!" Layla called out.

Hearing his name, he turned his head and looked at the others, seeing Layla had allowed him to snap out of his rage-filled anger.

"Layla, you're here as well, why are you with Russ, and where is Quinn?" Shiro asked.

"These people know Quinn?" Geo raised an eyebrow trying to follow the conversation. "If they are companions of Quinn, then they can't be bad people."

"The big stone man knows dad… Why does dad know so many aliens?" Minny asked.

"That's Quinn's daughter!" Geo scratched his head. Never did he dream he would meet the god-like being's family.

Shiro started to walk towards Layla, planning to hear what had happened so far, ignoring his anger for a moment. Midway there, a person moved in his way though.

"Do you think, now that you are in front of me, I would just let you go?" Russ said with a smile. His legs had transformed into the two thin limbs and they were purple in colour. These were the legs of the Penswi.


Dashing the short distance, Russ had moved too fast for Shiro to act and a fist was thrown out landing cleanly on Shiro's cheek. He had no time to use his powers to block the attack, but his body did instinctively act with Qi to protect him.

Still, Shiro was lifted off the ground, into the air and Nock had caught him.

"You b*stard!" One of the Blades shouted, as they fired out a lighting strike, and all the other Blades and ability users started to use their powers as well to fire straight at Russ.

"I have to thank you Stark for those nest crystals, now I can use powers a bit more freely." Russ said, as he lifted his hands that were covered in the shadow power, and raised them from the floor, they were stopping the attacks.

Seeing this, some of the Blades started to charge forward, and Shiro had readied himself a bit.

"Do you want help, taking this one on?" Nock asked.

"No, this one is mine!" Shiro shouted, as he ran forward but in his mind he soon had changed to Vorden.

"What is happening, aren't these humans, aren't they your friends?" Stark asked, a little panicked.

"Those two have a complicated history." Layla replied. "We need to stop them!"

The problem was she was wondering what the best way was to stop them. She knew that Russ was unable to harm the Talen family. He needed to do everything to protect them, but it didn't state he couldn't attack the Blades which was how Russ was able to act right now.

At the front of the group. Vorden used the water ability and covered it in the second stage of Qi. Knowing Qi the best, he could sense that unlike the shadow Quinn used, this shadow had no properties of Qi.

Meaning, that if a Qi ability as such was used on it, it allowed his attack to go through, and that's exactly what he had done. The water had split open the shadow that was blocking the attacks in half like a wave.

"You have no idea, what I am capable of, right now." Russ smiled, as behind the shadow, of all things Russ had summoned a Dalki, a four spiked Dalki. There were plenty of those in the room that had seen a Dalki before so he could extract it from their mind and summon it.

While at the same time, he had to pick the right level of spikes so it would allow him to summon an ally while also allowing him to still use powers and transfrom his own body.

Immediately the Dalki went to swing its arm, throwing a punch at Vorden, and he ducked down, avoiding it as it hit nothing but air.

'Raten it's your turn!' Vorden said as a switch was done, and a facial expression had completely changed.

Soon, flames could be seen on Raten's hands, as he delivered his own punch right into the Dalki's stomach. It was a heavy blow since it was infused with Qi as well, causing the Dalki to hunch over a little bit.

'They… have gotten stronger, to do that against a four spike Dalki, and not switch abilities?' Layla thought.

However, it wasn't as if Russ was just going to stand there and do nothing, he also practically could attack all of the other Blades and use them as a type of hostage.

"RUSS Stop, SHIRO STOP attacking!" Layla shouted.

The two don't seem to listen as Russ was getting ready to summon something even more powerful, while keeping the shadow power to protect himself, and the Penswi legs for fast movement in and out of the way.

Layla thought about jumping in, but she was hesitant, but if it was Quinn, he would have easily been able to stop the fight.

"Hey, didn't you hear the lady!" Geo was glowing with power, and was right by Russ's side, and his arm was already swinging toward Russ's body. "She told you to Stop!"

Russ tried to use his legs to run away, while using his shadow power to block the attack, but this wasn't an ordinary slap, it was slap with celestial energy that hit the shadow, and the power went through it, throwing his body right through the wall of the library and into the hallway of the manor.

"You didn't listen either!" Nock shouted, as he did the same with a glowing hand and hit Shiro's body, sending him through the wall again.

All of the Blades at that moment, stopped using their ability, and were no longer in a fighting stance.

"Alright, if you two haven't cleared your heads, there are a lot more slaps from where those came from." Geo said.

Russ was the first one to get up off the ground.

"These damn aliens are taking me for a fool… I see I shouldn't worry so much about hurting those around me, and just thought of getting rid of you all!"

"Stop Russ." Layla said. "This will do nothing, what is the point of getting your revenge here of all places. What does it even achieve at this point, when there are those out there that are running the lives of others.

"If you continue to insist on fighting Shiro, then I will get involved."

Minny was also standing by her side ready to use her powers and her ring, and it looked like Ceril and Stark would join in as well. With all of them and that strange sword, along with the two strong giant rock aliens, Russ wasn't so sure he could win this battle, and there was no point wasting his energy.

"Fine, I give up." Russ said. "But I don't give up on just taking out the Blades, I'm just putting it on pause."

When Shiro finally got up, he thanked Layla by moving his lips.

"That wasn't the reunion I was hoping for, so tell me, why are you here?"


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